How Do You Use Digital Signage in Casinos?

Casinos, of course, are no stranger to flashing lights and eye-catching entertainment. But you can do so much with a digital sign that just isn’t possible with traditional static signage. From digital menu boards and wayfinding solutions to interactive kiosks that reinforce your unique brand experience, digital signage in casinos helps drive player loyalty and encourage repeat visits. 

Learn how you can enhance your casino event centers while creating better customer experiences that promote higher spending and prolonged engagement.

Types of digital signage in casinos

Keep your guests orientated, engaged, and informed with content across your digital signage network that keeps them spending and playing. 

Typical types of digital signage in casinos include:

  • Wayfinding – casinos can be disorienting places, so help your visitors find their way toward their gaming destination with a minimum of distraction. Offer detailed digital maps and floor plans that guests can use to find their way around the complex.
  • Interactive virtual concierge desks – helping the customer make card transactions and update their account on easy-to-use touch screens.
  • Gaming waiting lists – build anticipation by guiding players to their table game when their slot comes available
  • Large video walls – offering eye-catching content that pushes promotions and entertainment options
  • Winner announcements – making a real event of a guest’s successes at the tables.
  • Digital menu boards for complex restaurants and fast food units.
  • Event and conference information – helping convention attendees check-in, print passes, and obtain event schedules at interactive digital kiosks
  • Interactive game finders – assisting players in finding their preferred games.

Engaging Customers with Amazing Wayfinding Signage

We all know that casinos are designed to be purposely self-contained. Casinos are complexes for gaming and entertainment; places to escape and lose yourself for a few hours. Most complexes are vast, without a particular central location to help guests orient themselves. 

Digital signage screens located at crucial junctions within the building make excellent dynamic information hubs. Help your casino visitors find their gaming table while promoting special events around the complex. 

Interactive kiosks become check-in desks that offer zoomable maps and floor plans to make visitors feel at immediate ease. 

Sure, it’s fun to get lost in a casino complex, but – at some stage – clear orientation keeps guests and employees safe. 

Drive Guest Spending

Use your digital signage network to congratulate winners, broadcasting success across the complex. Cater to gamer competitiveness by displaying league tables and guest information (with their permission, of course). 

Let gamers know when and where to be for a chance to win the big jackpots, encouraging your visitors to game longer and harder. 

Use high-definition video and animated text to promote exclusive products – especially useful for branded catering and entertainment units within the complex. 

Promote accommodation

Many casinos offer high-quality guest rooms and room service. Install network-connected hospitality TVs in each room, offering searchable indexes to help visitors plan their gaming and entertainment for the evening.

Let your guests book places on gaming tables and entertainment venues with QR codes displayed on their room TVs, scannable on their smartphones as part of your omnichannel customer service platform.

Be in control

Digital displays are infinitely updateable, putting total control in the hands of the venue’s management. Control the ambiance of each venue zone with engaging digital content that drives brand consistency while helping guests get the maximum value from their visit. 

With the right digital signage software, you can control content through a web portal, accessible from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. 

This makes a digital signage network instantly reactive to the needs of the business – so much more versatile than traditional static signage. 

Employee-Facing Solutions

Keep employees informed through your digital signage network and help build team cohesion by:

  • Announcing birthdays and anniversaries
  • Celebrating professional milestones and KPIs
  • Sharing recognition for hard work
  • Displaying emergency messaging, keeping everyone safe
  • Promoting training and learning opportunities

Digital signage in Casinos

Enhance your customer experience and the general aesthetic of your casino complex with a digital signage network that communicates marketing-, customer-, and employee messages in real-time – all at the press of a button. 

Digital signs help visitors find their way around your complex while offering a range of ways to promote new products and help personalize the customer experience.

From digital walls to interactive kiosks, digital displays help drive customer spending while enhancing the customer experience, putting your guest in control of their casino experience.  

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