Seasonal Marketing Tips: Signage for Summer

Seasonal Marketing Tips: Signage for Summer

Holidays are a perfect time to be creative and experiment with your traditional marketing strategies. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of seasons or holidays out there for brands looking to festively engage their markets with seasonal marketing for digital signage.

Here are a few of our favorite summer marketing ideas that work in conjunction with almost any digital signage strategy.


Market Street side: Summer is the season of outdoor activity, socializing, and window shopping. Businesses can take advantage of the roving groups of revelers by placing digital displays near their storefront windows and entrances. In fact, screens catch the eye, and those out and about will be primed to engage with your seasonal marketing for digital signage content.

Cool it Down: After placing your digital displays in eye-catching areas, take advantage of the summer heat by offering to cool down customers who come indoors. Advertise your air conditioning, free ice water, or any of the refreshing beverages you have to offer.

Take the 4th: Even if your customers aren’t ardent Independence Day followers, take advantage of the national holiday on July 4 to market summer apparel, drinks, party supplies, and any American-made products you have on hand. Seasonal marketing ideas don’t come any easier.

Try these ideas:

Vacation Time: Summer is the premier season for vacation planning. Retail establishments should leverage this mentality by digitally advertising merchandise that will appeal to those looking to relax. So, think outdoor furniture, gazebos, fire pits, tiki torches, or pool equipment.

Getting Social: Businesses who build loyal followings can use the summer season to crowd-source social media campaign content. Encourage customers to submit photos and social media content to your feeds. These can then be displayed in-store for a cheap and easy method of customer engagement.

Going Public: Summer is a great season for outdoor festivals, parades, concerts, and events. So, if your business can travel, make a showing at these events. Don’t forget to advertise the fact that you’ll be there on your digital display screens! Now that’s seasonal marketing for digital signage.

Sponsorships: With so many events occurring in the summer, look for opportunities to sponsor events, such as charity drives, fun runs, or community outreach initiatives. Consequently, this will help build goodwill for your brand and will give you some fresh material to advertise on your digital ad boards.

More Seasonal Marketing for Digital Signage

Back to School: As summer winds down, the school season winds up. Create custom templates for your digital retail boards that advertise low-cost school and office supplies. In effect, that will cater to back to school students, college kids, and their parents.

Labor Day: A national holiday in the U.S., the September 4 holiday of Labor Day is a big day for relaxing, socializing, and partying. So, consider beginning your start-of-fall marketing campaigns with deep Labor Day discounts. In addition, use special seasonal marketing ideas that will support your brand as the shopping season begins.

Labor Day Digital Signage Templates for Restaurants 02

Summer Marketing Ideas

Businesses have to be creative with their seasonal marketing for digital signage to drive summer sales. In fact, a digital signage strategy that takes advantage of summer occasions will bring attention to any store or restaurant.

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