Examples of Digital Signage in Manufacturing Facilities

Examples of Digital Signage in Manufacturing Facilities

Often when we talk about employee communication, we think emails, phones and company intranets. But what about those employees in manufacturing facilities who do not have access to phones or computers? Digital signage in manufacturing facilities is the way to effectively communicate with the non-wired employees who are always on the move.

These examples of digital signage for manufacturing facilities shows the potential for the technology to not only share important metrics but also motivate employees and disrupt manufacturing processes and outputs.

Alene Candles

Alene Candles is a candle manufacturing company that develops, designs and creates candles for retail, boutique and cosmetic brands worldwide.

The 20 year old company uses digital signage screens in their factory floors to display key metrics and show daily and shift goals.

Digital Signage in Manufacturing Facilities

The digital signs give the workforce at-a-glance access to important metrics like product specifics, production goals, finished goods progress, etc., which allows each production line to become more effective and efficient.

It also encourages competition from one production line to the other.

Kusatsu Factory

OMRON’s Kusatsu Factory uses data visualization and digital signage to improve the overall health of production lines. They reported a 30% boost in productivity when they combined data visualization and digital signage.


The factory collects data from the production line and compiles it into charts that visualize the flow of the production line.

Employees are able to see the operation status of the production line at a glance, raising awareness among them on the factory floor. Workers can quickly see where errors are and the impact of these errors on production. When the production process is visualized from beginning to end without stopping, workers are able to appreciate the production line as a whole rather than concentrating only on their tasks.

For operators, metrics such as the time taken to produce a single product and the number of errors in each process, allows them to determine the overall health of the production line at a glance.


BOMAG is a global producer of compaction equipment, milling machines, asphalt pavers and reclaimer/stabilizers for road building and other construction markets.


The manufacturing giant installed a video wall in their North America headquarters in South Carolina to communicate with employees in their 20,500 square feet of office space and visitors of the showcase room.

The video wall showcases BOMAG’s products, and exciting company updates, events, and job openings. This is especially helpful to employees on the production floor who do not have access to email, phones, etc.


Domtar is the largest integrated producer of paper in North America. In fact, if you’ve ever read a Harry Potter book… you thumbed through Domtar paper.

The manufacturing company installed digital signage in their PA mill to improve communication with over 350 employees.


The screens in the mill’s 4 business units display different things. For example, production metrics, health and safety information, HR updates and company news. Their goal is to improve productivity and engagement. Additionally, they display employee communication and publish HR health, safety, and quality information.

Royal Technologies

Royal Technologies is an advanced engineering and manufacturing company serving industries as diverse as automotive, furniture, and consumer products.

They installed digital signage to communicate with a workforce of 1,200 employees, which improved uptime on the factory floors by 5% to 10% and saved $20,000 in the first year alone.


The screens display the latest production data and goal-driven information such as employees weekly goals for machine uptime.

Habasit America

Habasit America, a manufacturer of conveyor belting solutions. They uses digital signage to showcase their products and how to use them. This application targets both employees and visitors.

They have placed digital signage screens next to their products, with videos on the screens showing the products in use.


This setup acts as a virtual demo for their clients and shows employees how their “work” is being used. This is especially important for employees who will be able to connect their work to real-life use cases. The goal is for them to take pride in their work.

Hussey Seating

Hussey Seating, a 180 years old leading manufacturer of seating solutions, installed digital signage to break down communication barriers with employees.


The screens share production metrics and HR and safety information. They also display company news allowing employees to feel like they’re “in the know”. As well as are up-to-date with what’s happening in the company.

The screens are also used to publicly recognize outperforming employees and celebrate milestones.

Such communications create a strong connection between workers and the company’s mission, which in turn improves business productivity.

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