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Why Everyone Loves Display
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Learn the benefits of digital signage

  • One of the biggest benefits of adopting digital signage is its simplicity of distributing dynamic information.
  • It can be used in virtually any environment with markets including corporate, education, healthcare, and many more.
  • With solutions ranging from the classic digital menu board to stunning video walls, signage solutions help reduce costs.
  • Visuals get 94% more views than text-based information.
  • After three days, people retain 65% of visually presented information.
  • Digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness.
  • Digital signage has a higher recall rate of 83% (nearly double traditional advertising)
  • Presentations with visual aids are more persuasive (43%) than those that don’t.
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The Versatility Of Digital Signage Makes
It A Must-Have For Your Office/Building

Check out our interactive use cases below to see our digital signage in action

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  • Digital Building Directory Open Close

    Utilizing a digital building directory can modernize your building and help save your business time & money.

    Digital Signage Digital Building Directory
  • Video Walls Open Close

    Impress visitors with an impressive video wall setup. The sky is the limit with designs and Mvix has the capabilities to help you pick either a standard or aesthetic setup.

    Digital Signage Video Walls
  • Digital Menu Boards Open Close

    Digital Menu Boards have been called the future of restaurants. With their sleek designs and ability to be updated remotely, you can help boost sales, modernize your restaurant, and improve the overall customer experience.

    Digital Signage Digital Menu Boards
  • Court Docket Displays Open Close

    Enhance your courtroom with Court Docket Displays. Display real time case information including docket numbers, involved litigants, venue, & more.

    Digital Signage Court Docket Displays
  • Outdoor Digital Signage Open Close

    Capitalize on walking traffic by utilizing outdoor digital signage. These displays are perfect for DOOH or restaurants and are built to handle the elements.

    Digital Signage Outdoor Digital Signage
  • Production/Metric Displays Open Close

    Enhance and optimize your production facility with digital signage. Our digital displays can help track and visualize important KPIs, metrics, and team-based goals to keep maximize your output.

    Digital Signage Production/Metric Displays
  • Wayfinding Digital Signage Open Close

    Relay accurate wayfinding information to your visitors using static or touchscreens. With remote management and customizable apps, you'll be able to easily update any changes easily.

    Digital Signage Wayfinding Digital Signage
  • DOOH Advertising Open Close

    Gone are the days of printed ads. With digital signage, you can transform your display into a stunning and easily noticeable screen.

    Digital Signage DOOH Advertising
  • Flight Information Displays (FIDS) Open Close

    Help inform and educate visitors and passengers with real-time updates to critical flight information on flight information displays.

    Digital Signage Flight Information Displays (FIDS)
  • Waiting Room Signs Open Close

    Keep your patients engaged and informed with Waiting Room Signs. Add in our queue management app and you can keep your waiting room exciting while reducing perceived wait times.

    Digital Signage Waiting Room Signs
Digital Building Directory
Video Walls
Digital Menu Boards
Court Docket Displays
Outdoor Digital Signage
Production/Metric Displays
Wayfinding Digital Signage
DOOH Advertising
Flight Information Displays (FIDS)
Waiting Room Signs
Learn More About All Of Our Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions
for Every Industry

Our Cloud-based signage software is your tool to drive engagement, improve your communications, and boost sales.

Understand Digital Signage Hardware and Software Options

Choose between hardware and software below to learn more

  • Software
  • Hardware

Affordable Digital Signage Software

Our cloud-based signage software is an award-winning centralized platform for

  • Creating
  • Deploying
  • Managing
  • Performance Management

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  • Cloud Software Open Close

    Our cloud-based digital signage software is the central platform for creating content, deploying, device/player management and performance management of your digital signs or electronic bulletin boards.

  • Data Integrations Open Close

    Mvix CMS offers seamless integrations with your favorite software. This is the central platform for creating, deploying, and managing your signage integrations.

  • Content Apps Open Close

    With over 150 content apps to choose from, Mvix can display powerful BI tools such as Power BI to social media accounts for your business.

  • Alerts & Notifications Open Close

    Keep your employees & visitors safe with CAP or Emergency Alerts that can automatically display important emergency information.

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  • Versatile Applications Hardware Agnostic
  • Enterprise Icon Enterprise Management
  • CAP Alert Easy To Use
  • Cloud service icon Cloud-based
Watch this 15-second demo to see what you can do
  • Versatile Applications Enterprise-grade
  • Enterprise Icon Manage Multiple Locations
  • scheduled playback Easily Switch Between Media
  • CAP Alert Review Signage Analytics
Watch this 15-second demo to see what you can do
  • Versatile Applications Dynamic Visualization
  • health report Dozens of Apps
  • scheduled playback Use Multiple Content Apps Simultaneously
Watch this 15-second demo to see what you can do
  • Versatile Applications Device Notifications
  • scheduled playback Emergency Alerts
  • CAP Alert CAP Alerts
  • health report Health Reports

Affordable Digital Signage Software

Our cloud-based digital signage software is the central platform for

  • Creating
  • Deploying
  • Managing
  • Performance Management

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  • Media Players Open Close

    Either utilize robust digital signage players from Mvix or bring your own third party device.

  • Meeting Room Signs Open Close

    Improve your company’s efficiency by reducing meeting room reservation confusion with easy-to-use meeting room signs.

  • SOC Signage Screens Open Close

    Reduce clutter in your display area by using a SoC screen. These displays are integrated with the digital signage player already.

  • Interactive Kiosks Open Close

    Offer the newest style of engagement to your customers & visitors while illuminating your unique selling positions.

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Mvix Lite digital signage media player
Mvix lite media player showing HDMI ports
Myvix Lite from the top with HDMI ports
Mvix myko with HDMI ports
mvix media player dimensions 1
mvix media player dimensions 2
Mvix media player with HDMI ports and other connections
  • health report 4K & 1080p Full HD Playback
  • Cloud service icon Wired and Wireless Network
  • multi-zone content Multi-zone Content Playback
  • Versatile Applications Versatile Applications & Flexible Usage
tab 3 slide 1
tab 3 slide 2
mvix tab 3 slide 3
Mvix tab 3 slide 4
meeting room player
Meeting room example
  • Cloud service icon Touch-enabled Display Screens
  • health report Embedded with Signage Software
  • Enterprise Icon All-in-One Design, No External Media Players
  • Versatile Applications Integrated with Calendars and Schedulers
Watch this 15-second video to see what SoC is
  • Enterprise Icon All-in-One Solution
  • scheduled playback Commercial-grade Solution
  • multi-zone content Embedded Media Player
  • Cloud service icon Energy Efficient
Interactive Kiosk for Ticket Vending
Interactive Digital Signage at a Mall
Mall Interactive Wayfinding
Interative Kiosk at Airport
  • multi-zone content Large format, touch-enabled Displays
  • health report Embedded Signage Software
  • Versatile Applications Self Service Solutions
  • CAP Alert Versatile Use Cases

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