Digital Signage Content Ideas for the Holiday Season

Digital Signage Content Ideas for the Holiday Season

One case study from the National Retail Federation (NRF) discovered that shoppers usually spend about $998 during the holiday season. In particular, these shoppers spend their money and time on food, music, presents, decorations, and many other holiday-related items. Based on that vital information, business owners can focus should start focusing on better marketing strategies to drive sales and increase profits for their retail stores now as the holiday season approaches. The best way to achieve this feat is with digital signage solutions.

digital signage content on screen

Digital Signage advertising using digital displays, digital signs, digital menus, video walls, and wayfinding can improve customer experience in your small business. When strategically used in high-traffic areas, the digital marketing campaign can enhance customer engagement, promote upselling, and introduce new products during special events. That calls for an engaging customer experience and eye-catching and interactive digital signage content on digital screens to attract potential customers while informing your target audience in real-time.

Why is Holiday Content Important?

Holiday-related content focuses on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s. These content topics and marketing strategies drastically improve a business’s impressions on potential customers. Due to holiday-related campaigns, direct traffic, click-through rates, and the average value often shoot high. For that reason, your business needs to take advantage of the benefits of holiday marketing ideas.

By incorporating a good digital signage solution, a business can use customizable, adaptable templates befitting the brand and messaging. Holiday marketing takes on a more intense role in brand advocacy. Shoppers are used to seeing holiday messaging in November and December. Therefore, your business should leverage this marketing tactic to make a better impression on its customers.

Examples of Content You Can Promote on Digital Signage Regardless of Industry

What content can your business promote on digital signage during the holiday season? Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Highlight charity participation: The holiday season comes with the spirit of giving. Your business can donate time or money to a charitable organization. If so, consider using digital screens to indicate the members of your team who are volunteering and on which days. Additionally, you can capture information on how close your company is to achieving the overall charity goals. It would also be nice to display the items most requested by those in need.
  • Announce holiday contests: There’s no better way to get your customers excited about the holiday season than hyping them through social media. It works well if you link your social media platforms to digital screens. Your customers can tag your business or use various hashtags to enter a contest. Choose the prize that makes the most sense for your business as a giveaway item. It could also be a free trial of your product.
  • A holiday countdown calendar or clock: You could display a countdown to the company party or the holiday itself. Use your digital signage screens to show the days left until the big event. It’s an excellent way to create holiday cheer and build anticipation.
  • Messaging related to your store’s hours: No one wants to show up at a retail store only to find it closed. Since your working hours are bound to change during the holiday season, let your customers know your working hours.
  • Seasonal Items and limited-time offers: An excellent idea to increase revenue through digital signage during the holidays is to promote seasonal options or special offers. Think of Starbucks and Panera; their seasonal items are unmistakable. In addition to having to sell the items before the season is over, they also know customers are willing to dig a little more into their pockets to buy the items. If your business isn’t seasonal, be creative and come up with unique limited-time offers.

Below are a few things to promote on your digital signage during special events:

1. Use Relevant Digital Signage Content

digital signage content

Poor content will not resonate well with your target audience. Therefore, you need to consider using the most appropriate content on your digital signage to draw the attention of passersby, especially if you are advertising new products on billboards. Remember that your customers don’t want to come across the same monotonous content every time they view your digital signage.

Therefore, you must constantly update fresh, eye-catching, relevant, and informative content at any time. New content during the holiday season can enhance customer engagement with your new products.

It does not mean you should only display holiday-themed content on your video walls, wayfinding, or digital menus. Instead, you should use digital signage content that aligns well with the brand you are trying to promote. The good thing about using digital signage solutions to create brand awareness is that it can transform your physical or static displays into dynamic and lively content that appeals to your target audience.

2. Consider Moving Images or Videos

One of the things to promote on digital signage is adding moving images or videos to create dynamic content. It is a vital part of effective digital signage content that you should not overlook if you want to attract new customers to your small business.

Movement captures people’s attention in addition to enhancing excitement among your customers. Also, moving images will likely drive urgency and increase conversion, leading to more sales. You only need the right digital signage software or app to generate eye-catching dynamic content during special events.

3. Focus on Seamless Presentation

Besides having a playlist with relevant content, you need seamless presentations to promote on digital signage. This digital signage solution is handy if you have several digital screens around your small business premises.

Whether these screens are video walls, collage walls, or digital menu boards, proper presentation of content can make them communicate to your target audience simultaneously. Use one screen to display unique content that is engaging and informative rather than playing the same digital content across all screens. In addition to that, work on holiday-themed digital signage content that you can share on all screens at different times

4. Take Advantage of Digital Kiosks Displays

The benefits of digital signage are endless, especially for your small business trying to promote new products. In this regard, you may use available digital displays to reach out to your target audience during holidays.

Digital kiosk displays are freestanding digital units that you can use to display interactive advertising content. Tablet-style digital screens may play a significant role in your digital kiosk displays. This is attributed to the fact that tablets are portable, lightweight devices that make transportation and relocation easy. 

digital signage kiosk in mall

Their flexibility makes them excellent choices for retail stores since they act as point-of-sale (POS) digital signage advertising tools. So, if you feed them with the right digital content, these kiosk displays can easily attract customers to your business. 

5. Invest in Interactive Digital Signage

There is a growing demand for interactive digital marketing campaigns. As such, the digital signage market has embarked on developing new capabilities that can accommodate and display interactive content. 

Examples of platforms where this type of content is used are:

With that said, invest your time and money in interactive digital signage as one of the features to promote on your digital signage.

6. Deploy a Holiday Social Media Wall

Digital signage can come in handy in enhancing your efforts in deploying user-generated content. Better still, you can create a social media wall that ties to holiday-related content and promote it on digital signage. Apps like Social Media Walls and Taggbox can make it easy to make exquisite use of the social content your business and customers create.

7. Help Customers Find Their Way

During the holiday season, stores tend to go through indoor changes that can throw shoppers into disarray. It’s not just about the decorations but also about moving products around. In addition, stores also publish new sales deals, bring in new products, and push extra offers to the forefront. While these are excellent ideas to do something special for the shoppers, you don’t want to confuse them, especially your regular customers.

Digital displays enable you to promote clear information on what’s new, for example, the spending amounts a shopper needs to cross to unlock specific perks. Such content can be beneficial for departmental stores that tend to go through structural changes during the holidays. Employees can benefit from this information to know how to apply upselling and cross-selling tactics.

Make the Most of Your Digital Signage Content During this Holiday       

digital signage content in mall

Leveraging your digital marketing content can boost customer engagement significantly if you know the things to promote on digital signage. Whether in healthcare, retail stores, or hospitality, the above-listed digital signage content ideas will increase your brand awareness and drive sales during the holiday season.

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