Celebrating the Holidays with Digital Signage

Celebrating the Holidays with Digital Signage

The Holiday season is upon us, and the countdown to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the New Year has started. Are you ready to celebrate the Holidays with a digital signage strategy?

Digital displays really come to life at this time of year, offering more glitter than your average Christmas tree. For example, customize your logo and branding with a touch of frost and the obligatory sleigh bells (without reprinting your stationery!). Pipe carols into your office or store. Help your workplace embrace the holiday mood, building anticipation as you go! 

In this article, we’re going to explore how you can inject some jolly Holiday spirit into your digital signs. Why? To improve customer engagement and corporate branding. Subsequently, getting everyone into the appropriate mood for the season!

Consider your Theme

If you’re not customizing your content to fit in with the season, you’re not taking full advantage of the digital medium. Therefore, create eye-catching dynamic signage at this time of year. You’ll see additional sales and a shared sense of celebration. 

It’s an excellent idea to plan your holiday content, thinking about:

  • Your theme – are you changing your corporate colors, for example, to fit the season? Are you customizing your logo?
  • Content that will appeal to your audience – have you conducted internal and external research to find out what resonates with your demographic?
  • How much content you need to create?

Think about how you can “holiday-up” your branding. We’re talking about the digital medium here, so it’s not like you’ll need to reprint your static signage. Whether you run an office, a store, or any public space, most of us enjoy the run-up to the Holidays. In conclusion, inject some fun into your template colors, and share it across your entire signage network. 

Take full advantage of these seasonal events, and you’ll garner favor from your customers and staff. 

Add a Countdown Clock

Countdown clocks help generate a sense of anticipation as we head towards each particular holiday milestone. For instance, maybe you’re running a charity campaign, and you’re heading towards the final days of a fundraising drive. Your digital signage software provider should offer an extensive library of holiday-themed content templates. They act as a powerful visual tool to encourage donations. 

A countdown clock is also a great option for a gift store that’s counting down to Christmas day. Especially if you want to add a jolly buzz to the customer experience.

Tip: Countdown clocks aren’t just for the holiday season. Use your digital signs throughout the full calendar of holidays. For example, use countdown clocks for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial day celebrations, etc. A countdown clock is an ideal way to generate a sense of urgency, increase participation, and improve customer engagement.

Using Holiday Content in Retail Settings

The holidays are one of the most eagerly anticipated periods for the retail sector. Static signs are often lost among the noise of the holiday shuffle in shopping malls. On the other hand, digital signs offer an essential opportunity to catch the attention of passing customers. 

Generate maximum impact by: 

  • Playing jolly carols and holiday tunes in high-quality audio through your digital signs.
  • Playing clips of your favorite holiday movies to get customers in the mood for spending.
  • Reminding customers about important events, like pictures with Santa Claus or holiday sales.
  • Using cheerful, colorful imagery to encourage a festive vibe.

In short, all of these examples can be accomplished through digital signage. Digital signage has a greater reach than static signage to increase engagement and communicate messages to customers.

Jolly-Up the Office with Holiday Color Palettes

The holiday season isn’t just about spending, partying, and giving gifts. Most importantly, it’s often about wrapping up projects before the new year. Use your digital signage to not only remind employees about holiday special events, but also to create a festive theme for a tailored list of milestones. 

Keep your team on track with festive countdown clocks for significant events and date-related milestones. Remind your teams that the holidays are on their way! It’s a great way to garner focus as work needs to get accomplished before holiday time-off. 

From global companies to tiny enterprises, digital signs offer a full portfolio of digital signage software solutions. This makes customizing your Holiday content fun and simple. 

Digital signs for Holiday Social Media

There are very few companies that don’t engage with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Create a social media wall in your office spreading a little joy this holiday season. Integrating your digital signs with your social media feed offers a great way to build anticipation towards the holidays.

One example: celebrate employee satisfaction and achievement by displaying live Tweets. This helps everyone feel important by incorporating them into your digital signage content. 

Digital Signs for the New Year

Digital signs are a powerful internal employee communications hub all-year-round; not just at Christmas. 

Remember that returning to work after the holidays can feel a little like the first day of a new school semester. Everyone will be a little jaded after the holiday celebrations. Additionally, digital signs can be an effective way to bolster your team toward important employee deadlines once they return. 

Get everyone back into the working mindset by using your digital signs to broadcast your company’s latest news. For example, include your plans for the coming year. This is your chance to maximize the power of your visual communications.

Consider Consistency Throughout your Brand

A digital sign is a powerful tool in your customer-facing arsenal. Moreover, digital signage helps you build a seamless marketing strategy. Digital signage features a range of powerful enterprise features for every business. Use your digital signage network to reinforce your branding across all of your channels. 

Your customer-facing channels include:

  • Website
  • Email content/mailout materials
  • Apps
  • Static in-store signage
  • Your digital signs

Make internal communications via your digital signs as relevant as the messages you send out to your customers. Furthermore, consider your internal communications experience as a way to connect with your staff on a human level. Share fun content through your workplace digital signs. Making people laugh is valuable: it’s an important opportunity to humanize your HR managers!

Gather interest in a future event by reminding everyone of the success of a past event. In short, digital signs are the perfect platform for this type of content.

An attractive display is so much more engaging than spreadsheets of dates. For example, let your staff and customers know what’s available today with instant, dynamic messaging on your digital displays that change throughout the year. 

Choose Digital Signage to Celebrate the Holidays

Digital signs offer an innovative solution for unifying (and seasonally jollifying) your company aesthetic. From building excitement for office parties and motivating them on reaching New Year goals, to enticing customers to shop your holiday sales, digital signage communicates a priceless message that will put every reader in the holiday spirit.

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