Top 8 Uses of Digital Signage for Real Estate

Top 8 Uses of Digital Signage for Real Estate

From the first hand-written “For Sale” sign hung on a building hundreds of years ago, signage has played a crucial role in the world of real estate. Let’s look at how digital signage can be used for real estate. It’s true that small yard signs sell houses, but strategically placed digital signs located in other high-traffic areas can have an even bigger impact.

Digital signage has been used successfully in offices, retail stores, schools, restaurants, and banks to communicate with customers and employees. Real estate offices can also use digital signage for marketing. It can help realtors get in front of the right home buyers and sell a home faster and more efficiently.

Below are 8 ways realtors can use digital signage:

1. Display property listings in an appealing way

Agencies hanging laminated posters on their windows with tiny text and grainy photos should try digital signage because it allows the office to cut down an entire display wall into a single sign that rotates listings.

You can display more listings and more images per listings to make each property stand out.

real estate digital signage

The listings can also be easily updated. For instance, when pricing, availability and other details change. Accuracy in listings is crucial because mistakes lead to lawsuits.

2. Display virtual home tours

Bring potential home buyers inside the home by displaying virtual home tours. Also known as virtual open houses, these presentations range from simple collections of photographs displayed in a sideshow to interactive 3D tours.

Virtual Tours via Digital Signage for Real Estate

When displayed on touchscreens, homebuyers are able to engage with you even more.

Displaying current and forecasted trends in the local housing market will motivate both potential buyers and sellers who are still on the fence. It is very motivating when a person is reminded that mortgage rates are low and expected to rise soon, or that demand is booming for detached single-family homes.

Digital signs allow real estate offices to display infographics, charts, and videos to grab attention and provide useful information. Demographics, housing price trends, and more are all best displayed on digital signage for real estate.

4. Showcase the neighborhood

When people are buying homes, they want to know the neighborhood they’ll be buying into.

Use digital signage to showcase the neighborhood:

  • show schools in the area
  • a calendar of local community events
  • parks and trails in the area
  • local shopping
  • fun facts about the local area
digital signage

Displaying neighborhood info proactively is a way good way to build rapport with potential home buyers.

5. Generate interest with testimonials

The power of the genuine client testimonial is undisputed, but its effect varies depending on how it’s delivered. Written and video testimonials can be displayed on digital signage. The digital signs can be integrated with Facebook, Yelp and Google to display new reviews and filtered to display only the good ones.

Research from 2014 found that customer testimonials are the most effective form of content marketing. Furthermore, video testimonials are best shared with the public through digital signage.

How to Use Digital Signage for Real Estate

6. Show a Point of Interest (POI) map

Displaying a map of the area will help home buyers visualize life in a specific property. So, a basic map can highlight restaurants, schools, parks, and other amenities in the area.

Motivated agencies can take this idea a step further by adding color overlays to show rising or falling prices in each neighborhood.

7. Share open house and other event schedules

Digital signage for real estate that displays open house dates and other events is both easier to read and keep updated than a smudgy whiteboard.

Example in Real Estate

It’s wasteful to print a new set of signs every few weeks, and trying to print schedules too far in advance renders them inaccurate when last-minute changes shuffle around the dates.

8. Provide an interactive information hub

Finally, companies that want to offer as much information as possible to customers when agents aren’t available should invest in digital signage.

A touchscreen option allows viewers to request data sent directly to their smartphones or computers, allowing the sign to create conversions while the employees are all enjoying a holiday or sleeping in bed.

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