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8 Ways to Use Workplace Digital Signage for Enterprise Businesses

Many companies struggle to communicate with employees. As it stands, 74% of employees believe they miss out on company news and information. Internal communication is especially challenging in national enterprises and global brands with hundreds of moving parts and different communication goals.

Print media has long been the communication channel of choice for many organizations. However, printed posters and paper bulletin boards cannot keep up with the quick pace of information exchange in the digital age. Today, enterprises need robust and modern mediums to inform and update employees. After all, 85% of employees say they are most motivated when managers share frequent updates on company news.

What Is Enterprise Digital Signage?

Digital signage streamlines employee communication as they are easy to edit and update. Further, enterprise-grade digital signage simplifies workplace communication for larger companies with complex internal communication needs.

For example, remote management features empower internal communicators to schedule content and turn off devices from anywhere. In addition, you can set up different accounts with varying levels of user access to control who can manage digital screens and content.

A robust digital signage software comes in handy for businesses with multiple locations as you can manage hundreds of displays from one place. The functionalities of workplace digital signage include the following:

1. Lobby Signage

The lobby is the first place employees and visitors see when they enter your building, and a tired bulletin board with month-old posters creates a negative impression. In contrast, dynamic digital signs establish your company as tech-forward, modern, and innovative.

Digital lobby signage has numerous benefits for your company. First, it keeps employees connected to the company by displaying important company news, mission, and values. Second, digital signs impress potential employees and enhance the customer experience. Ultimately, digital signage benefits take your lobby to the next level.

2. Wayfinding

Large campuses can simplify indoor navigation with digital wayfinding screens in hallways and lobbies. You can install interactive floor plans on digital kiosks, from where employees can locate resources, submit facility requests, and find colleagues. Further, include turn-by-turn directions that users can send to mobile devices.

Notably, digital wayfinding tools suit agile workspaces with non-assigned seating. In practice, employees can glance at the digital lobby signs to see the available seats and the floor plan. Similarly, everyone in a hybrid workspace can easily find each other via interactive kiosks. Consequently, team members spend less time searching for desks, meeting rooms, or colleagues.

The benefits of digital wayfinding in the workplace are plenty, from improved collaboration to enhanced efficiency. Most importantly, digital signage promotes health and safety. As companies reconfigure their workspaces to keep employees safe during the pandemic, digital signs enforce safety instructions and remind employees of changes like conference room capacity.

3. Digital Dashboards

Tracking KPIs is the key to better decision-making. Historically, enterprises gathered data over time and generated weekly or monthly reports to demonstrate performance. However, information moves rapidly in the digital age, and organizations need real-time monitoring tools to keep up with industry changes.

Luckily, digital dashboards offer a single snapshot of vital metrics like sales targets, customer satisfaction rates, lead generation, and website traffic in real-time. The dashboards pull data from various sources, such as spreadsheets, CRM, and ERP, and present it in eye-catching visualizations. In short, the digital signage displays tell managers what is working and what isn’t so they can adjust their strategies.

Metric displays revolutionize workplace communications by increasing accessibility to valuable information. In truth, well-designed graphs and charts communicate better than endless spreadsheets, webpages, and reports. In enterprises that deal with complex operations like logistics and manufacturing, showing simplified graphs on dynamic screens is invaluable.

4. Video Walls

Video walls are among the best workplace digital signage solutions to grab attention and enhance employee engagement. As employees return to the workplace, companies are focusing on employee experience by creating immersive environments to keep employees engaged. Workplace digital signage is the perfect communication tool to wow staff and foster collaboration.

Typically, a video wall features multiple monitors tiled together to create one large display. You can display a single cohesive message or different content to cater to various audiences. While most companies place video walls in lobbies, you can put them in common areas like lounge rooms or conference rooms.

Digital signage content ideas for large displays are limitless and include Slack messages, social media feeds, RSS feeds, welcome messages, and key metrics.

Additionally, video walls offer a great opportunity to reinforce company culture and branding. Displaying your colors, logos, and other branding elements in larger-than-life displays leaves a memorable impression. What’s more, you can remind employees of your values and mission through quotes, stunning images, and employee spotlights.

5. Digital Directories

Digital building directories are excellent tools for creating a more connected workplace. Essentially, a digital building directory displays a building’s layout and a list of offices.

The primary benefit of digital directories is making real-time changes to department names, meeting locations, and building pictures. Furthermore, you can add other helpful information, such as weather updates, real-time traffic, emergency alerts, and rideshare wait times.

Go a step ahead and install interactive digital directories to offer better navigation experiences for employees. With these solutions, employees have more control over the information they interact with through your digital signage screens,

6. Meeting Room Signage

Meetings take up 15% of an organization’s time. As such, you need digital tools that streamline the scheduling process to reduce the time employees spend searching for a conference room.

Meeting room digital signage is the best solution to track room bookings and enhance resource utilization in your company. Typically, companies place digital screens or tablets outside a meeting room that show availability at a glance.

This digital signage solution has numerous use cases, from displaying a room’s capacity, highlighting upcoming events, and showing emergency alerts. Moreover, the digital signs communicate room changes and cancellations in real-time.

7. Break Room Digital Signs

Every employee needs a break, whether you employ office workers or shift workers at a manufacturing facility. The breakroom is a haven for team members to socialize, relax, eat, and refresh. By adding digital signs to the break room, you further enrich the employee experience in the workplace.

Unlike traditional bulletin boards that often contain outdated information, digital signs share information that is up to date and captivating. You can achieve a lot with break room signage, from promoting corporate initiatives, reinforcing safety training, promoting wellness, and showing entertainment content to help employees relax.

8. Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a superb way to modernize your cafeteria menu. These boards showcase menus, pricing, offers, and nutritional information via vivid imagery, animations, and video footage. Play around with different layouts and templates to create a visual experience that gets mouths watering.

The charm of digital menu boards is that they update automatically to reflect the hour of the day, weather, and product availability. Moreover, you can promote specific products or upsell other menu items. In addition to displaying relevant information, digital menu boards reduce queues and spread crowds as employees clearly see what is on offer.

In Conclusion

digital signage display on wall

Workplace digital signage is a must-have tool for enterprises that desire to improve corporate communications. You can use this technology in various ways, including lobby signage, wayfinding, digital directories, meeting room signage, and breakroom digital signs. In summary, digital signage streamlines internal communications, motivates staff to work harder, modernizes your enterprises, and saves money on printing costs.

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