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Here are 6 Corporate Teams That Can Benefit From Digital Signage

All businesses, big or small, across different industries can benefit from digital signage. With numerous use cases, from lobby signs and digital welcome boards to outdoor signs and video walls, these signs are a powerful and versatile tool that can transform your business. In fact, 80% of brands that use digtial signage record an increase in sales, up to 33%. have an astoundig recall rate of 83%, and have a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness.

Most people don’t see digital signage solutions outside its essential contexts of being an invaluable and practical addition to a business’s marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this is a limited perspective as digital signs have so much to offer and deliver on various fronts that help drive business success and growth across all departments. Various teams can take advantage of digital signage’s powerful and effective communication.

Let’s discuss 6 various teams in ofices and how they can specifically benefit from digital signage.

1. Sales and Marketing Teams

Digital signs are a powerful tool for creating brand awareness. This is important because 47% of employees say they don’t know what their company’s core values are. How are your sales and marketing teams going to “sell” and entice customers into your product and//or business and they lack the foundation of your company’s values? This is why digitial signage is important to the sales and marketing teams. With multichannel campagin management, place emphasis on your digital signage campaign discuss company’s core values, missions, KPIs and more. This will make it clear to the sales and marketing teams what’s important to highlight to customer and their audience and maintain a cohesive promotion.

Furthermore, sales and marketing teams can stay sharp on product information and access FAQs and other resources on the digital signs, reducing unnecessary meeting and trainings. When new product, techonogy or services are launched, digital signage can serve as the medium to delivering important talking points and functionalities to highlight. All in all, digital signage is a marketing tool for your sales and marketing teams. The more you sell your company’s goal, product and necessary knowlege in an efficient, engaging way, the more they can sell it to others easily.

2. Human Resources Team

Digital signs are a powerful internal corporate communication tool. The human resources team can display crucial information across digital screens throughout the office. For instance, an email may get lost in team members’ busy and flooded inboxes. However, it is not likely they would miss the same information or announcement when it is splashed across a large screen in the boardroom, lobby, or even the break room.

Among the benefits of digital signage for the HR team is that the signs can help boost employee morale and motivation. This translates to better productivity and higher employee retention numbers.

Recognizing individual and team efforts with congratulatory messages on your digital signage solutions will motivate your workforce to keep doing their best. You can also ensure every team member is in the loop by displaying company dashboards with KPIs and other relevant data sets.

3. Graphic Design and Creative Teams

Your business will benefit significantly from professional custom content design services. So, after the initial training, your in-house creative team should have an easy time creating optimized designs and content to boost brand awareness and match your target audience’s needs. Your team can create, deploy and manage content for display across multiple screens and different locations with just a few clicks.

Additionally, your team doesn’t have to worry about the content management process being time-consuming, and much less when using rule-based programming on the digital signage software. In this case, the team can program specific content or playlists to display across the signs at a specific time of day for better reach.

Unlike traditional signage, digital signs offer the added advantage of digital connectivity. Integrations with apps and other platforms will allow you to display video streams and live content, as well as RSS feeds and content from social media. You can achieve this quite easily from the digital signage system user interface.

4. Accounting and Finance Teams

The budgeting team allocates the funds for different functions, including marketing. While video walls and other digital signage solutions cost more than posters, traditional billboards, and other static signs, the return on investment is well worth it. As a result, these signs increase sales, boost revenue and strengthen the business brand. All these and more digital signage benefits justify the investment, and the budgeting team and business owners will gladly approve budget requests for financing the same. 

Most importantly, digital signs may be more cost-effective in the long-term. The business can save on material costs and printing large posters and other traditional signs. There are also added storage costs for these materials that a business can avoid with digital signs. Instead of printing out a new batch of materials every time you need to change up your advertising material, you can save money and time as you edit the content on your digital signs.

5. Customer Support and Service Teams

Your customer support team will greatly benefit from digital signage as they will have a reduced workload. The first thing to remember is that this team will be the go-to for any inquiries the clients may have. Digital signs serve as an effective communication tool. And, by putting out highly relevant information, customer support teams can communicate accurate and helpful information quickly.

Additionally, production metric displays can track the amount of support tickets and additional customer-oriented analytics to ensure the department is efficent and within goal. Display keywords that customer service and support teams should be saying to their clients and/or encouraging words to motivate this team throughout the day. There are endless options for using internal digital signage for customer support and service teams in achieving your endgoal of customer satisfaction.

6. Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) Team

OHS is crucial in all workplaces for various reasons. A safer workplace environment boosts morale and increases productivity. You will also have fewer team members missing work due to injuries or illnesses.

Your business can greatly benefit from digital signage as these signs can help improve your workplace safety. So, display messages to inform and warn team members of risks and dangers, which will help everyone practice caution. Instead of leaving your team members to decide on what precautions to take, you can use the digital signs to share the OHS best practices.

The OHS team can also share statistics on the accidents that may have occurred. Going any number of days without incident is worth celebrating, and you can put it on the digital screens to encourage employees to continue being vigilant. 

Better statistics will save the business from the costs of occupational injuries, which go beyond the medical or funeral expenses. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the cost of work injuries in 2020 was $163.9 billion. Similarly, your business can avoid the potential increase in your insurance premiums which is likely after workplace injuries and fatalities. 

Strengthen Your Corporate Communications with Digital Signage

As highlighted, any corporate team can engage and benefit from digital signage, not just visitors. Digital signage enhances internal communications amongst teams, which leads to 25% higher employee productivity. When productivity is higher within each team, the return on your investment maximizes to increased sales, less mistakes and a scalable future. Teamwork is key to a smooth and successful running business and digital signage is your key to achieve that.

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