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110 Content Ideas | What to Display on your Digital Signage

The business case for digital signage is an easy one to make as digital displays get 400% more views, have a recall rate of over 80%, and also improve brand awareness by almost 50%. In fact, at least half of communication experts consider digital signage to be a must-have channel. With that being said what content should you display on your digital signage? Digital signage content ideas may be hard to come by and may require some additional thought.

 Your content strategy needs to plan for fresh, engaging, tailored, and relevant messaging for your audience. Therefore, to inspire you, we’ve gathered 110 digital signage content ideas that will help you get the most from your digital signage solution.

General Content Ideas

First of all, here are some general digital signage content design ideas:

  1. Social media – show people engaging with your accounts in real-time and also encourage audiences to get connected.
Digital Signage Social Content Ideas
  1. Wi-Fi login details – provide details for getting connected to your venue.
  2. FAQs – answer your audiences’ most frequently asked questions.
  3. Opening hours or schedule changes.
  4. Company information – snippets about your history or mission.
  5. News – use an RSS feed to keep audiences distracted while they wait.
  6. Quotes – entertain your audience with quotes relevant to them and you.
  7. Emergency alerts – update your boards in seconds with important information.
  8. Alternative locations – new or existing ones.
  9. Quizzes and games – another great way to keep people entertained while they wait.
display games idea on digital signage
  1. Traffic – provide useful real-time information, including maps.
  2. Stream live events – keep your audiences entertained.
  3. Parking information – make sure your guests always know where to go.
  4. Advertising – add an important revenue stream by letting others advertise through your channels.
  5. Sign-ups – let your audiences sign-up for your services or loyalty programs.
  6. Weather – keep everyone updated whatever the weather.

Corporate and Employee Communication Ideas

You can also use content to help your company. For example:

  1. Employee recognition – highlight your hard-working team members.
  2. Celebrate success – show team achievements.
employees content ideas on digital signage
  1. Company performance – keep employees updated.
  2. Company broadcasts – share the latest corporate news.
  3. Goals and targets – keep everyone focussed.
  4. Job adverts – advertise new openings to employees.
  5. Motivational messages – Inspire your employees.
  6. Health and safety reminders – keep everyone safe.
  7. Marketing campaigns – tell employees what you’re doing and saying outside the company.
  8. Media coverage – make sure your people know what others are saying about you.
  9. Key company contacts – HR colleagues, staff representatives, occupational health. 
  10. Keep leaders visible – video messages from the chairman or CEO to keep them visible to employees.
  11. Calendars – highlight important dates, meetings, and events.
  12. Photos – of individual team members, of company social events, or anything that helps encourage employees to feel part of the team.
  13. Newsletters – save on printing by displaying them digitally.
  14. Community board – create a space for your employees to share things, and also help build a sense of community.
  15. Meeting room schedules – let the team know which rooms are free for impromptu meetings.
mvix meeting room signs idea
  1. Employee benefits – remind everyone why you’re such a brilliant company to work for.
  2. Sales dashboard – link it to your CRM and make sure the whole team knows exactly how you’re doing.
  3. Staff training – help your employees recall more by incorporating visuals into their training sessions.
  4. Anniversaries and milestones – make sure everyone knows Jeff in accounts has clocked up 30 years!

Schools and Colleges Content Ideas

Schools can also use content to their benefit. In fact, here are some useful ideas:

  1. Highlight achievement – celebrate those exam results or team successes.
  2. Timetables – ensure your students know where they’re supposed to be.
  3. Sporting events – details of what’s coming up and the results of fixtures that have taken place.
  4. Welcome signs – make students feel at home the second they walk through the door.
  5. Study tips – help students get ahead.
  6. Groups and clubs – let students know what’s available for them.
  7. Reminders – make it harder for parents and students to forget key deadlines.
Mvix install montgomery county public schools content idea
  1. Visual teaching aids – use your display screens to show images, charts, or even videos in class.
  2. Internet access – teach students about safe internet use, and also use it for group research.
  3. Book recommendations – especially recommendations from other students.
  4. Alumni profile – encourage students to reach for the stars by showing them yesterday’s students’ achievements.
  5. Fundraisers and PTA events – remind parents and students of forthcoming activities.
  6. Daily updates – baseball practice canceled? Make sure everyone knows.
  7. Campus maps and directories – help people find their way around the facilities.
  8. Showcase great work – let everyone see it and send a positive message about standards.
  9. Lost property – get those letterman jackets back to their proud owners.


Banks can also benefit from displaying content. For example:

  1. Products and services – make sure customers are aware of all services that are available.
  2.  Special offers – got a great rate on car finance this month? Tell your customers!
  3. ‘How to’ guides – for example, how to register and use online banking.
  4. Finance and money-saving tips.
mvix banks customer content communication
  1. Current rates – whether that’s interest rates or foreign exchange.
  2. Financial markets – all the latest from around the world.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers may also take advantage of digital content. For example:

  1. Current wait times – let patients know how long they’re likely to wait.
  2. Health advice – tips and suggestions on how to keep healthy.
  3. Information about procedures and treatments.
  4. Self-service options – let patients schedule their next appointment.
  5. News – share new treatments you are offering.
  6. Wayfinding – maps of the hospital grounds and building directories 
mvix healthcare directories ideas
  1. Direct patients – list patients’ names, the clinician they’re seeing, and also the room they need to go to.


Undoubtedly, retailers can find digital content useful. For example, they can display:

  1. Special offers – make sure customers know all about the latest offers.
display content ideas on retail digital signage
  1. New products – highlight what’s coming with detailed promotional information.
  2. Tips – for example, how to use a new ingredient or style a new dress. 
  3. Instagram hashtag feed – see pictures of customers using your products.
  4. Showcase suppliers – consumers love to know where their purchases come from, so show them!
  5. Loyalty programs – increase repeat customers by encouraging them to sign-up for loyalty benefits.
  6. Life hacks – show your audience clever tricks, using the products you sell.
  7. Customer endorsements – let everyone know about your happy customers.

Transportation Content Ideas

Another field that can also benefit from digital content is transportation. For example:

  1. Schedules – display all the latest travel timetables.
Mvix Landscape Content Idea Transit
  1. Service disruptions – keep passengers updated in real-time.
  2. Safety information – make sure passengers follow correct procedures.
  3. Stream news and entertainment – this is one of those digital signage content ideas that can be used in virtually any industry.
  4. Deals – highlight promotions and also show passengers how to get value for money.
  5. Route maps.
  6. Station information – shops and other facilities on offer.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

  1. Class schedules.
  2. Motivational quotes – keep your members inspired.
  3. Success stories – show the results of real people coming to your center.
  4. Tips – for example, how to perform stretches correctly.
Gym Content Display Idea
  1. Personal trainer introductions – let members get to know your PT team.
  2. Meet the members – foster a sense of community by showcasing gym members.
  3. Lifestyle advice – including nutritional tips and meal ideas.
  4. Show music videos – keep your members entertained and motivated as they work out.
  5. Group challenges – encourage friendly competition with group challenges and, afterwards, display the results.


Restaurants can also use digital content to attract more customers. For example:

  1. The heart of your restaurant – let diners know where your culinary inspiration comes from.
  2. Live kitchen cam – let your customers see where the magic happens.
  3. Menus – your regular menu and daily specials.
Restaurants Sample Display
  1. Pictures – tempt diners with delicious pictures of your offerings.
  2. Promotions – make sure diners know about special offers on your food and drinks.
  3. Dish of the month – why not tempt your customers to try new things?
  4. Essential information – nutritional details and allergen information.
  5. Stream kids’ entertainment – keep your younger diners entertained and moms and dads happy.
  6.  Recipes – share your recipes and connect with your customers.

Worship Venues

  1. Visual projection – make sure the whole congregation can see the pastor, minister, or whoever is leading the service.
  2. Build your community – share information about events in your community and also introduce new members.
Worship Venue Display
  1. Service or sermon schedules.
  2. Prayers and passages from your religious book.
  3. Recognize donors – highlight and thank those who contribute to your community.

Manufacturers Ideas

  1. Metrics – keep employees motivated with real-time productivity insights.
Mvix Manufacturing Content Idea Display
  1. Safety information – remind employees about the correct procedures.
  2. Showcase your products and plants – especially at trade and retail shows.
  3. How-to videos – make sure employees know how to use new tools correctly.
  4. Rules and regulations – Re-enforce important industry rules.
  5. Production information and updates – improve planning and also make sure everyone is updated.

If you’d like more digital signage content ideas, check out our blog post. If you want to find out what digital signage could do for your organization, get in touch today.

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