Digital Signage for the Automotive Industry: Is it the Future?

Digital Signage for the Automotive Industry: Is it the Future?

Digital signage and the automotive industry could be considered a match made in heaven, yet deployment of this solution inside dealerships is few and low. Considering companies that use digital displays can experience a 31.8% sales rise, if more dealerships and the automotive industry as a whole deploy digital displays, can they maximize these benefits? The answer is yes.

digital signage for automotive

The automotive industry falls under the retail sector of digital signage and could drive order completion with its unique messaging. As customers look around the sleek vehicles, take that time to tantalize their senses with digital signage content. Now that we have answered the question of the digital signage is the future of the automotive industry, let’s dive into key points that substantiate this claim.

How Digital Signage is Disrupting the Automotive Industry

As it is, the automotive industry is experiencing digital disruption. Undoubtedly, static signs and posters no longer captivate the target audience, but digital signage does the trick.

The automotive industry has limitless possibilities to use digital signage to improve customer experience. So, some ways to leverage digital technology in the automotive industry include the following:

Digital Screens

Automotive companies can strategically place digital screens in the waiting rooms to reduce perceived wait times. Statistics show that digital signage can effectively reduce perceived waiting time by approximately 35%.

Interactive Screens

Many customers today have grown up using touch-friendly devices, and they would thrive where they can swipe, pinch, or zoom everything. That’s precisely what interactive screens help them do. When they visit a showroom, customers want to enjoy the efficiency and speed of using self-service platforms to find the answers they seek.

Outdoor LED

An outdoor LED screen in the form of a trailer installed at a dealer’s showroom creates a high-impact, flexible advertising option that attracts traffic passing nearby the facility. With the ability to update content constantly, dealerships can effectively communicate captivating messages to consumers.

So, what does the future hold for digital signage for automotive?

1. Using Digital Signage for Automotive to Create Good First Impressions

It’s impossible to overstate the power of a strong first impression. Customers judge your character and professionalism based on that, and it’s difficult to shake off. Considering you only have 7 seconds to make an impression, make every second count.

Picture this: a potential customer walks into your showroom, and the first sight is a video wall. Now that’s how to make a solid first impression! Such an impactful welcome goes a long way toward clients forming positive opinions of your business.

Similarly, utilize digital signs to deliver powerful and consistent brand messaging. Do it properly, and you will cement brand loyalty and supplement your marketing efforts.

2. Leveraging Automotive Digital Signage Solutions to Engage and Entertain Customers

You can’t always provide one-on-one attention to your customers. Duty dictates that you must process paperwork to close that deal or attend to some other urgent issue. That’s where digital signage comes in handy.

digital signage for automotive

An automotive digital signage solution will minimize their perceived wait time when used correctly. Firstly, you could use digital signage to entertain. Since it supports dynamic content, you could display the following:

  • Interesting social media feeds
  • Playlist of entertaining videos
  • Service promotions and current offer
  • Local news

Alternatively, you would achieve the same effect if you used digital signage inside car dealerships to convey important information. That could be real-time traffic information, emergency news feeds, or weather updates.

3. Educate Customers in your Automotive Dealership

Perhaps the most underrated function, digital signage for automotive, is an excellent medium for educating potential customers on your showroom floor.

That would be the perfect chance to show them the differences between the car models. Display what one thoroughbred can do over the other and their key features while showcasing their best sides.

But don’t stop there. Digital signage screens are excellent for upselling as potential customers wander around the waiting area. Push promotions and make announcements on the signs, illustrating what you can offer. The same goes for pricing, insurance, and car add-ons.

As customers look forward to buying their new car,  financing options displayed on the digital menu boards can help them make a quicker decision. That will enhance the customer experience as they can choose what suits them from the displayed options.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to the showroom floor. Place displays in the service area, windows, or waiting rooms. You only need to master the apps, digital signage software, content creation and management, and how to publish to the signage network.

4. Using Car Dealership Digital Signage to Collect Feedback

Yes, you can utilize digital signage for two-way communication, which is perfect for collecting feedback. You can persuade clients to try it out by using interactive content and encouraging interaction through touchscreens.

Freestanding kiosks are perfect as they are self-service stations with multiple uses. Customers can fill in satisfaction feedback forms using touchscreens or gestures. That will free up your salespeople to handle crucial tasks.

Additionally, you can place them near the entrance, waiting area, or service center to welcome guests and record their details. You could even equip the kiosk with QR code capabilities to make it a hands-free station.

5. Mounted Digital Signage for Greater Exposure

All the digital signage solutions above are stationary, which is limited. If you want a more proactive solution, consider mounting it onto a moving vehicle.

Think of all the advertising material you see on buses or trucks. Sure, some look nice, but they are a bit…dated. Streetcar advertising has been featured on streets from as far back as the 1960s.

Imagine if you could swap that with a digital signage panel—that would transform automotive advertising! The bus or truck would move around, reaching a wider audience. Moreover, it would display videos and one-trick ponies rather than graphics or text.

6. Using Digital Signage to Showcase DIY Configurations

digital signage for automotive

Most manufacturers now provide virtual car configurations, and customers use browser tools on tablets, PCs, and smartphone apps to digitally outfit their cars with a suitable in-vehicle setup. While these configuration tools can be used in the showrooms, it would be a disservice to buyers surrounded by full-size vehicles while using small screens.

Instead, a fine pixel pitch LED would provide an excellent configuration canvas where customers can easily see their vehicles in the setup they want. Additionally, they can fully explore the configurations at full scale, even when there’s nothing on the lot physically.

7. Create a Car Dealership Sales Board

One crucial factor in making more successful sales is sales statistics. Digital signage for automotive is an excellent and reliable medium for creating appraisals for the company workforce. With the outlook on trading figures, it’s easy to plan a strategy ahead of time.

Therefore, displaying a sales dashboard can dramatically boost internal productivity. Additionally, car dealerships can proudly showcase their sales data to existing and potential customers, hence creating a picture of a solid brand. Consequently, a brand can boost its marketing efforts by letting the figures speak for themselves.

Digital Signage For the Automotive Industry: Increase Sales

Digital signage is the future of the automotive showroom. Excellent experiences that deliver visual excitement and well-thought and timed messaging can be meaningful to dealerships and their customers. That’s because digital signage users can realize an uptick in sales of up to 31.8%.

Digital signage typically utilizes video, a brilliant move as it makes customers more receptive to a sales pitch. Once you’ve mastered content management, you can use it to create a solid first impression, welcome visitors, and educate and entertain guests.

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