best practices for internal employee communication

37 Best Practices for Internal Employee Communication | Guide

In order to achieve operational success in your business, a documented strategy that follows best practices for internal employee business communication must be present. 

Examples of internal communication include chat (e.g. Slack, Google Hangouts), email, intranet updates, in-person meetings, social media, and digital displays. All these methods of communicating are effective in increasing productivity and engagement in the workplace.

It’s important to note that just having a way of communicating is not a guarantee that you’re communicating effectively. This is a myth that’s been debunked.

The way you communicate with your employees will determine how easy or hard it is for them to understand your messaging and what outcomes are expected.

Below are 37 internal communications best practices to connect your team and get employees working towards a common goal:

1. Use a Communication Management Software

Miscommunication over deadlines and task management can have major repercussions in the workplace. There are many good options for communication management available today. Utilize one to keep everyone on the same page.

2. But don’t abuse digital communications

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s easy to turn the eight-hour workday into a 24-hour one. But just because employees have a company email and use Slack or other social platforms to stay connected with their department doesn’t mean they can be made to work after hours or during vacations.

internal employee communication best practices

3. Have an open-door policy

An office where employees are afraid of bringing issues to management has a critical problem. A manager with an open door has a better chance to understand and resolve issues before they cost the company money. 

4. Allow for flexible break schedules

Give all employees the opportunity to find the best time in their schedule to take a break. This will give people a better opportunity to take care of their issues outside of work and focus on the tasks at hand.

5. Shy employees have a voice too

When an individual goes out of her way to make her needs known, it is easy to find a way to satisfy that. But pay attention to shy employees as well because their needs are just as important.

6.  Leverage digital signage

The modern office is equipped with many high-quality employee communication displays. Use these to get information to everyone.

Mvix internal corporate communications

Create employee profiles so employees are more familiar with each other and their interests.

Employee efforts’ should always aligned with company goals. So, displaying metrics and KPIs can help employees remember company goals.

Share fun facts and trivia to give employees a break from work.

Bonus Tip: Check out these 7 real-life examples of internal employee communications on TV screens in the office.

7. Allow for failure

While it is important to keep individuals accountable, don’t create an atmosphere in which any slip-up is an invitation to panic.

8. Codify internal jargon

Time can be wasted explaining the specifics of tools that the whole company uses. Create a style guide that details the jargon that is needed, and make sure it’s used to avoid getting wires crossed.

9. Don’t discourage employee fraternization

Water cooler conversation can seem like a distraction, but it is an important part of how employees share information and get to know one another. Don’t let it impact business, but don’t ban it outright, either.

best practices for internal employee communication

10. Send teams to conferences

Don’t just send specialists to important conferences – send a team. This will allow them to absorb more information and will be an important way that they learn to work together.

11. Avoid making quick assumptions

Make sure that all the information is present before you act on new data. Talk to all the relevant parties and use what they have to say to make an informed decision.

37 Best Practices for Internal Employee Communication

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