Live Flight Information

Flight Information Displays (FIDS)

Display real-time updates to inform passengers of important information such as arrival/departure times & baggage locations as well as reduce perceived wait time.

Flight Information Systems

FIDS at a Glance

Flight Information Displays are a useful tool to industries that cater to travelers. Airports and hotels can see numerous benefits to adopting a digital FIDS system.

Features & Benefits

Last-minute gate or departure time changes can have a number of implications for airport businesses. With FIDs on digital signage, you can keep guests updated and help them plan.

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Display Multiple Apps

Combine the FIDS with other important apps like clock or weather.

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Remote Management

Increased control with the ability to update content remotely.

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Real-Time Flight Status

Display up-to-date flight information such as cancellations or delays.

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Display Ads

Display customized ads or sell the screen space to local businesses.

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Show Emergency Alerts

Instantly display emergency or CAP alerts for visitor safety.

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Perceived Wait Time

Reduce perceived wait time by entertaining and informing guests.

Airport Digital Signage Guide

FIDS Guide

FIDS offer a multitude of benefits to hotels and airlines where they have been adopted. With automatic updates and the ability to combine with other content apps, you’ll be able to develop and execute a successful communication strategy remotely.

Click below to download our guide where we discuss important aspects of a flight information display system like:

  • Features
  • Anatomy of a FIDS
  • Components
  • Use Cases
  • And more!
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FIDS Articles

For more information about the benefits of FIDS, check out our relevant articles!


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Remote / centralized management for ensuring message consistency. comprehensive scheduling and reporting.

Hardware Agnostic

The software also works with BrightSign, Chromebox, & Android hardware starting at $29 per screen per month.

Premium Care

Our award-winning Signature Care program with “Tech Refresh” where the signage hardware is replaced every three years at no charge.

Mvix Digital Signage at NASA
Edward Harmon
NASA Mission Manager

Being able to share mission timelines, weather and other critical information to all of NASA SOFIA’s worldwide locations, Mvix Digital Signage Solutions has become an integral pat of our program operations.

Bryon Glock
Assistant Director of Information Technology

The digital signs provide consistent messaging at all locations. The cloud-based software model gave us flexibility to serve many locations and it’s really lightened the workload for everyone involved.

Seal For Nassau County
Teri Robinson
Digital Signage Champion for Nassau County Clerk of Court

This project has helped elevate our office in the eyes of the public, and has provided us with another way to demonstrate our mission statement: “We are Public Servants! Our every effort shall be dedicated to protecting and preserving the public trust!”

Kaia Sunne
Art Director

We wanted an easier way to maintain all the digital menu boards in our stores at the same time. With the Mvix digital menu boards, it’s very easy to make up-to-the-minute updates remotely.

New Logo For YMCA
YMCA of the Rockies
Mary Ann Degginger

Communicating with our guests across many building can be difficult, but the Mvix solution has done this, and everything we’ve wanted from it, very easily. It’s been great for managing our brands at both centers.

Kyle Baxter
Systems Administrator

It is no surprise that the students have come to rely on the signs as the one place they can go to know everything that’s going on in the school. They are more likely to read information off a digital sign than a non-stimulating paper poster. The students are interested in what’s vibrant and dynamic.

Logo for the Village at Schaumberg
Jack Netter
Assistant Director for Cultural Services

Digital signage offers a unique opportunity for us to convey timely, valuable information via highly visible rich content. Given our robust WAN and Wifi build-out and our existing content creation capabilities, the signage project fit very neatly into our current infrastructure.

Logo for UETHDA
Tim Jaynes
Executive Director

The digital signs allow us to expose residents to additional programs and services not only provided by our agency, but community partners. Also, the ease of operation and being able to instantly update the messages being presented is invaluable.

Grounds for Sculpture Logo
Keith Pyatt
Manager of Digital media & Technology

I think that if everyone had Mvix Digital Signage, they’d have an elegant and finessed system.

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