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How Can You Use Digital Signage at Your Car Dealership?

Digital signage is increasingly gaining popularity across industries, thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. The power of visuals in every marketing campaign is evident. In fact, 80% of people will watch a video while only 20% will read text. That implies that you should always leverage digital signage for business communication and run awareness campaigns and adverts.

Among the many businesses that use digital signage to run their everyday operations, car dealerships appear on the top list. The automotive industry is one of the biggest consumer markets, and deploying digital signage can have a considerable impact. So, how can you leverage digital signage solutions to boost customer experience, drive sales and impact the bottom line in your car dealership?

We’ve rounded up four ways how, but first, let’s see the benefits of car dealership digital signage.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Automotive Dealerships

Most people buy cars for convenience, and it takes keen and proper research to reach a buying decision. Car dealerships often use their industry experience and the available resources to convince buyers that they have the best deals. However, most customers aren’t easily convinced, and it takes more than just ads and displays to close them. Here are some of the benefits that digital signage can have on the showroom floor.

  • They boost customer and client engagement – videos and images engage the customers better than text. For instance, interactive menu boards can help customers familiarize themselves with various car brands and features at their own pace.
  • They attract the customer’s attention – A well-designed digital signage can hook the customer to a particular brand. Moreover, digital signage has a higher recall rate. That means the customer will retain the information for a long time even after leaving the car dealership.
  • They strengthen the company’s marketing messages – Digital signage plays a critical role in the marketing world. For instance, car dealerships can use it to emphasize their brand marketing messages and even upsell the service packages. Additionally, they help spread awareness; for example, the display screen may spotlight current sales and promotions.
  • They are cost-effective – For instance, digital signage advertising can pull in as many as 1000 impressions for only $ 0.15.

Regardless of what you want to achieve with digital signage, you are only limited to your imagination. Nowadays, forward-looking auto dealers are maximizing digital signage solutions to drive profitability and impact the bottom line.

Using Digital Signage in Your Car Dealership

If you want to achieve the most from your car dealership, digital signage offers a ton of creative options. Below are some of the areas you should pay keen attention to.

1. Dealer Showroom Signage

Digital display signs in showrooms offer more than just impressive slideshows. Besides displaying custom dealer images and hd videos, you can also add some brand messaging, dealer specials, etc. Additionally, you can incorporate some commercial content, running footage, video testimonials, and current promotions.

The idea is to impress the customer with creative displays while also passing critical branding messages. Some of the most advanced showroom signage solutions are fully customizable. For instance, they allow you to easily and quickly update content. Similarly, you can add the latest news and even edit the videos and images on the go.

If you want to go for something more impressive, add a videowall to your showroom. These collection of displays can showcase new cars, deals, commercials, and more in a way that is both eye-catching and grand.

2. Customer Reception TVs

The customer reception rooms are critical areas where digital signage can make a huge impact. Long wait times can negatively impact how the customers perceive your services. A solution is to deploy customer lounge TVs at the reception areas to attract their attention and probably engage them. In fact, digital signage can reduce the perceived wait time by up to 35%, helping boost customer experience in waiting rooms.

Digital signage in the reception area should also display content relevant to customers, such as offers, sales, and service specials. Moreover, you can deploy digital signage with appointments allowing customers to know when it’s their turn to enter the showroom. Modern signage solutions come with digital menu boards that update service appointments from dealers’ CRM and DMS.

To make things even more interesting, you can choose to use commercial-free signage in the reception or lobby area. So instead of displaying promotional content, which may irritate some customers, you can choose to focus on informational content. Additionally, it’s possible to integrate these signs with social media content. For instance, you can pull recent posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to display on the digital screens. Similarly, you can link the video playlist to your YouTube channel, allowing you to play pre-selected videos.

3. Touch-Screen Kiosks

Touch-screen kiosks are some of the digital signage solutions that offer endless customization for most business types. In fact, many customers prefer using self-service touch-screen kiosks when navigating new products or services to asking around for help. Besides being a modern and classy option for your car dealership, it saves a lot of your customers’ time.

Common types of touch-screen kiosks include:

  • Customer registration kiosks – allows customers to register their names and contact details.
  • Accessory kiosks – allows customers to browse the different accessories or vehicle parts they may be interested in.
  • Inventory kiosk – the kiosks can also serve as a digital catalog with a list of inventory. Additionally, you can customize this to show the available stock, arrival data, demand, etc.

Touch-screen kiosks can take any shape and design. For instance, they can be single-screen, dual-screen, totem touch-screen, or touch-screen tables.

4. Comparison Media Boards

For customers looking to compare the different features – from performance to prices of various car models, a digital comparison media board will help. You can always customize your digital signage to display comparison sheets featuring dealer logos, parts lists, prices, etc. In addition, you can update the comparison boards and templates in real-time.

So should you adopt car dealership digital signage?

If you own a car dealership, it’s high time to rethink your marketing strategies. Digital signage solutions are flexible and can suit a wide range of applications. By integrating these solutions in your car dealership, you engage your customers and boost brand awareness. Moreover, you can promote the various products and services, increase sales and drive profits.

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