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7 Ways Digital Signage Boosts Employee Communications

Are you looking for new ways to optimize your internal communications and better engage with your employees? Indeed, employee engagement is essential for high-performing organizations, but digital signage is the new way to boost employee communication. In fact, digital signage enhances internal communication, which leads to 25% higher employee productivity.

Digital signage efficiently keeps your employees up to date on the factory floor, corporate office, or store – even in the break room or meeting room. Companies that communicate effectively are 4x more likely to report high levels of employee engagement and digital signage gets your message across in a clear, engaging way.

The Problem with Email

One of the main problems with email is quantity – finding an email can be like seeking out the proverbial needle in a haystack. Additionally, consider the access barriers presented by email. Your employee needs to stop what they’re doing, open their email application, find your message, and take in your notification. That’s a significant problem because your email notification hinders productivity, interrupting the workflow rather than reinforcing it.

Lastly, let’s face it, not all emails are important. Reminder emails can be sent, but your business-essential corporate communication easily gets lost in a communication platform drowning in notifications. 

As you see, emails can pose a problem in not only getting your message across but also stopping workflow. Digital signage takes care of both problems in a creative way and with minimal effort. If emails aren’t communicating your message effectively, here are some ways digital signage can boost your employee communications for every market.

Markets That Benefit from Digital Signage for Employee Communications

1. Corporate Communications Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions are way more than simple wayfinding and safety information screens. Yes, they provide eye-catching guidance for visitors navigating your building; however, digital signs are versatile tools for visual communication. As a result, they help employees stay on track with company goals while improving employee experience. 

Digital signage displays offer high-definition visuals that provide:

  • Productivity metrics, KPIs, and goals keeping everyone up to date with goals and initiatives
  • Motivational quotes to inspire your team
  • Social media feeds that help everyone feel connected

Additionally, digital signage helps in the workplace with employee recognition. Employees who feel appreciated are 60% more inspired to work harder. Take time to highlight employee achievements or even opt to post an employee of the month. Furthermore, post birthdays, company anniversaries, or outside achievements. Employees will feel special and valued in their workplace, which will motivate them to hit milestones and goals for success.

2. Manufacturing and Logistics Digital Signage

Factory and logistics employees are rarely centered around a desk job. They’re hands-on roles that often have many moving parts and are often difficult to catch up with company news. For these workers, digital signage screens are the best way to keep everyone up-to-date at a glance. 

Gamify the workplace by running initiatives that incentivize faster and higher quality work. Additionally, show league tables and integrations with organizational metrics, like Power BI, that help showcase your production figures. 

Display regular safety notifications to maintain security in the workplace. This is a much better option than storing your policies on intranets that never get used. Use touchscreens for employee communications that require interaction demonstrating that the message has been delivered and understood.

There are many ways that digital signage can improve employee communication in deskless workplaces.

3. Retail Digital Signage

Front-line workers are usually on their feet all day providing a great customer experience. Because these positions are often deskless as well, the best way to keep your employees informed is through digital signage. In fact, 43% of retailers consider digital signage important to in-store personnel training and see it frequently. 22% deem it essential. Posters and paper notifications are expensive to produce and go out of date quickly. This is why digital signage in breakrooms can improve your communication with your employees in a clear, concise method.

Other Ways Digital Signage Can Boost Employee Communications

4. Digital Signage to Reinforce Company Culture

Your digital signage solution offers a range of ways to make everyone feel valued. It can do the following:

  • Boost workplace morale by celebrating exceptional achievements, colleague birthdays, and anniversaries
  • Introduce new employees and help improve retention by sharing team bios to help everyone get to know each other
  • Display customer testimonials around the building, demonstrating that everyone’s work is appreciated and valuable
  • HR departments can use digital signs for onboarding new policies; even creating surveys that colleagues can complete in the break room.

Digital signs have a recall rate of more than 80%, making this eye-catching technology perfect for introducing your brand colors, mission, ethics, and highlights. By highlighting your employees on your signs and making them feel special, they will take pride in their employer resulting in company-wide success.

5. Streamline Meetings and Conferences

Have you ever booked a meeting having invited important colleagues only to discover that there’s a double booking? Furthermore, other conference rooms are unavailable?

Digital signage solutions come with a range of robust content management apps that help manage room timetables to prevent double booking. 

Most Mvix content apps integrate with your in-house content management systems. As a result, room booking can be made in person via a touchscreen, online, using your intranet or in-house booking systems. No more double-booking and rescheduling meetings thanks to your digital signage.

6. Improve Engagement with Training

You’re likely to install digital signs in several locations around your building, making every room a potential training space. Use your digital signs to deliver training videos, integrating natively with applications such as Google Slides to make presentations simple. No longer confined to conference rooms, you’ll find that training is more accessible than ever.  Digital screens can display any digital content. Furthermore, the larger-sized screens offer impressive viewing distances. 

Additionally, there’s no need to be a graphic designer to create great-looking digital content to accompany your training sessions. Simply use one of the super-accessible templates built into your digital signage hardware. 

7. Communicate Across Multiple Locations

Most larger organizations operate over several locations around the country. Perhaps your headquarters is in one city and your manufacturing plant in another?

Broadcast the same content over multiple locations instantly with RSS feeds from your intranet. What’s more, manage your content using a super-accessible online portal. A message in one corporate office can also be reflected in another to make sure company-wide information is distributed efficiently.

Improve Your Communications with Signage

There is no doubt about the benefits of digital signage for clients and customers. However, digital signage capabilities are not limited to just one audience. Your employees not only feel valued but also informed when you utilize digital signage inside your office. Consider saying bye to paper and hello to quick and easy create-and-publish signage.

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