Digital Signage Publications You Should Be Reading

Digital Signage Publications You Should Be Reading

There is always something new happening in the digital signage industry. You can stay on top of these happenings, thanks to a number of publications. Furthermore, some of them exclusively feature digital signage concepts, breaking industry news, and helpful client information. There is always something new to learn. In fact, the enriching knowledge from these digital signage publications can inspire you on how to get the most from your investment.

Here is a compilation of top online publications to learn more about the digital signage industry. In this list of digital signage publications, you will find commentary and expert insight on different aspects of digital signage. This will range from best practices and trends to updates on innovations. 

There is always something new happening in the digital signage industry.


Sixteen:Nine has been on the block since 2006 and continues to provide objective coverage of digital signage and outdoor advertising content. Writer and former digital signage salesperson, Dave Haynes, started this blog for fun. However, he recognized the lack of digital signage news in the industry. 

Readers will find no shortage of research and detailed analyses, which are invaluable for distributors, resellers, content providers, and other professionals in the digital signage space. Additionally, this publication has diversified its content to include coverage of signage shows.

Why is it named 16:9? Haynes names the website in reference to the aspect ratio of digital screens.


Stay in the know with updates on what’s trending in the world of digital signage with Daily DOOH. This publication clarifies that it’s more than just a blog, but a wealth of information put together by a team of passionate journalists and contributors who are industry insiders.

What’s more, news coverage on big signage installs and huge signage projects are front and center. The originality, humor, and extensive coverage in each post are some reasons why DailyDOOH gains recognition as a must-read digital signage publication.

Digital Signage Connection  

Digital Signage Connection is an online hub with the latest news coverage, case studies, and articles. Furthermore, it features expert insights written by thought leaders in the industry and features networking opportunities for various industry players. Lastly, Digital Signage Connection highlights exclusive content from the Digital Signage Expo, the largest international digital signage show at Las Vegas Convention Center.

Indeed, this is one publication that continues to outdo itself. As it is, Digital Signage Connection releases six newsletters every month. In each newsletter, a comprehensive and objective cover of industry events is discussed, such as seminars and conferences.

Something else that stands out about this publication is how interactive it is and engages readers. The site allows for reader contributions and features interactive webinars and interviews with industry leaders. The “question of the month” segment allows everyone from end-users to industry professionals to contribute to the discussion.

Sign & Pop World

The print version of Sign & Pop is published six times a year. On the other hand, the online version is updated daily. Additionally, it also features weekly newsletters as well as event-specific e-newsletters.

For more than two decades, Sign & Pop key objective is to share information on the advances and transitions of the digital signage industry, and what these advances potentially mean for different markets.

During its initial start, strategic markets in Asia were the publication’s target audience. Today, Sign & Pop boasts of a decent internal readership, which comes as no surprise. This is because of the objectivity with which the publication highlights news, events, and other content.

Digital Signage Today 

Digital signage publications can inspire you on how to get the most from your investment.

On Digital Signage Today is a wealth of insights on all things digital signs. This top publication boasts of a global audience and has built its reputation as an authoritative publication since 2007.

Readers can find the latest news coverage, look at what’s trending, and learn more about events around the digital signage industry. All these and more can be found in categories in a well-organized spread on the site. Above all, it is easy to pick out the level of journalistic objectivity in each post on this publication. Moreover, each post has such a professional tone to it. It’s easy to see why Digital Signage Today’s readership continues to grow. 

AVNetwork’s Digital Signage Magazine

Find the very latest on the revolutionary trends taking over in the digital signage industry on AVNetwork Digital Signage Magazine. There are expert opinions and reviews of the best digital signage practices, as well as media players and other devices. Find out everything from the basic functions of a digital sign to how you can optimize. This way, you can maximize the outcome of your video walls and digital billboards, thanks to spotlight features on the magazine.

Digital Signage Magazine Australia

Catch up on enlightening case studies and get to see digital signage in action through its applications in different markets from retail to healthcare. Additionally, you can get the latest news and, from the opinions category, hear from industry leaders on different subjects with commentaries and interviews. Other content featured in the publication includes objective product reviews and tutorials. 

Most importantly, the print version of Digital Signage Australia is readily available to the magazine’s readership in Australia and New Zealand. The online magazine is updated every day to ensure you get the very latest.

Billboard Insider

The Billboard Insider is undoubtedly your go-to for everything you may need to run that out-of-home advertising business successfully. Actually, this publication features news covers, informative content on digital signs, and comprehensive analytics on how much these signs are shaking things up in the outdoor advertising space.

Indeed, there is plenty to pick up from the publication. You can also have your say by writing in with suggestions on any digital signage topics you’d like covered. What’s more, the site has opened itself as such an interactive and engaging community, inviting guest posts from anyone with something worth sharing.

Media Week

Digital signage publications are different in multiple ways.

In addition to digital signage, Media Week also covers happenings around other mass-media channels, including television, radio, and outdoor advertising. Find out how each of these channels continues to evolve and practical ways to make it all work for your brand.

As for the digital signage coverage, you will find the latest news, highlights from industry events, case studies, and commentaries from top brands and execs. Indeed, it’s a hub of invaluable information with a lot of everything you need to know about the different mass media channels.


Like Media Week, the content on Exchange4Media isn’t exclusively about the content around digital signage solutions. Media channels covered, apart from digital, include television, radio, print, and out-of-home advertising. In fact, the publication has been running since 2000 churning authoritative information beneficial to media, advertising, and marketing professionals. Among the things that make Exchange4Media stand out as a publication are the detailed analyses covered in different posts.

Final Thoughts

Digital signage publications are different in multiple ways. Most notably is the editorial style and the target audience. While some of these publications have print and online versions, others have just the online version. However, what stands out is the dedication to making all this invaluable information easily accessible. All of these publications have the same goal. Whether you are a potential client, work in the digital signage space or simply love the industry, you can use this information in digital signage publications to learn more about the industry and digital signage players.

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