Simple Digital Signage Content Apps for Employee Communication

Simple Digital Signage Content Apps for Employee Communication

Digital signage today is less about the technology and more about the content that you can display on screens. After all, content is what your viewers will interact with, not the hardware or software. So, shouldn’t the apps or widgets you use be simple and easy to use? The whole point is have efficient digital signage that is cost and time efficient. Let’s look at some digital signage apps and widgets you can use in your digital displays.

Digital signage widgets enable users to create and show a large variety of content. With widgets, users can share dynamic content such as emergency alerts, social media, HTML5 scripts, Google Docs, event listings, and performance reports in offices and manufacturing plants.

The 5 digital signage widgets featured below are ideal for employee communication. They allow internal communicators to share relevant information with employees while keeping costs, time, and manpower low.

Workplace Posters

The Workplace Posters widget has an extensive library of HR, OSHA, warning, motivational, and general information posters for displays.


The widget automates the delivery of these posters to digital signage screens. In fact, it makes sure they are supplied with a steady stream of fresh content.

The widget also saves resources for communications and HR departments. Generating fresh content for digital signage consistently is tough. A lot of time and effort goes into “producing” and updating each message on the display.

With the Workplace Posters widget, there is no need to produce or create the posters since they’re already preloaded. All users need to do is select a poster and with a few clicks, it’ll be displayed on the digital screen.

This kind of content automation saves companies time, money and manpower while enabling them to communicate with their employees more effectively.


Americans are spending more time at work than ever before which means businesses need to be creative in how they’re engaging and motivating their employees.

Motivational quotes will do the trick but in order for them to be noticed and resonate, the delivery needs to WOW. The Quotes widget for digital signage enables businesses to display a large variety of animated quotes on large HD display screens: the visual presentation will catch the attention of employees and the quote will inspire them.


The quotes, which are ideal for both employee communications and customer-facing display networks, address a wide range of topics including self-improvement and leadership. Businesses can also create their own custom quotes.


Prezi is an online presentation tool that’s a great alternative to PowerPoint. Think of it as the un-PowerPoint, the hip newcomer with a new look, a new paradigm.

Prezi gives people the tools to create and publish lively, fun and engaging presentations that will inspire audiences to act. It allows for creative visualization where presentations can include animated graphics, and moving text and imagery presented in a nonlinear way.

With the Prezi widget for digital signage, businesses can display presentations about their brand, promotion/offer, event, etc. on their digital screens.

Simple Digital Signage Apps and Widgets

A corporate office can create a Prezi presentation about their executive leaders and display it in the lobby.

A Prezi of trivia or Q&A can distract guests and reduce perceived wait times as they wait to see a doctor, to get their car serviced, etc.

Any changes you make to your presentation Prezi will automatically carry to the presentation on the digital signage screen.

Stock Photos

An American Psychological Association paper said offices devoid of pictures, souvenirs or any other similar distractions are the most toxic spaces you can put a human into.

The authors of the paper also observed that employees were 15% more productive when workplaces have photos and houseplants. Employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers.


Photos of beautiful scenery allow the eyes to adjust and re-focus, which reduces fatigue and headaches and relaxes employees.

Pictures of broad horizons or far off places encourage a feeling of freedom versus confinement-important for workers.

In fact, you can use stock photos as digital wallpaper or screensaver. Vibrant and crisp moving images will create an easy, relaxing vibe and bring a space to life.

The images also prevent burnout by providing a break from the constant stream of information hitting employees.

Emergency Alerts

The Emergency Alerts widget for digital signage turns large digital signage displays into highly visual emergency messaging tools. It taps into the human attraction to visual content. In fact, it uses graphics to increase comprehension, recollection, and retention of emergency communications.

Alert Severe Weather Messaging

The user will receive widget-generated CAP alerts from local and national sources. It is also able to generate custom alerts by user, e.g., school closing, gas leak, fire, active shooter, etc.

Users can create a library of templates with emergency communications, then store the templates in the CMS. Then activate the templates when an emergency occurs. This feature makes the widget ideal for both emergency preparedness and emergency messaging.

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