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Gas Station Signage | Why you need it and How you can use it

Gas station signage is quite effective in directing consumer attention. Over the years, several gas outlets have embraced digital signage. Thanks to the ease of drawing attention to any product or service within a business facility. It also engages the customers more profoundly than the traditional signs. Hence it’s best used to convey sensitive messages, for example, warn customers of smoking around the gas station.

If you are interested in deploying digital signage in your gas station, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve covered all you need to know about gas station signage.

Why Do Gas Stations Need Signage?

The gasoline business is one of the most competitive industries today. And to win over customers, you need a great marketing strategy. Gas station signs give you a means to stand out from your competitors. 

Here are some reasons why gas station signage is a must-have.

1. To Create the Perfect First-impression

Your business visibility is not worth much if it doesn’t leave a positive impression. Superior customer service begins with attracting the customer, then giving them the reason to buy from you. A well-designed gas station signage gives you both – it attracts and retains your customers.

2. Remove Any Doubt

Nothing disappoints customers more than having to guess the location of a gas station, especially when they are running out of gas. Visible, well-placed signage will spare them the frustration. Digital signage has worked well in the garage and car wash businesses, and the fuel industry is no exception.

Gas station Signage - pumps with digital signage

To make your signage more accessible, put the signage as close to the highway as possible. Also, consider having your official site (website and physical location) as well as your address on GPS and list your gas station with Google My Business.

3. Market Your Other Products and Services

Nearly all the gas stations have a fast-food restaurant and one or more grocery stores (C-stores). Here, you can use the signage to run promotions and draw more customers to the business. The idea is to meet the expectations of your hungry customers and get them to visit next time.

Also, gas stations that offer more than just pump fuel are more convenient for long-distance travelers. Having a food market around is excellent, and promoting it with signage is an added advantage.

Types of Gas Station Signs

How you use your digital signage depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. The option to customize the content and the design of your sign projects gives you enough flexibility.

According to a Cisco IBSG study, more than 40% of shoppers admit that digital displays can change their spending behavior. This means you can leverage signs to ensure customers have the best experience when they stop by your gas pumps.

But to achieve this, you need to know what works in every single location in your gas station. Here is how you can use the best signage solutions in your gas station.

Build Brand Awareness

Before automobiles became a necessity for most people, gas stations were few, and there was no need for intense marketing. Nowadays, gas station owners need to market their brand to stay competitive.

Whether you are in for a local or national brand conversion, signage creates appealing and irresistible visuals. According to marketing stats, digital signage can increase brand awareness by 47.7% and it can boost the average purchase amount by 30%.

Signage to Promote Products and Services

These are the most commonly used signs in gas stations. An example is the gas price signs. 

Others include tin signs and vintage gas station signs used to display gasoline name brands. When choosing signage for these purposes, it’s best to find one that’s flexible and customizable. For example, gas price flip signs that allow you to change the prices easily.

Signage to Convey a Pre-cautionary Message

There are several reasons you would want to use this type of signage. For example, warn everyone coming into the gas station to avoid ignition sources that could cause a fire. Other examples include:

  • An “authorized personnel only” sign keeps unauthorized persons away from oil reserves or protected areas.
  • “Not for sale for persons under 18 years” sign – if there are alcoholic drinks or cigarettes in the c-stores.
  • “Danger. Do not smoke” sign – Warns customers to avoid smoking around the gas station.

Wayfinding Signs for Easy Navigation

Your customers looking to access the washrooms or the c-stores will appreciate well-labeled signage. To ensure you are offering superior customer service, have wayfinding signs throughout the gas stations. Even the simple “Entry” and “Exit” signs will guide new customers. This helps avoid confusion and unnecessary traffic.

Designing Gas Station Signage

If you are to design the right signage solutions for your gas business, you need to map your goals first.

Gas Station Digital Signage

The best place to start is by identifying the number of businesses you are running within the premises. What follows is to map those spots that need a decent display. That is, to either stimulate conversion, pass a message or help with wayfinding. Here, you can work with in-house designers to ensure success.

It’s worth noting that the best sign package for your gas business needs a professional design. This is where you need to proceed with caution. Building material details, such as the make and even dimensions, play a critical role.

Choosing the Right Digital Signage Company

Not all the digital signage companies out there have got it all figured out. You need to do your research to make sure you are working with someone who understands your niche. But most importantly, a company that values customer satisfaction and puts the clients’ needs first.

Here are some things to look for in a digital signage company.

  • Niche experience – a startup company may have the technology and exposure, but not the much-needed experience. Look for a company with at least ten years of sign manufacturing experience.
  • Quality of services – Whether it’s modern or vintage signs, a quality product is critical to ensure durability and efficiency.
  • Customer communication and involvement – the company should involve you in the decision making and design process.
  • Cost and flexibility – The Company should offer various digital graphics configurations to fit your individual needs. Whether you need cabinets, pylon signs, vacuum form faces, or channel letters, the products/services should also be affordable.

Bottom Line

In and around the United States of America, digital signage is changing the face of businesses. Many of the largest US cities embracing digital signage. The truth is, we all want to meet the needs of our customers, but it takes effort and strategy. To achieve this, you want to work with a company that guarantees a state of the art manufacturing.

Signage will help sell your brand, maximize the available resources and get your business facility to the level it deserves. However, how you carry out the installation determines the level of success/impact. The installation crews should have the expertise and knowledge in the digital signage space. The sizes of sign installations also matter.

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