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Exploring Digital Signage Use Cases by Industry: Part 1

Industries across the board have realized just how powerful digital signage can be, from its ability to reduce printing costs to improving employee communication. Nearly any industry can benefit from digital signage. However, today we’ll focus on three industries and their digital signage examples: corporate, healthcare, and education.

Corporate Offices

The corporate industry is quickly realizing how useful digital signage can be for measuring goals—particularly where their employees are concerned. Digital signage is the perfect way to boost employee engagement, support productivity, and reinforce specific aspects of the company culture. Digital signage examples include:

Engage Employees

Digital signage is an engaging medium; nobody can dispute this, particularly when digital signage is compared to static workplace signs. Digital screens draw the eye and produce better recall than static signage. When applied with the right content, it’s easy to get an employee’s attention. For example, companies can set their rotating displays to showcase employee recognition, inform employees of upcoming events, or even tell them about new company initiatives.

Stay Productive

The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” certainly applies to the workplace. It’s easy for workers to get caught up with their day-to-day tasks and lose sight of the big picture. But, with digital signage, companies can create constant visibility for their key performance metrics.

Simple digital signage content templates can be adapted to fit your business’s top performance indicators, showing ongoing progress of goals, revenue targets, productivity goals, financial reports, customer acquisition rates, and more. Keep these goals front-and-center to remind employees of their targets and encourage them to stay productive.

Reinforce Culture

Corporate culture is unique to every company. Company culture can have a big impact on employee longevity. According to one survey, employee ratings of their company’s quality—collaboration, mission/value alignment, and overall work environment—were 20% higher at companies that had a strong corporate culture. In this way, digital signage can actually be an important tool for employee retention.

The corporate industry can greatly benefit by using their screens to remind employees of the values that drew them to work for the company in the first place. Maybe the company prioritizes sustainability, or maybe they donate a percentage of all revenues to charity. Find these value propositions and add them to the digital signage content rotation.


Healthcare Facilities

Digital signage is booming in the healthcare industry and can be seen in hospitals, wellness clinics, and emergency care facilities. In truth, this is one of the industries that can benefit most from digital signage. After all, effective and efficient communication in healthcare settings can save lives—and there’s no easier way to communicate than with digital displays.

Reduce Wait Time while Supplying Knowledge

Clinics can use digital signage to display helpful tips for their patients. These tips can include how to avoid the flu and how to live a healthier lifestyle. This strategy will not only be useful for patients, but it will also reduce perceived waiting room times. Sitting in a grey and dull waiting room can get boring but digital signage can easily create a relaxing, informative, and quick waiting room experience.

Digitize Appointments

Digital signage in waiting rooms is one thing. But, the value really starts to show when it’s installed in exam rooms. Physicians and nurses can leverage these digital displays to add an important visual component to a patient’s appointment.

Visual images can be uploaded and presented on the screens to support a doctor’s medical explanation to a patient. This can be a huge benefit for patients who have a hard time visualizing medical terminologies and health metrics they aren’t familiar with. It can also help with prescription issuing. That’s because it can give physicians a way to provide easy, side-by-side comparisons of brand name drugs and generics.

Get a Competitive Advantage

And though it’s secondary to patient health, digital signage can be a point of competitive advantage for clinics. Research shows that 87% of healthcare organizations planned to adopt internet-of-things strategies (like integrated digital signage) into their clinics by 2019. And as time goes on, the clinics that don’t have this tech will surely fall behind.



K-12 Schools and College Campuses

Naturally, digital signage and the educational industry are the perfect fit. (Which is likely why the compound annual growth rate of the global digital signage education market through 2021 is an impressive 10%!)

School settings should always be on the lookout for new technologies that can boost student engagement, support educational goals, and improve student safety—this digital signage use case offers a great way to bring these goals to life without breaking the school’s limited budget. Some digital signage examples include:

Build Student Engagement

Primarily, educators can use digital signage tools to better engage their students. Few students pay attention to traditional signs these days, particularly as our culture becomes more and more digital. For example, most schools used to ban smartphones, but these days, educators realize that embargos are pointless—and that they can actually leverage these tools to improve learning. Digital signage works in much the same way.

Just think of the possibilities. Educators can set up digital displays to offer brief quizzes on subject matter. They can support messaging with animations, gifs, or memes. They can use the tools to raise awareness of school functions, contests, awards, sporting events, and more. Digital signage is engaging by nature, and since students are in school all day, it’s the perfect way to grab their attention as they walk through the halls.

Support Educational Goals

While digital signage doesn’t come much into play in the class settings, it opens up some interesting learning possibilities outside of the classroom.

For example, digital signs placed near lunchrooms can offer students information about their options, vital nutrition information, prices, and suggestions for how to eat healthy. Along the same lines, administrators can use their screens to help students remember important events. Some digital signage examples include: upcoming dates for tests, study strategies, homework reminders, and more.

Improve Safety

Digital signage is first and foremost a communication tool, and its templates can disseminate information as efficiently as possible. This simple feature makes digital signage an important tool in school safety.

Industries can set up digital screens to automatically display specific messages, images, or maps, based on user activation triggers. Should an emergency occur, operators can click one or two buttons to turn their digital screens into a school-wide emergency messaging system. Maps can be displayed that show the locations of nearby storm shelters or fire escapes, and should there be a location-specific problem (such as an electrical issue), the maps can be updated to route students away.

These are digital signage examples that add an important visual element to disaster preparedness and helps schools protect their students.

Exploring Digital Signage Examples by Industry

The above is a lot to take in—but we’re only scratching the surface of digital signage use case. Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll discuss more industries that can leverage the power of digital signage and offer some implementation tips that operators can use to get their strategy up and running.

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