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Critical Content To Display On Conference Room Digital Signage

Around 40% of office personnel waste approximately 30 minutes searching for conference and meeting rooms in an organization. The experience can frustrate your employees and office visitors. Your digital signage solution, combined with the correct content, can eliminate this problem.

Since you place your digital meeting room signs in strategic high-traffic areas, the screens should contain quality content. The content you display on your conference room signs should capture your readers’ interest and communicate essential information. Additionally, conference room signs should improve your readers’ experience.

Actually, correct use of your meeting room signage will ensure your employees have an excellent experience with workplace technology. Do you need help designing content for your room signage? Read on to discover actual content for your conference room digital signage.

1. Meeting Room Availability

Employees can make room reservations in advance when they know available office spaces. This way, you can eliminate confusion and conflict over meeting rooms. As a result, digital signage software allows you to display content that pertains to the meeting room availability.

Such content indicates the room status, whether it’s engaged or vacant. Additionally, you can convey the group’s name in the conference room to prevent interruptions by lost individuals. Remember to indicate the duration of the meeting to ensure proper planning of the available workspace.

An interactive and user-friendly digital signage solution will ensure you have real-time information about your conference rooms. For convenient room booking, you can integrate your room signage with calendar apps, such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

The employees can easily use their Android devices for desk booking whether they work remotely or in the office. Besides, they can use their mobile apps for real-time updates on meeting room availability. Moreover, a real-time room scheduling system ensures employees quickly book available office spaces.

Interactive digital signage software recognizes no-shows and cancels a meeting room booking when no one checks in. Real-time updates will alert those who need meeting rooms on room availability. Such a room booking system will ensure that you reduce the underutilization of office space due to poor communication.

Up-to-date content on meeting room availability saves time for your employees. Ultimately, an efficient room management system will boost their morale. Therefore, the information on your digital signage facilitates efficient use of the office workspace. 

2. Conference Room Layout

You have probably been in a situation where you need a room reservation, but you first want to inspect the room display. Maybe you spoke to the receptionist, and they confirmed the room would fit the entire team. However, you still have questions about the room layout and facilities available in the conference room.

Your digital signage should display the conference room’s layout to enhance your room booking system. For instance, have a graphic display of the meeting room’s seating arrangement and screen positions. List the number of microphones, projectors, and video conference equipment available.

The pandemic brought about a new culture even in the meeting room. So, you can enhance the functionality of your meeting room digital signage by integrating sensors—the sensors alert occupants when they exceed room capacity. The conference room signage can also remind occupants to sanitize and wear masks.

This information allows employees to book the meeting space best suits their needs. Moreover, a digital signage solution can enable users to input their feedback after the meeting. The data will help in the facilities management. You can know which equipment to add or repair and maintenance on faulty equipment.

3. Internal Communication

Effective internal communication boosts employee performance by 20-25%. Consequently, a firm should use a tool that maintains connectivity among the staff members. Although emails are suitable for personal messages, vital information can easily get lost amidst promotional notifications. Therefore, you can use your conference room digital signage to display content that affects the entire organization.

Meeting room signage can display announcements such as new products, upcoming events, scheduled maintenance, or office parties. Moreover, your digital signage conveys industry-related changes that affect your business to the employees. Therefore, your staff receives important announcements in the break room or hallways.

Conference room digital signage can convey information about new employees, employees’ birthdays, or congratulatory messages for promotions. These messages show that you value and appreciate your employees. They also lighten the mood in the office.

Display your dashboards on your digital signage through tools such as Microsoft BI. The dashboards are particularly useful for monitoring KPIs such as sales, stock performance, or employee performance. Such content will ensure you observe the organization’s performance and keep your employees informed.

Remember, well-informed employees have a direct impact on company sales. They will know when to use cross-selling and up-selling tactics to boost sales. Therefore, use the content on your conference room signage to increase productivity.

4. Display Promotional Content on Your Room Signage

Digital signage is an essential interactive tool between the company and its visitors. Therefore, the content you display on your meeting room signage can alter clients’ perceptions of the company. You want to use your content to favorably influence your consumers’ purchase decisions.

People tend to ignore static and monotonous messages. As a result, display the information in the lobby as videos and slideshows. The data can be informative and entertaining to reduce the perceived wait time for your visitors.

In the lobby, the screen can display company commodities, pricing, awards, discounts, and any offers you have. Consumers with no intention of purchasing may opt to buy when they see discounted items.

Moreover, the content on your lobby signage can promote brand awareness. A combination of company logo and colors can cement the brand image in your client’s mind. You can also state your company vision and mission to ensure the consumers understand the reason behind your organization’s culture. Besides, it’s easier to establish loyalty when your clients can relate to your culture.

A digital kiosk in the lobby can also contain content that allows consumer feedback based on their experience with the company. Such information will help you adjust appropriately to ensure consumer satisfaction as they interact with the firm.

5. Directional Content

Quality customer experience is at the top of the priority list for 88% of firms. In fact, a good customer experience encourages brand loyalty and referrals. Your conference room signage can boost the quality of your client’s experience. Directional content can help reduce wait times and delays at the front desk.

At the lobby, set up a user-friendly digital signage kiosk with a touchscreen that facilitates consumer interaction. During large-scale conferences, visitors can check in at the digital kiosk and receive directions on where to proceed.

In addition to welcome messages, integrate wayfinding tools such as interactive maps that show the layout of the building. Essentially, visitors will have an idea of available amenities, such as washrooms, and know where to find them. Your visitors will locate the rooms they need without disrupting your employees.

Additionally, let your digital signage display meeting programs and a list of speakers. The attendees will conduct their meetings with minimal confusion. In emergencies, the conference room signs can offer directives on how to respond—for instance, directions to the nearest exits or how to react without causing panic.

This way, your company displays a professional look to your visitors. After all, the aim is to have content that promotes operational efficiency within your premises.

Display Quality and Sufficient Content on Your Digital Signage

The content in your conference room digital signage communicates to your employees and visitors. A proper comprehension of your audience will ensure you avoid common digital signage content mistakes. However, poor quality can create the image of a sloppy organization. So, make sure to leave your meeting room iPads with enough content that captivates the readers and conveys essential information.

Incorporate the content above in your conference room digital signage to ensure you have quality content on your screens. Your room signage content can maintain a professional look and incorporate a fun and light tone, especially with your employees. This way, there will be efficient internal communication, which will increase your employees’ productivity.

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