Displaying Product and People Profiles on Digital Signage

Displaying Product and People Profiles on Digital Signage

Companies have long used signage to highlight their people, promote products and publicize events. Traditionally, these profiles have been printed on paper and hung on a wall or a window display. This method, however, is far from ideal as it provides very limited flexibility in terms of creativity and visual appeal.

Displaying profiles on digital signage, in contrast, lets companies, schools, religious institutions and retail stores create multiple dynamic profiles that can be displayed on a single screen with ease, and that are visually appealing.

How Displaying Profiles on Digital Signage Works

Displaying profiles on digital signage is simple. Our content-rich digital signage software includes a Profiles app/widget that allows users to create a gallery of people and product profiles and display them on digital signs.

Users can display virtually any profile, be it for a person, product, service, event, etc.

When compared to static profiles, profiles on digital signs win in different ways:

  • virtually any kind of profile can be on display, including profiles of people, products, services, events and more
  • incorporating animations into profiles can attract attention and enhance the viewing experience
  • easily create a playlist of profiles with different transitions
  • customized profiles with a company or organization’s logos, colors, slogan, etc.
  • profiles can be sourced dynamically (e.g. from a web-based database) or loaded manually (e.g. individually or via mass file upload)
  • make changes to the profiles and playlists and display them in real-time

The Profiles solution has many applications in different industries. Some of them include:

Corporate Offices

Corporate offices can use the Profiles solution to highlight company employees and important products on digital screens. For example, a corporate digital signage screen in an office lobby or hallway can display profiles for:

  • company executives
  • employee of the month
  • new employees
  • top-selling products
  • new products
  • finished projects

Displaying Profiles on Digital Signage - Employee of the Month

School Campuses

Schools may not have products to promote, but they have teachers, students, classes, and events to spotlight. Therefore, schools can use the Profiles solution on a K-12 digital signage network to showcase:

  • principals and other administrators
  • teacher of the month
  • top athletes
  • top students
  • new classes being offered
  • special events (e.g. concerts, plays, sports tournaments, etc.)
  • clubs (e.g. jazz band, chess club, stage crew, etc.)

Displaying Profiles on Digital Signage - Teacher of the Month

Colleges and universities may also use the Profiles solution for the same purposes. Strategically placed displays can highlight specific profiles according to the audience or foot traffic:

  • an admissions office screen may showcase profiles of recent graduates or alumni
  • an athletics department sign can highlight upcoming games and meets
  • a digital sign in the academic department can spotlight new classes
  • a campus bookstore might use the Profiles to display popular books or the book of the month

Religious Institutions

Displaying profiles in religious institutions can help foster community and increase event turnout. Some ways that a religious institution might use the Profiles solution include displaying profiles for:

  • leaders and staff members (e.g. pastors, Rabbis, Imams, elders, worship leaders, program directors, etc.)
  • new church members
  • supported missions or local volunteers
  • upcoming events (special services, church cookouts, volunteer events, seminars, retreats, etc.)
  • books or DVDs for a church-wide study
  • available classes or support groups (Sunday school classes, confirmation classes, Hebrew classes, etc.)

Displaying Profiles on Digital Signage - New Church Members

Religious institutions may also use the Profiles solution to aid capital campaigns. When conducting a campaign, religious institutions can create a profile for each of the new features that the new sanctuary, wing or building will have. Such profiles can help people picture how a new or improved space will benefit the institution, especially when those profiles are placed on displays located in the areas that will be redone.

Retail Stores

Retail stores can use the Profiles solution to highlight associates or promote products.

Creating profiles of sales associates both encourages associates to do well, as their achievements can be included on displays, and it also helps create a personal atmosphere in what can sometimes be an impersonal setting.

In addition, highlighting products gives sales associates a natural way to point customers towards high-profit products or ones that are in great demand.

Displaying Profiles on Digital Signage - Product Profile


Regardless of the industry you’re in, there’s likely a need for the Profiles solution. Think about what makes your company unique, whether it’s the people, products or services. Creating profiles for those and displaying them in prominent places will almost certainly enhance your customers or members’ experiences – and as a result, your organization’s’ profits or participation rates.

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