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Four reasons why you should get a meeting room sign for your business

Connectivity is crucial to the modern work experience. Any company that prioritizes efficiency must also embrace modern technology, including digital meeting room signs. After all, as the work a company has to do becomes complex and dynamic, the workspaces must also conform accordingly.

The days of haphazard naming of your meeting space are long gone. Besides, that old method was snappy and ineffective. Moreover, modern room signage can go a long way to change that and enhance the effectiveness of your workplace. Likewise, it can improve how your employees utilize the entire office space.

Meeting room digital signage comes comes in handy to improve communication about the availability and usage of the rooms. These small displays are mounted outside shared spaces or meeting rooms. However, if you’ve never considered them before, you might not be sure how they’ll benefit your company. Therefore, keep reading to gain insights into the usage and advantages.  

How Does Digital Meeting Room Signage Work?

Digital meeting room signs serve as a welcome feature. Additionally, they help your visitors and employees to orient themselves to the room with ease. Modern signage software incorporates the power of a touchscreen with a robust scheduling platform. Whenever you position the two in a strategic place, they become helpful in:

  • Providing information about in-office events and attendance
  • Announcing upcoming events and company meetings
  • Welcoming incoming company visitors
  • Easing wayfinding by providing interactive maps

With this information, employees and visitors know about the next steps of their visit. Besides, navigation through your office space gets easier for everyone. Furthermore, when used outside meeting rooms and focus spaces digital meeting room signs give your audience a glance at the:

  • Availability of a room
  • Available amenities
  • Room capacity
  • Maintenance and cleaning schedules.

Hence, they remove the cumbersome and inefficient traditional method of looking for the “Conference Room Binder.”

Undoubtedly, companies of all sizes are embracing digital signage for their conference rooms. Accordingly, the digital signage market is growing, with forecasts showing that it will reach $23.03 billion in 2021. Indeed, it does provide convenience as well as several other bottom-line benefits.

Benefits of using Digital Meeting Room Signs

Digital meeting room signs do a lot more than ease communication in the workplace. They can go a long way in saving workplace teams from time-consuming tasks.

They Save Time and Reduce the Time It Takes to Find a Meeting Room

Picture this: an important client comes to your office unannounced. As such, you need a meeting room urgently to host him as you don’t have a private office. Fortunately, or so you think, most of the conference room doors are closed, and it seems like they are unoccupied. So you open the first door and find it full of people. You apologize for interrupting and move on to the next door, hoping to be lucky this time.

Unfortunately, you’re met with hostile stares because you have interrupted their meeting. Eventually, you decide to ask around for an unoccupied meeting room. Luckily, you’re directed to a free meeting room on the second floor. As fate would have it, someone else beats you at it and is hosting another client by the time you get there. 

Fifteen minutes later, you still can’t find a free meeting room, and you end up meeting in the break room. As it is, you have already inconvenienced your client by taking a lot of their time. Moreover, you have also wasted valuable time you’d have spent working on other things.

Yet, you could have easily avoided all that if your company had conference room digital signage.

If your company is like most others with many conference rooms, it can benefit from scheduling applications. These programs certainly help in booking rooms, hence minimize the chance that meetings will overlap in the same space.

Furthermore, with an integrated digital sign and booking system, you can effortlessly identify the available rooms that best suit your needs. Likewise, using a color-coded booking system makes the process even quicker and improves visibility.

Enhanced Room Reservation Process

Conference room reservations can be a nightmare for employees. However, with room reservation software, you can eliminate the hard work and save employees from frustration. They don’t have to use the software on the desktop calendar app, google calendar, or mobile app to check for an unoccupied facility. Instead, they can walk to a specific room and check the digital sign.

If a room is unavailable, the screen will show when it’s next available. An employee can then book it for their session right there, with just a few taps indicating the meeting information. Farther on, depending on the conference room technology available, employees can create a service request. In other words, they can ask for any materials or equipment, like projectors, which they need during their meeting.

Once a meeting is over, it’s easy to use the digital signage display to indicate the meeting room availability for the next person. In the same way, employees can use the screens to extend the room reservation if they project the meeting to run longer.

Improved Space Utilization

In most cases, organizations end up with 30-50 percent more space than they need. Poor space utilization is a leading cause of increased costs of doing business. Awkwardly, it doesn’t always feel that way in some organizations.

Meeting rooms account for one area where space utilization is poor. There’s a tendency to close doors even when rooms are not in use, making them appear as if they are. In other cases, employees will cancel recurring meetings but forget to cancel the room reservations.

Consequently, a meeting room goes unutilized while employees compete for other less ideal spaces. On the contrary, you can eliminate this problem by using digital meeting room signs. It also makes it easy to streamline space management with the integration of calendar systems and booking.

Improved Employee Experience

It is definitely time-consuming and frustrating to search for a meeting room. Furthermore, it adds unnecessary stress just before a meeting starts. Certainly, if the issue continues to repeat itself, it can erode employee morale.

By putting up digital signage, you can help eliminate this frustration and confusion. Overall, this will improve employee experience in their interactions, company culture, and technology. Besides, it will make it easier for employees, meeting attendees, and guests to navigate the workspace.

Embrace Digital Meeting Room Signs for Increased Efficiency

Finally, if you want to boost employee productivity and enhance their overall workplace experience, embrace a digital signage solution. For instance, digital room signs are crucial in helping cut down the time it takes to find a free conference room. Consider incorporating all of your room schedules into a compact device mounted on the conference room door. While at it, remember that a larger display is more visually appealing. 

Having an existing schedule will transform your workplace and increase the convenience of holding meetings. For professional design and installation of digital signs, contact us at Mvix today.

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