Top 5 Digital Menu Board Companies in 2023

Top 5 Digital Menu Board Companies in 2023

Static hand-written signs or boring posters are a thing of the past as restaurants aim to modernize their establishments and create an aesthetically pleasing oasis to enjoy any choice of meal. As a restaurant entrepreneur, you should ensure your business uses state-of-the-art technology, such as digital menu boards. Not only do they offer a clear, cohesive way for customers to read your menu, but draw customers in to try food choices with savory images. In fact, 76% of customers admit entering a store based on digital signage. Therefore, besides a digital menu giving you better control over what your customer sees, they help generate revenue.

A study shows that 29.5% of customers’ purchase decisions were influenced by digital menus, making them highly effective. Digital signage offers businesses an opportunity to reach potential customers and engage them. Besides, it’s ideal for different industries like restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, and other businesses. But where can you get a reliable digital menu board and software solution to create engaging templates and layouts?

Here are the top five digital menu board companies we recommend engaging your customers. Utilizing these digital signage solutions, you are sure to boost sales and marketing while engaging your customer to come back in the future.

1. Mvix

Mvix digital signage digital menu board

Among the leading cloud-based digital signage software and content management solutions is Mvix. It offers versatility since it’s compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and apple.

Enjoy the multi-user platform and different digital display options offered by Mvix. You can schedule real-time updates and use customizable templates, fonts, and layouts to display your message to your audience. So, you can personalize the message to suit your audience. Additionally, there are different menu board systems that you can customize to a menu design you have in mind. 

Mvix offers users an easy way to create content and distribute it through digital signs, touchscreen, and 4k displays. It also provides data integration, scheduling apps, and Sharepoint for real-time data displays.

You can now use Mvix to manage multiple screens remotely. Additionally, you can preview the signs you have created before publishing them. Alternatively, you can schedule when to display content. Mvix offers point-of-sale signage that helps customers during checkout and enables upselling opportunities to your customers before making their purchases. 

Mvix was founded in 2015, and it currently offers two pricing plans: $29 a month or a $299 one-time purchase. 

Key Features

  • Latest Mvix CMS software offering 1,000+ templates
  • Comprehensive and timely technical support
  • Enterprise-grade security with user roles and permissions
  • Device health dashboard offering player diagnostic minimizing downtime
  • Effective for content creation, management, and display across various screens

2. Yodeck

Yodeck digital signage digital menu board

Are you on the lookout for digital signage solutions with free and paid plans? Yodeck offers both. This digital signage software has been in the market since 2015 but has taken the digital signage industry by storm.

The company offers you innovative ways to promote your business and brand through digital signs, screens, and an effective electronic menu board. So, if you run a restaurant, you can use the software for mouth-watering menu displays that draw in potential customers. It offers high-resolution digital screen displays for any budget. 

Yodeck is all-inclusive and serves as digital signage and appropriate meeting room software. Therefore, it can meet your content management needs by displaying dynamic content at ultra-high speed. This digital menu board is highly customizable, despite not having a mobile app integration. However, it comes with widgets that you can use on your mobile device or desktop.

There are three monthly pricing plans for Yodeck digital signage software, besides their free plan exclusive to one-screen users. You can choose the standard package for $7.99 monthly, the Pro Plan for $9.99 monthly, or the Enterprise package for $12.99 monthly.

Key Features

  • Offers excellent security through restricted access feature, two-factor authentication, and player secure lockdown
  • The free templates and widgets offer easy setup on any screen resolution
  • It has intuitive scheduling, which offers easy monitoring and makes it easy to manage screens and auto upgrades.

3. OnSign TV

On Sight TV digital menu board

With a record of installations in different countries, OnSign TV is a popular digital software system around the globe. It has been in the digital signage industry since 1995, and it offers interactive menu screens like restaurant menu boards for the hospitality industry. 

In fact, it offers compatibility with different devices like tablets, mobile phones, and desktops; hence, ideal for remote working. Moreover, you can download content to play offline using the digital signage player. OnSign TV comes with a robust API that allows you to add digital signage to a business of any size. 

The software comes with powerful features and pre-installed digital menu board templates to help showcase your food service. After content creation, you can use drag-and-drop editing tools to edit your content before showcasing it. 

There are two pricing plans—a Professional that goes for $19.99 monthly and an Enterprise plan for $29.99 a month.

Key Features

  • Helps in content creation and content management through an easy to use the drag-and-drop feature
  • It has a digital signage player, and its playlist management includes playlist cycling, visual creation, etc.
  • Provides cloud infrastructure with round-the-clock monitoring and timely technical support.

4. Navori

Navori digital menu board

Yet another leading digital signage software is Navori. It’s an enterprise-grade platform that includes a QL server with:

  • Multi-level, multi-user web content management module
  • Rule-based playback
  • Playlist scheduling
  • Monitoring and reporting

Notably, the powerful software is compatible with Windows PCs and Android players with the same professional features. These include multi-layer templates, videos, native image playback, and RSS and XML feeds. The platform also supports live TV and video exchange, MS Exchange, and Google Calendar.

With Navori digital signage platform, you can seamlessly create simple rules and scenarios. That’s because the platform allows your live data sources to automate real-time content management and playback decisions.

The pricing for Navori starts at $20/month for each player for the QL Essential package. Alternatively, you can choose the QL Professional package, which costs $44 monthly per player for more features and benefits.

Key Features

  • Built-in playback reporting and advertising campaign management tools that allow you to monetize your network
  • Player synchronization that allows for multiple screens within the field of vision
  • Full-featured APIs for users that want to customize their approach to playback and content distribution; the QL platform easily adapts to work with the existing technology stack.

5. Menuat

Menuat digital menu board

Menuat is a digital menu board solution that has been operational since 2013. As cloud-based software, it allows users to update menu items from a central place in real-time. The platform uses high-resolution digital flat-screen panels ideal for the digital space.

Menuat’s functionality is such that it allows you to save time in menu content creation and updating. Users can sync information in-store and on the website. Moreover, you can experiment with placement, animation, and features to increase engagement and drive sales. An added advantage is that you can always provide attractive and consistent brand messaging across all your digital signs.

Menuat provides three pricing options starting at $195/player. There’s also an annual package for $750 and a custom design package for $495.

Key Features

  • The Menuat media player provides 24-hour monitoring and support, True HD, 4K support, and USB or Wi-Fi internet through supported screens.
  • It provides unlimited screen support and location-based updates
  • Customized design, perfect for big brands dedicated to delivering world-class services.

Choosing the Best Digital Menu Board Companies

The market has no shortage of digital menu board software, and you can be lost for choice when looking for the best. Luckily, the top five digital menu board companies above will make it easy to narrow down the best digital signage software that meets your business needs. Whether you are working remotely or at the business office, each digital signage software will help engage your audience and increase revenue. Thus, choose any of the companies above and propel your business to the next level.

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