Nassau County Clerk of Courts

Nassau County Clerk of Courts

Nassau County Clerk of Courts wanted to implement digital signage displays in their courthouse. The support they received from Mvix coupled with it’s friendly user interface made the decision a no brainer for Nassau.

They also appointed a digital signage champion, their job is to take care of managing their signage displays as well as manage their content.


How does a government agency calculate their return on investment (ROI) for digital signage? Nassau discovered that measuring their return on objectives (ROO) proved more successful than an trying to measure their ROI.
Are digital signage displays saving their employees time and resources? Is the public aware of the services they offer? Can visitors to the courthouse find their way around? These are examples of questions Nassau can answer to help assess if digital signage is a good ROO.

The Challenge

Their objectives include:

  • Informing the public (public service announcements).
  • Informing the public about their services (how to e-file or pay a ticket).
  • Display information such as operation hours and closures.
  • Wayfinding (displaying a directory of the courthouse).

“Our intention, using eye-catching graphics with limited words, is to bring information, interest, and encouragement to our customers, and others who visit our Courthouse. We have heard positive feedback from customers and staff who appreciate the information, and enjoy seeing staff recognition photos and encouraging quotes. This project has helped elevate our office in the eyes of the public, and has provided us with another way to demonstrate our mission statement: “We are Public Servants! Our every effort shall be dedicated to protecting and preserving the public trust!”  — Teri Robinson (Digital Signage Champion for Nassau County Clerk of Court)

Opportunity for Digital Signage

Nassau County Clerk of Court needed a way to inform their staff and visitors to the courthouse of important information. This could be done directly and instantly by Mvix Digital Signage Software.

Why it worked?

Nassau contracted out the implementation of their displays to professionals. Their displays were perfectly fitted and framed correctly.

Nassau noticed immediate improvement once they implemented their digital signage displays. This is because they had nothing before, not even noticeboards. The lack of noticeboards created more work for staff as they had to answer questions regarding way finding as well as basic things like operation hours.

Therefore, digital signage saved Nassau’s staff time. Visitors can look to the screen for information regarding open hours, wayfinding and navigating the building. As well as general public service information.

Another reason digital signage worked for Nassau is the ability to edit from anywhere and display the content on multiple screens at once. Meaning all the screens in the court house can be updated at once – once again saving staff time.

If you’d like to read the full case study, you can view and download it here.

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