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CondoSites realized their homeowner association (HOA) and condominium clients need a tech way to communicate with the residents who don’t embrace technology.

CondoSites communities remotely manage their web and digital display content through their website. Digital signage powered through Mvix offers a real-time touchless solution.

As of 2020, CondoSites has provided Mvix digital signage solutions to about 10% of their client communities so far.

The challenge is getting tech-averse communities and individuals to embrace and implement new technology such as digital signage.


CondoSites provides websites, mass email, and digital signage to condominium and homeowner associations. They work with clients throughout the United States and Canada. CondoSites was founded on May 5th, 2005. Making them the same age as Mvix! Both companies strive to provide their clients with the best end-to-end solutions in their respective industries. Deploying technology solutions that are most relevant and up-to-date.

CondoSites was looking for an opportunity to offer an additional communication method to their client communities, and opted to try digital signage. They control the format of the displays on behalf of their communities but communities are responsible for content.

A common misconception is that the elderly don’t like or use technology. This is NOT always true. They just need solutions they can easily use.

The Challenge

How does CondoSites get their associations to embrace digital signage within their communities?

Before CondoSites started offering digital signage as an option to their communities, these communities relied on static cork bulletin boards and emails as their primary way of communicating. Most of their communities still don’t have digital signage. The static bulletin boards can become a time consuming and costly process to relay information and updates to their community members, and requires someone on-site to post content.

So how do you get these communities to embrace digital signage? CondoSites has added a tab on their website dedicated to digital signage, and promote the integration allowing website updates to appear on their displays with no added work, or on-site posting. The communities within CondoSites that have chosen to implement digital signage have eliminated many touch points.

Presently, this is very important with the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of their members are older and at potential higher risk, while management is often working remotely.

What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we provide an all inclusive solution, with digital signage included, at a set price, regardless of the community size. – Jason King, Founder, CondoSites

What needed to be done?

  • Pitch digital signage as an additional solution to CondoSites portfolio.
  • Get communities on board by getting them to implement new technology in their communities.
  • Once implemented CondoSites helps with services such as content education.
  • Inform community while eliminating touch points.

Why it worked?

One result of digital signage for CondoSites, has been its ability to distinguish themselves – creating a better value proposition for their clients over their competitors – and
without raising their prices.

Digital signage is improving client retention for CondoSites. The combination of Mvix hardware, and CondoSites software and service, creates a unique customer experience, and a barrier to entry for CondoSites’ competitors.
Integration is a key factor in the success of digital signage for CondoSites. Client displays are linked directly to their individual websites. Because the product is integrated, they don’t have to go through any additional steps to change or update the feed on their display.

This saves time. They can edit from anywhere and display the content on multiple screens at once. The perfect solution for CondoSites and their busy community managers and boards.
CondoSites chose Mvix over our competitors as we offer robust hardware and end-to-end solutions.

If you’d like to read the full case study, you can view and download it here.

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