Elevate Your Office With Meeting Room Signage

Elevate Your Office With Meeting Room Signage

Since 2000, there has been an 8-10% annual increase in the number of time workers at all levels spend in meetings. A good reason for this shift in workplace culture is the focus on improving workplace communications by making the atmosphere inclusive and collaborative. Meetings inside conference rooms provide the best opportunities for creating this atmosphere.

meeting room signage

Today’s workspace is increasingly dynamic, and meeting room signage helps to optimize the use of available office space. With the right choice of meeting room signs and strategic placement, you can greatly elevate the enterprise look and feel of your conference room and the entire organization.

Why Meeting Room Signage?

There are several reasons why you should invest in meeting room signage for your business. With a robust room scheduling platform, you can use your digital signage solution to manage meeting space use. Integrate the meeting room booking system, backed with Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or more tools with your digital signage system. This tool ensures your corporate office is informed on meeting room status effectively and as soon as possible. This also helps to avoid double booking and other possible inconveniences.

In addition to the room availability status, you can use meeting room signage to display critical information about company KPIs, logistics, or tasks. THis allows everyone inside your meeting room to digest communication effectively as the message shown on your meeting room screens is clear and visible.

What’s more, you can use signs in your meeting rooms to display a welcome message. These office signs are also a powerful internal communication tool that you can use to share company announcements and news. Additionally, you can use conference room signage for effective communication, whether it’s an upcoming corporate event, a training opportunity, or general communication for your team members relating to day-to-day operations when the meeting room isn’t in use.

Elevating Your Meeting Room Signage

How can you ensure your meeting room signage looks professional and adds real value to the user? Here are some ways you can elevate your meeting room space:

1. Prioritize Wayfinding

If your enterprise company office is hard to navigate with multiple boardrooms, finding a specific one can be a challenge. And not just for visitors, but even full-time employees who have been working with the company for a while may need help.

For this reason, consider adding signs with interactive maps and search capabilities for easier wayfinding. You should have these in the lobby and hallways leading up to the conference rooms. Signage located outside of meeting rooms is just as necessary as inside of the meeting room.

2. Company Brand and Aesthetics

You can easily design your meeting room signage using available templates. For instance, customizing the design with your company colors and logo will help to reinforce your brand identity and maintain that professional look in the meeting room.

meeting room signage

Staying on brand will help create a great first impression for visitors attending the meeting. Seeing your logo on your conference room door and again on the screens inside the room will make it stick, reinforcing brand recall. After all, it takes on average 5 to 7 times of seeing a logo to remember a brand. For employees, every on-brand room display helps reinforce the workspace’s familiarity.

3. Use Proper Naming Conventions

Users will have an easier time with meeting room signage if you assign specific names to the various rooms based on function. With proper naming conventions, meeting attendees and even onlookers can tell, at a glance, the kind of meeting going on or scheduled for in a particular meeting room. Also, include the start and end times for each meeting alongside the name.

For example, a custom name such as “Monthly Budget Review” on the meeting room sign leaves no room for misinterpretation. A team member who may have missed the meeting notification in their calendar will have all the reminding they need if they pass by this sign.

4. Evaluate for Compatibility and Integrate

Choose a digital signage software solution based on compatibility with other tools you are using in your organization. Is the software user-friendly and compatible with your calendar solutions, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other tools?

So, integrating your digital meeting room signage with these tools ensures a seamless flow of information. Everyone’s workflow will be much smoother as you enjoy the full functionality of each system.

5. Enhance the Visibility of the Signage

Your meeting room signage is no good if the target audience has to struggle so much to see what’s on the display. A few things contribute to the visibility of your signs, which you must consider.

Firstly, consider the size of the screens. A small screen outside your big conference room may be easy to miss, and if users do see it, they’ll have to squint to see the lettering in your text display. Also, it may send the message that you skimped on getting the screens, creating a not-so-great first impression.

With the text, less is more, and have enough white spaces throughout your digital signs. Avoid cluttering your signage and include only the most crucial information to maintain a professional and enterprise look. While at it, choose a font size that anyone can easily see from a distance. For example, sans serif styles are always a great pick for font style as they are easier to read. Use bolds, high contrasts, and other focus techniques sparingly.

6. Be Inclusive

How well does your business cater to employees, customers, and differently-abled guests? It isn’t enough to run campaigns and speak of how inclusive you are as an organization. You need to ensure you have an environment that makes it easy to create the best experiences for all groups.

Having ADA-compliant braille meeting room signage is an excellent example of what you can do as part of your inclusivity efforts. This type of signage communicates that you are an enterprise that recognizes the diversity of the people that interact with your business and are committed to accommodating their unique needs. Actually, this is good for business as 70% of young millennials say they would gladly choose a brand that demonstrates inclusivity in all areas over competitor brands. 

7. Strategic Placement

meeting room signage

Position your meeting room signage so strategically that visitors attending the meeting will have a hassle-free experience from the moment they get to your building. Have clear wayfinding information in the reception area and hallways pointing to the meeting rooms.

Moreover, you want to have clear signs on the doors. If the meeting room information is past the door, it will only cause some confusion as users will be unsure about which door that information pertains to as it will be between two doors. Also, ensure you have in-room signs with crucial information and also for reinforcing brand awareness.

Enhance Your Workspace

Digital signage solutions can drastically transform your business and help you achieve that enterprise look and feel, regardless of your business size and industry. The tips outlined in this guide will help elevate your meeting room signage to optimize space utilization and ensure you create a great first impression among those using your conference rooms.

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