Tamarack Centre

Tamarack Centre


Tamarack Centre, located in Cranbrook, B.C., has implemented a network of 3 digital signage displays within their shopping center as a part of a major building renovation.

Their digital signage solution, powered by the Mvix platform, serves as a digital building directory and a wayfinding tool as well as an infotainment hub for local news, promotions, and events. This implementation has improved the overall customer experience at the Tamarack Centre.

Tamarack Centre

Tamarack Centre is home to 39 stores which include a strong mix of national, regional, and local tenants. Sitting on 29 acres of highway-frontage property, Tamarack Centre was first opened in 1977.

It is the predominant enclosed shopping center of the East Kootenays- a trade area of over 69,000 people. Within the 300,000 square foot shopping center, there are 39 stores including Canadian Tire, Winners, Staples, Anything Fitness, Tamarack Medical Clinic, and 5-screen Columbia Theatre. In 2017, Tamarack Centre underwent a major aesthetic renovation.

The Challenge

Tamarack Centre was looking for a way to improve the customer experience and modernize its facility. Before Tamarack Centre’s 2017 renovation, they relied on static directories to navigate their visitors and display the locations of their tenants.

As new stores opened or moved, these directories were not updated frequently, which left visitors confused about where to go. The static directories were also time-consuming and costly to update. The informative content also needed a “creative boost”.

While the visitors appreciated the content, Tamarack Centre wanted a way to make their content stand out and appear more visually appealing while engaging with customers.

Tamarack Centre chose to implement digital signage in order to simplify the shopping experience for its customers and add visually appealing elements to their directories, which would ultimately help them to better engage their audience.

The Solution

Tamarack Centre implemented 3 digital signage screens at the entrances of their shopping center in Cranbrook, B.C., all powered by the Mvix Digital Signage Platform. The Mvix digital signage platform provided streamlined content management for Tamarack Centre.

Within the software, their staff can easily manage tenants in their directories and add special content for promotions and events. In addition, this allows them to display the most up-to-date information for customers to engage with.

Mvix’s solution also offered a robust platform for Tamarack Centre staff to manage their displays and upload content remotely. By being able to manage their displays remotely, this helped increase efficiency. Their screens could be updated with current information from anywhere.

Tamarack Centre staff wanted a platform with advanced content scheduling. Advanced content scheduling allowed them to schedule different content for different times of the day. This enabled them to effectivity target their customers digitally.

Mvix’s content-rich digital signage software includes over 200 content apps and data integrations. This gave Tamarack Centre a library of content to choose from. They are able to display various forms of content including directories, wayfinding, weather/time, RSS feeds, promotions, transit and more.

The Results

Implementing digital signage screens has helped modernize Tamarack Centre and improve the overall customer shopping experience.

As a result of the digital signage implementation, Tamarack Centre was able to provide compelling directories of current tenants in the shopping center and guide customers to their desired stores. Tamarack Centre staff noted increased engagement with the digital signs.

The easy-to-read screens quickly became a ‘starting point’ for new and existing customers. They provided the information needed to successfully locate a store and get there quickly, helping to reduce potential congestion.

The flexibility of uploading and managing content helped Tamarack Centre staff better keep their directories updated. By having a flexible way to update tenants, it created a staffing efficiency and reduced printing cost as they did not have to recreate their directory and map once tenants moved.

Furthermore, this also helped to reduce customer confusion since they now receive the most up to date information of the stores. Implementing digital signage gave Tamarack Centre an easy way to display store promotions and other advertisements.

These promotions help increase brand awareness and increase foot traffic to those stores. Overall, digital signage has become an asset to Tamarack Centre.

Above all, it has provided an easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to maintain solution to help navigate the shopping center and provide other content to improve the customer experience

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