North Brunswick Township High School

North Brunswick Township High School

North Brunswick Township High School needed to update its record boards with digital boards that could capture students’ interest. Responsive customer support, cost-effectiveness, and content-rich software made Mvix the school’s digital signage provider of choice.

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North Brunswick Township High School (NBTHS) was built in 1974 to foster the academic and personal growth of students in the community. North Brunswick is a vibrant and diverse community bordering New Brunswick, South Brunswick, and East Brunswick. The school’s mission is to create globally-aware citizens with a passion for long-life learning.

The Challenge

Previously, NBTHS communicated with its 1,900 students and 175 teachers through record boards scattered across the institutions. However, students and staff paid little attention to the static posters because they were dull and uninspiring. Also, NBTHS wanted to empower students to create signage for themselves. As such, the school required a central platform that could disseminate content to multiple displays across the campus.

Deployment and Usage

The research team tasked with finding a digital signage system spent a lot of time online to find a company that could bring the school’s concept to life. Mvix was among the top contenders. Mvix was chosen after a demo and proved to be the best solution. As a school district, cost-effectiveness was a top priority during the search. Fortunately, Mvix offers powerful hardware and software at a low cost.

Also, Mvix’s scheduling features impressed NBTHS. Students and staff can quickly update specific or multiple media players at school or home via the cloud-based Mvix software. Further, the easy-to-use system appeals to students and gets them involved in digital content creation.

Why It Worked

NBTHS prioritized how it would be used, excellent tech support, and ROI when searching for digital signage. Mvix outshone other providers due to
several reasons:

  • First, Mvix solutions are scalable and easy to customize.
  • The flexibility in scheduling content was another standout feature that simplified the management of the institution’s 12 digital message boards.
  • Next, the Mvix platform is easy-to-use, and students can edit, upload, and manage content at home or school.
  • In addition, Mvix tech support is available when needed.

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