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Live Flights and Airport Display Signage

90% of passengers derive satisfaction from digital destination services. Therefore, live flights and display signage are essential for providing passengers with a memorable travel experience.

This is what the Greater Orlando Aviation Administration (GOAA) had in mind when it updated the airport displays system for the Orlando International Airport. Here are some benefits of live flights and airport display signage.

1. Real-Time Information

Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) help communicate important travel information in real-time. In fact, travelers rely on this information to plan their travel.

Some information you can expect from flight information display systems include arrivals, departures, flight schedules, and cancellations. Additionally, these systems help with baggage delays, gate information, airline information, and TSA screening information.

Furthermore, airport digital signage is a relief for travelers. It helps airports generate revenue by presenting travelers with activities to pass time. For example, these live flights and airport display systems will inform you about other businesses like a massage parlor, gift shop, or bar.

These are places you can go to while awaiting another flight. The live flights also display information on specific services offered at each counter, with short videos, and checkpoint wait times.

2. Entertainment and Information Relay

Digital signage can also be a source of entertainment for travelers. Of course, this is assuming that the travelers aren’t browsing the internet. Digital signage can significantly reduce the wait time.

For instance, the display signage can run weather news, sports, TV series, concerts, and Disney movies to minimize the wait time. Other infotainment about animals and the environment can also keep travelers entertained. In fact, for kids, cartoons are a great distraction.

3. Guide Passengers Every Step of the Way with Wayfinding

Digital signage used in airports is also an effective wayfinding solution. Multi-Use Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS) improves passenger experience at airports.

These resources are easy-to-read and help deliver important flight information for passengers to navigate the airport with ease. Most importantly, MUFIDS combine flight information display, gate information display, and baggage information display systems.

Like mentioned earlier, the flight information display system regards general details about flights like delays, arrivals, and departures. On the other hand, gate information displays regard information pertaining to flights at a particular gate. 

Also, the gate information displays inform travelers about gate changes. The baggage information display system (BIDS) provides information about baggage carousel numbers.

Moreover, airports use these displays to assist baggage handlers deliver bags to the right carousels. MUFIDS are also crucial for wayfinding. For instance, this interactive signage can provide maps of the airport’s interior and exterior floors. The maps will show passengers where they need to go.

Moreover, the rich touch screen panels are user-friendly. These panels provide familiar features that support easy routing. For example, these solutions can send specific turn-by-turn instructions to a passenger’s mobile phone.

These instructions can be delivered via the airport-suppliers website link sent through an SMS or email. 

In this case, you don’t have to worry about recalling instructions or taking a wrong turn. Implementing wayfinding solutions also streamlines operations by minimizing enquiry by customers. What’s more, a customer can post a request through the airport’s website contact form. As a result, the airport staff can focus on important operations. 

4. Mobile Communications

According to recent studies, up to 80% of airline passengers carry a smartphone. Airports use digital display signage to target smartphone subscribers. For example, some airports design web pages tailored to utilize applications meant for the airport industry.

First, these web pages or applications provide information that’s available on traditional in-terminal signage. A good example is the Clear Channel Airports’ FlySmart App. This application contains detailed maps that can identify your position in the airport, find a restaurant, track a specific flight, and provide ground transportation information. 

This digital signage also provides ad revenue for the airport by integrating advertising into the application. The airports can also use QR codes on digital advertising to attract more travelers to their websites or applications.

Lastly, airports can allow subscriptions to regular newsletters, which increase engagement with travelers.

5. Communicating Airport Protocol

Live flights and airport digital display signage are effective in reminding passengers about airport protocol. This signage can provide clear instructions on where the parking lot is, where to find baggage handlers and where to wait for baggage carousels.

Additionally, these illustrations feature videos and images regarding mandatory security checks, check-in process, and crucial airport protocol.

Moreover, the customization of digital signage makes it ideal for passenger safety and disaster preparedness. For example, in case of an emergency, the digital signage will broadcast updates on how to get to safe zones, passenger evacuation plans, and first aid tips.

In Conclusion

Airports are small cities bustling with people on a daily basis. Live Flights and airport display signage are vital to help travelers find their way around the airport. Furthermore, display signage is crucial for providing announcements, instructions, and news to passengers. Also, airport digital signage provides better communication between airport staff.

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