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Improve Your Coworking Space With Digital Signage

Coworking has been taunted as the future of work, thanks to the phenomenal growth of the gig economy. Coworking spaces are trendy among freelancers, subcontractors, and remote workers who work for multiple employers.

Essentially, a coworking space is a collaborative community of independent professionals who share values, ideas, and equipment. Such spaces offer flexible memberships, Wi-Fi, dedicated desks, conference rooms, office equipment, and even snacks.

Add digital signage to your lobby for promotions, news and events to improve your coworking space.

Additionally, other shared spaces offer premium perks, like yoga sessions, happy hour, shared bikes, a members-only social club, and access to networking events and workshops. In addition to freelancers and entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses use coworking spaces to lower costs and launch new projects.

While coworking spaces like WeWork are prevalent in big cities like Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and Berlin, they also pop up in smaller communities like Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York City. Since these workspaces attract millennials and tech-savvy startups, you need cutting-edge technology to stand out.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage describes any size screen displaying content like wayfinding, menus, videos, or marketing messages. It utilizes display technologies like LED, LCD, and OLED to broadcast content in retail stores, corporate buildings, museums, and other public spaces. Also, a digital signage system includes a media player and a content management system (CMS).

If you want to deploy digital signage in your coworking space, consider your business needs. What’s your content strategy? How many displays do you want to install? Once you understand the resources required to attain your goals, it’s time to enjoy the numerous benefits of digital signage.

How to Use Digital Signage in Your Coworking Space

There are many ways to use digital signage in a coworking space, including the following.

1. Greeting Signs

A receptionist can only do so much to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Fortunately, a screen or a video wall in the lobby can greet visitors and invite them to explore the building’s café or other amenities.

Also, digital signage entertains visitors as they wait for the receptionist to talk with another guest or finish up a call. For example, the screen can show a welcoming message, slides with calming imagery, or client testimonials.

You can also set up small screens outside every private office. In this way, small business owners can get the branding they want for their private space, including a logo and color palette. What’s more, the screen automatically updates when a new tenant moves in.

2. Meeting Room Signs

Throw away dirty whiteboards for clear, savvy digital signage to improve your coworking space.

The major challenge of coworking spaces is deploying shared utilities like conference rooms and private phone booths between large teams. If you opt for a ‘first come, first served’ basis, you invite a lot of confusion and inefficiency. Moreover, your clients feel inconvenienced if they ask your staff for reservations when using common areas.

The best coworking space displays meeting schedules in strategic locations across the building. For instance, you can mount small screens outside each conference room to show booking information. A simple glance lets a user know the room’s status and availability.

Additionally, you can integrate a calendaring system for automatic updates. Also, the best systems let users make reservations and look for rooms with particular capabilities, such as video conferencing. Other systems display an interactive map when a user is searching for open space.

The primary benefit of meeting room signs is improved space utilization. Indeed, many people assume that a conference room isn’t available due to a closed door. Furthermore, scheduling screens help clients navigate your coworking space better.

3. Upsell

Digital signage is an exceptional tool to promote service to clients who are already in your location. For example, you can up-sell desk availability, multi-desk deals, and other special offers. Be as creative as you can with sound and video to promote your offerings.

4. Encourage a Sense of Community

Promote events on digital signage to promote a community within the workspace.

Coworking spaces thrive as community centers where residents can build friendships, trade ideas, and learn new skills. Basically, a coworking space integrates the comfort of home offices with the workability and frequent interactions of a corporate office. You want the residents to feel like they are working among a group of friends rather than coworkers.

Thankfully, digital signage is invaluable in encouraging collaboration between coworking tenants. For example, a resident can post real-time notices for any available gaps or assistance they require. Also, you can promote community events, such as monthly pizza Monday, panels, weekly happy hour, or Friday Lunch and Learn.

5. Create Social Buzz

If there are any startups in your coworking space, you can show their recent wins to inspire other residents. Moreover, most coworking tenants already use social media, and you can encourage them to share images and other content on video walls. In fact, digital signage gets people excited about upcoming events and workshops.

Final Thoughts

Coworking spaces are just not for work, as people get connected and inspired in vibrant shared areas. Video walls, digital billboards, and meeting room signs can enhance the way people interact with the culture, equipment, and community spirit in your coworking space.

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