Digital Signage Templates for Valentine’s Day

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is on its way. For this reason, here are several templates for Valentine’s Day to use for your digital signage displays.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and mutual respect for our significant others. However, it’s also a great opportunity for businesses to generate some much-needed revenue at the beginning of the new fiscal year. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), total Valentine’s Day spending in 2015 was projected to reach almost $19 billion – with $1.7 billion of that from candy sales alone. That’s a lot of chocolate-covered caramel.

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine’s Day

Unlike many other holidays, Valentine’s Day offers a unique opportunity for businesses. Consumers, both male and female, will be on the lookout for special deals, discounts, and offers. That’s because they want to find the perfect gift without breaking their post-holiday budgets. This is where Valentine’s Day digital signage templates enter the picture.

A cornerstone concept of digital signage is delivering the right message at the right time – and the time to deliver Valentine’s Day themed advertising is now. Digital signage templates for Valentine’s Day will help inform consumers about what deals are available, and the different ways they can make the big day special. Also, how they can set themselves apart from all the other couples competing to find the best gifts. (Because let’s face it, the post-Valentine’s Day comparison among couples happens every year, and nobody wants to come in last.)

Valentine’s Day templates can inspire consumers with new ideas and make them aware of gift options that they might never have considered. This is true regardless of industry – sometimes buyers don’t know what they want until they see it. Add in the extra pressure on consumers to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift (and the consequences if they fail!) and retailers have the perfect recipe for encouraging both planned and spur of the moment purchases.

Digital Signage Templates for Restaurants

Restaurants and food service businesses usually fare well on Valentine’s Day.

NRF’s research found that over a third of surveyors (35.1 percent) made plans for an evening out on the town. This included visiting restaurants for a romantic dinner. Of course, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants.

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Restaurants

Consider how restaurants can use Valentine’s Day digital signage templates to enhance patrons’ experience:

  • Showcase unique Valentine’s Day menus and food offerings.
  • Display special deals applicable only during the Valentine’s Day season, such as discounts for couples who dine together.
  • Create a romantic mood by altering the layout of traditional menu signage to include festive themes and colors to set the mood.
Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Restaurants

Everyone has to eat, and plenty of consumers will happily pay to have professionals handle the food side of things on the big day. Food service businesses should begin leveraging restaurant templates now to spread the word and guarantee a packed house before the 14th rolls around.

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Restaurants

Digital Signage Templates for Hotels

Valentine’s Day and its associated weekends are hot choices for couples interested in planning a romantic getaway. To put it differently, research shows on Valentine’s Day, shows 40 percent of travelers choose hotel/motel accommodations over options like vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, or ski lodges.

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Hotels

This means that hotels stand to rake in profits during the week of Valentine’s Day – as long as travelers are aware of the deals these hotels have to offer. Hotels can use Valentine’s Day digital signage templates to:

  • Firstly, welcome holiday travelers with warm greetings on customized digital displays.
  • Advertise romance packages for couples offered on a limited-time basis.
  • Display unique accommodations through festive templates that inform guests about lodging perks and upgrades.
Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Hotels

Research further found that when it comes to gift giving, surveyors preferred a shared experience (like travel) with their partner over any type of product (beating out heavy hitters like smartphones, candy, and even jewelry).

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Restaurants

Hotels can leverage the flexibility of digital signage templates for Valentine’s Day to help guests feel comfortable and guarantee they have an unforgettable experience.

Digital Signage Templates for Corporate Settings

Many of us might not imagine the workplace as the place for Valentine’s Day festivities. However, don’t be too quick to assume that the holiday is only for couples. The above research shows that half of all consumers are single. That’s a fact that businesses often neglect during the couples-oriented Valentine’s shopping season.

Valentine’s Day is a day of appreciation. So, many individuals take the occasion to reach out to their close coworkers in corporate settings. The data shows that behind couples, who typically spend around $99 on their significant others, people actually spend the next largest sums on their coworkers – around $54.

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Corporate Offices

Digital signage templates for Valentine’s Day in corporate settings can be utilized to spread goodwill and warm feeling throughout the office, something greatly needed in our hectic work environments:

  • Digital templates to remind workers about the holiday and urging them to show their appreciation for their fellow employees.
  • Signage to raise awareness of office initiatives to boost morale. This includes spreading the word about holiday parties, get together, or gift-exchanges that may be taking place.
  • Human Resources departments can use customizable digital displays to remind employees about corporate policies related to inter-office relationships or public displays of affection.
Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Corporate Offices

Valentine’s Day in corporate settings must be handled with care. However, digital signage templates for Valentine’s Day can be a great way to support a respectful workplace. It will also make everyone feel appreciated.

Digital Signage Templates for Colleges

The Valentine’s Day season is a busy time of year for colleges; both for students who are single and looking and those in happy relationships. Many retailers may not consider cash-strapped college students a prime demographic. However, business owners shouldn’t underestimate Millennial spending power.

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Colleges

Research on the buying habits of the 18 to 24 year old demographic shows that this group is optimistic about the future of the economy and is willing to spend if the occasion calls for it.

Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Colleges

And NRF’s research shows that the average 18 to 24-year-old shopper still spends nearly $169 per year on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, marketing to this group on their home turf can be lucrative for retail businesses. Digital signage templates for colleges can be leveraged in numerous ways:

  • Displaying holiday promotions from university-sanctioned businesses within college unions, food courts, or spirit stores.
  • Informing college students about sponsored Valentine’s Day events on campus they may want to attend.
  • Using customizable, scrolling displays in areas of heavy foot traffic to provide maximum exposure for holiday offers. This is a strategy that can only be found through digital displays.
Digital Signage Templates for Valentine's Day - Colleges

Reaching Consumers through Digital Signage

There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day supports consumer spending. From happy couples to corporate employees to singles spending the day with friends, most of us will end up hitting the stores before the 14th arrives. 

If businesses are hoping to get in on these profits, they must do everything they can to grab consumer attention. They must impress them with the value they have to share. We all know that digital signage is engaging. Therefore, combine established digital strategies with digital signage templates for Valentine’s Day. This is a powerful way to guarantee that business owners feel the love this Valentine’s season.

[intense_alert color=”#bd0a31″ font_color=”#ffffff”]We can help you start your content strategy for the holiday. That’s why we’ve compiled the 10 editable templates into a folder that you can download below. Also, check out SignageCreator, our content creation suite, for more holiday-themed digital signage templates.[/intense_alert]


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