Why Should You Use Digital Signage in Your Salon Suite?

Why Should You Use Digital Signage in Your Salon Suite?

The beauty business is quite a competitive space According to Beauty insider, the global haircare market should increase to $102 billion by 2024. With the growing market will come growing demand and competition. Industry leaders understand how important it is to quickly and effectively connect with and engage customers in a meaningful way. Thanks to new digital signage software technology, you can use salon digital signage to deliver your clients’ immersive and engaging experiences. 

In fact, salon digital signage is a powerful tool, which can truly turn your business around. Strategically place these in the lobby, inside each salon suite, and in the waiting rooms, and you can look forward to an excellent ROI. In a beauty salon and spa setup, you can use the different types of displays in several ways. This post will also explore how to maximize the impact of your salon’s digital signage.

Salon digital signage delivers an immersive experience.

1. List Your Services with Digital Menu Boards

68% of Americans have paid for a product or service because its signage caught their eye. Inform your new clients and repeat clients alike about the range of services you offer. Digital menu boards offer a clean, effective look in displaying your pricing, services, and salon schedule. This prevents customer confusion making their salon experience effortless and the transaction process easier.

2. Show Off Your Work

Visuals get 94% more views than text-based information. Show off the expertise and skills your stylists have to offer. For example, you can have a display of professional, HD-quality photos of your stylists’ work. In addition, throw in some social media posts of some of your satisfied clients showing off their great looks after the magic delivered by your stylists. Not only do you get to show off their skills, but these posts will also double as customer testimonials.

3. Promote Products

Apart from offering stylish and other salon services, do you also sell products? Inform clients about the same by placing advertisements strategically near the shelves and the points of sale.

Highlight any new product you have added to your collection. Also, include any relevant information which your target audience may find helpful in informing their decision to buy. What’s more, providing product information will help to increase sales. You can let guests know if you have any special discounts campaign running and whether you accept coupons.

4. Celebrate Staff and Customers

Make your stylist feel special with digital signage.

Make everyone feel like they are truly a part of your family and make them feel special whenever you can. Is one of your stylists celebrating a birthday? Acknowledge it and celebrate with them with a happy birthday message on your digital signs.

Is one of your most loyal clients having a similar celebration? Do the same. A happy birthday message and a great birthday song on the playlist will go a long way in making your client feel special.

What’s more, these gestures will truly capture your customer’s attention and have a positive effect. In this sense, you can use digital signage to add personal value and strengthen your sense of community. Even the visitor who’s just come in for the first time will surely be impressed.

5. Follow Trends

What are the latest products, styles, and trends in the salon and spa space? Key in your clientele on the very latest with fresh content on your salon’s digital signage. Above all, feature what trendsetters and industry leaders are doing and the trends they are backing. Think about social media feeds and hashtags relating to these trends, which you can easily find on the internet.

Do this, and you will be informing your clients about what new thing they can try out. It also sends the message that you are a salon that’s keeping up with the very latest and can deliver that up-to-date and trendy look your customers will love. In fact, the latest trends are always a great conversation point as customers want to know what’s new, which should help improve your customer engagement.

6. Live TV and News Feeds

Branded and promotional content is tremendous and crafted well, it can be as entertaining as it is informative. Without a doubt, this content helps to reduce the perceived waiting time. 

Most importantly, your clients want to know what’s happening around them. Use your digital screens to help them stay informed about the current happenings. Live TV and news feeds are a great idea towards this end.

Salon Digital Signage: The Game Changer

Salon digital signage improves customer engagement.

Why should you not be left behind? Salon digital signage improves customer engagement in many ways, as highlighted. Not only that, but it also comes with inherent advantages to you as a hair salon and spa owner.

The design of these solutions is to scale and support many screens, which should be great if your business has multiple physical locations. Again, you can easily manage your screens from one central place, which can be just about anywhere. 

In conclusion, it is all worth the investment. Talk to industry experts about your specific digital signage needs, and you can have a discussion on content design, content management and get a demo of what to expect.

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