Mini PC for Digital Signage: Where Should I Purchase?

Mini PC for Digital Signage: Where Should I Purchase?

Whether a corporate business, retail brick and mortar, or educational institution, many businesses have been adopting smaller solutions for their workspaces, like tablets laptops, and IPads. Technology is ever-changing, and while bigger IoT devices have been preferred in the past, smaller solutions that offer the same functionality are growing in trend. According to Yahoo Finance, mini pcs are estimated to register an incremental growth of $19.3 billion at a CAGR of 5.04%. Mini PCs are the future and convenience of technology and their small but mighty impact will continue to grow.

The growing demand for mini PCs can also be found in the digital signage industry. When researching the right digital signage solution for your business, there are a lot of models available, which may make the decision-making process tedious and unclear. What we recommend you should focus on is finding the digital signage hardware that meets your needs and the digital signage software that you can create your content. This is why you should decline a DIY quick solution and invest with a digital signage provider.

Here are 4 digital signage providers that you should purchase your mini PC from:

1. Mvix

Mvix Digital Signage Mini PC

Established in 2005, Mvix has headquarters in Washington, D.C., and has over 15 years of digital signage experience in the industry. This is important because you want to invest in a provider that has a long-standing reputation for excellent solutions. Mvix clients include Virginia Tech, Pepsi, NASA, Nike, Verizon, and Sodexo.

Let’s get to the important features: the hardware and the software. Mvix offers “small, yet powerful players for small teams, businesses, and enterprises.” This means that their hardware solutions are a great solution for any market. Featured mini PC hardware brands include Intel NUC, Lenovo Thinkcentre, Dell Optiplex, Zotac, HP Mini, and Simply NUC. This means that there are numerous solutions to fit your preference. To determine the right solution for you, Mvix’s Solutions Consultant can determine the best fit for your communication needs.

You will also find mini-computers with landscape and portrait support, touch screens, multi-zone layouts, and offline media playback. If you want your solutions in one bundle, Mvix’s Intel-based Mini PC signage players are qualified for use with their digital signage software, Mvix CMS. Featured packages range from a simple one-time cost license (no subscriptions, no contracts) to complex enterprise-grade solution sets. Basically, you’re getting your hardware and software for the price of one.

Speaking of software, if the pricing didn’t convince you, the content you could potentially create to engage your employees, customers, or audience will. Mvix CMS features over 150 content apps and features like multi-content playlists, zone-based templates, and content scheduling. The Design Gallery has over 1,000 templates available in 40+ languages. Most important, enterprise-grade security and functionality are priorities. Mvix CMS offers 2FA, media approvals, and user permissions to keep your smart digital signage secure. Also, they have a device dashboard to help maintain the longevity of your solution. Additionally, it can report offline devices to decrease downtime. In all, Mvix solutions are what you need to achieve real ROI on your investment.

2. Intel

Intel Digital Signage Mini PC

Intel Corporation is a multinational corporation and technology firm based in Santa Clara, California. Founded in the late 60s by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, the firm became famous because of the DRAM and SRAM memory chips. The company’s top competitors are AMD and Nvidia.

Actually, this company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductor chips. Intel is also the developer of the x86 series of processors. As a matter of fact, according to Fortune 500’s list of the largest technology companies, Intel ranked number 6. Intel is the proud supplier of microprocessors for computer manufacturers, including Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Acer. 

Therefore, if you are looking for quality mini computers, purchasing from Intel should be a consideration. Since price is one of the motivators for many buyers, Intel offers an extensive collection of affordable mini computers. These include the HP Elite 800 G9, Lenovo ThinkStation P360, and Dell OptiPlex 7000. The only con of purchasing from Intel is that you will have to still look for a digital signage software provider, but luckily for you, providers on this list also offer digital signage licenses.

3. Yodeck

Yodeck Digital Signage Raspberry Pi

Yodeck is a renowned digital signage firm known for its user-friendly cloud-based CMS and Raspberry Pi mini PC hardware. Based in San Francisco, CA, Yodeck enables you to design and schedule various content, from videos to playlists. 

This digital signage company prides itself on providing excellent digital signage solutions to brands like Deloitte, Autodesk, Delta Airlines, and Adobe. If you want to engage your customers or visitors with content that makes a lasting impression and delivers your message, you can count on Yodeck.

Actually, screen publishing has an 83 percent recall rate, according to a study. Therefore, Yodeck can help you harness the power of screens by making it easier to communicate effectively with students, community members, and employees. Ensure you determine the CPU of the device. For example, inquire whether it has a quad-core, AMD, or Celeron processor. Also, confirm whether it is fanless, the capacity of the DDR4 ram, the type of graphics card and if the device supports USB 3.0.

4. Simply NUC

Simply NUC Mini PC hardware

Simply NUC is one of the world’s leading partners for minicomputers. The mini-computer market includes tablet PCs, smartphones, iPads, and mini PCs, all of which are available at Simply NUC. It doesn’t matter whether you want a device for entertainment, gaming, commercial displays, or content management; you can trust Simply NUC. 

Based in London, the company stocks all Intel NUC models, various alternative mini PCs, and high-quality SSD, RAM, HDD, and OS components and accessories. One impressive thing about Simply NUC is that they can build customized solutions. Therefore, if you want specific features for your mini PC, this company will provide a customized device version based on your needs. 

Moreover, Simply NUC has vast experience and personal knowledge in mini-computer form factors and product lines. As a result, the company offers excellent customer service and three-year support service. This is important should your device develop problems. You can count on the company to address any OS, hardware, or software issues that may arise with your mini PC.

The Best Choices for Mini PC Solutions

Mini computers have become the common standard for workplace computers. In the past, many people relied on desktop PCs. Currently, many businesses prefer the portable and convenient size and capacity of mini PCs. However, since many people turn to Amazon for electronic products, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the top minicomputer providers.

Additionally, when shopping for mini computers, make sure you don’t merely focus on price. Look at basic features like Wi-Fi, operating system, display ports, LAN ports, VGA, and GPU. Also, ask about whether you receive a warranty. If so, request the customer care staff to configure the device according to your specific needs. Lastly, choose from a digital signage provider to ensure the return on your investment.

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