Roadmap to Digital Signage

A Reseller’s Roadmap to Addressing Digital Signage Concerns | Guide

It’s no question that digital signage has tremendous value. Its dynamic flexibility not only appeals to end-users, but to resellers as well. The increasing market for digital signage provides a ripe opportunity for resellers. While the benefits to your end-users are plentiful, clients may still be hesitant about the implementation. Let’s discuss some common digital signage concerns:

1. Cost of Training

Let’s be real–many clients are budget conscious. In order to lower their overall costs, many clients will object to paying for software training. However, many clients are new to digital signage, not tech-savvy, or lack the time to learn new software. Clients may object to training with reasonings such as:

  • “I don’t need it, I’m in IT.”
  • “I’ve used digital signage before.”
  • “If the solution is so easy to use, why do I need training?”

In order to rationalize the costs, you will need to compare the cost of training versus the cost of their time. Clients may spend more time learning the CMS on their own than in a one-hour paid training session. Clients can also have as many members of their team sit in on the training so that everyone learns it together at once, instead of learning it on their own separately. This can help lower concerns regarding digital signage.

Concerns Digital Signage

2. Ongoing/ Recurring Fees

Again, budget-conscious clients will want to keep costs to a minimum. Cost of digital signage is a big concern for most. They are often attracted to one-time cost options and are deterred from paying for additional services beyond the hardware. Common client concerns include:

  • “I don’t need support or ongoing services.”
  • “I’m pretty tech-savvy.”
  • “I don’t want ongoing fees.”

Clients need to be informed of the valuable benefits they gain when they purchase additional services. When justifying recurring fees, let your client know that the recurring cost provides elevated support for them and their team and/or more features. This should help lower concerns about budgeting costs as more technical support is provided. These features will add value to your client’s user base, and the elevated support ensures any client issues will be resolved in a more dedicated, quick manner.

3. On-premise vs. Cloud Software

Some clients will be hesitant about digital software implementation because they have sensitive data that they do not want to be hosted in a cloud environment. These clients will try and opt for an on-premise/LAN solution because they believe it is more secure. Client concerns include:

  • “Our company mandates LAN only.”
  • “We have highly sensitive data that we don’t want to get out there.”
  • “We want to be able to host and control the environment of our information.”

The truth is, the industry is making a shift away from LAN solutions because of the robust security of cloud-hosted platforms. Ensure your clients know that cloud-based software allows for content to be pulled for their LAN securely. Also, there is a significant cost discrepancy between on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions.

Overcoming Concern

Overcoming Client Digital Signage Concerns

To see all 10 most common digital signage client concerns and how to overcome them, download out latest guide, “A Reseller’s Roadmap to Addressing Digital Signage Concerns”

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