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The Benefits of Branding Your Digital Signage

One of the greatest benefits of branding in digital signage is visibility. Signage without branding is like bricks without mortar: you can build a wall, but if somebody bumps into it or the wind picks up, it may fall. Signage marketing strategies excluding branding are visible, but the lack of branding makes them less effective. Here, we’ll focus on signage and branding to help give you an idea about effective tactics. Let’s look at the benefits of branding.

Notable Benefits Of Digital Signage

Let’s start with benefits, then move on to tips for signage marketing strategies. Key benefits of digital signage include:

  • Increased Sales
  • Expanded Productivity
  • More Engaged Customers
  • Greater Efficiency In Employee Output
  • A Notable Expansion In Brand Recognition

Benefits of digital signage are numerous, beyond the bulleted points, it’s notable that you can get valued information in real time. Digital signage provides enhanced flexibility as well as versatility. Besides, there are more opportunities for customized content, a reduction in overall cost, and increased efficiency. In addition, resources are conserved, employee engagement is expanded, brand loyalty can be facilitated through strategic application of best practices in digital signage. As a result, you’ll be able to more effectively market your product, and that often leads to sales increases. Employee morale can be boosted, customers feel like they get the help they need quicker, waste is reduced, you can advertise continuously, and as the cherry on top, such solutions are better for the environment.

Visual Communication And Customers

The power of suggestion is hard to overstate. Digital signage and branding produce visual communication cost-effectively, allowing you to brand and market while enjoying visibility as well as brand expansion. The digital option allows you to update and change things remotely as necessary. For instance, you could manage the totality of digital signage from a desktop. A hundred signs around the world can easily be updated from your desktop.

Illustration of digital design

Higher Traffic

Effectively branded digital signage helps direct traffic to your site; be it physical or on the web. To be sure, digital signage tends to be a “real world” application of signage marketing strategies – that’s where they’re most effective. But online branding through varying techniques also has its place. Notably, you’ll get more traffic at your primary site of operations; whether it’s an eCommerce store or a brick-and-mortar outlet.

That said, with branding, owing to things like banners and pop-ups, you will likely have more success with signage and branding in the real world. On the web, email marketing and SEO tend to occupy a more efficient position. Although this may be true, with digital signage, you can showcase services or products in a swift visual way that draws new customers. Depending on budget and ambitions, there are exceptional branding opportunities.

Consider New York’s Broadway or the Las Vegas Strip: whole buildings used for advertisement in a scientifically effective way. When government knows such methods of impacting citizens are effective, private enterprise can rest assured associated investment is worthwhile. 

Brand Awareness

A wider audience can be reached via digital signage. Such a branding opportunity allows for expanded brand recognition, but you need a good brand image – a good logo, a representative letterhead, consistent messaging, and coloration that matches expectations. Signage marketing strategies produce greater brand loyalty, and make recognition easier.

Improved Engagement

Visibility and suggestion that are recognizable lead to improved overall customer engagement. Presently, this is true with employees as well. For businesses in, say, the energy industry, where driving employees to greater productivity is the key to profitability, you can use statistics to help directly engage them. For customers that see a brand, they can use QR codes to interact with it directly. Also, there’s the possibility of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram engagement – though for branding and social media signage, Twitter tends to be the best option.

Stand out from the crowd - "Branded" coffee cup that stands out with the rest of the cups greyed out

Help Introduce New Products

Quickly, effectively, and attractively, digital signage showcases new products or services. This is a clear benefit of branding through digital signage. For instance, customers can directly associate new products or services to a given brand. Signage marketing strategies incorporating such branding are cost-effective, convenient, and communicative.

Increased Communication

In-office signage helps employees know where they are succeeding in terms of efficiency, while off-site branding through digital signage reinforces your brand message. Internally and externally, company values can be communicated and emphasized. The larger your company, the more you’ll need both types of communication. It’s quite important to communicate branding messages in an external and internal way, digital signage makes this possible much easier than other methods.

Tips On Creating Successful Branding

There are a few different best practices to consider as regards effective branding campaigns. Overall, three notable tips that tend to cover the majority of these best practices to get the best benefits of branding include:

  • Creating A Consistent Theme
  • Incorporating Your Logo
  • Designing Brand Messages To Match The Location

Creating A Consistent Theme

Visual design including coloration, length of messaging, and other content design realities are key. The psychological effect of digital signage is that roughly 83% recall exists for these options, meaning both employees and customers are more apt to remember your specific brand message – provided that message is effectively designed.

A logo can do a lot to help customers remember your brand message. Because the logo is seen in a natural way that isn’t contrived. Appropriate messages have as a sort of psychological punctuation mark.

Branded digital signage content in a waiting room at a dentist office.

Designing Brand Messages To Match The Location

When brand messages conform to a location, that does a lot to solidify branding success. The brand has a community aspect at that point. So maybe you’ve got a sign up advertising some sort of technology add-on. In a school zone, for instance, you might use the sign to advertise deals related to education on your sign. In a professional business park, the brand message may include something that invites the reader to consider how what is offered on the sign positions the prospective reader competitively.

Regardless of location, theme, and logo, one thing about branding is that it must be appropriately “fresh”. You want the same message conveyed in different ways. This takes time, and can be complex – having fresh ideas on content is key. As an example, Coca-Cola has the same core brand message of delicious, joyful refreshment. But they use different messages to convey this.

Similarly, digital signage needs to communicate the same brand message in different ways, which may require a little brainstorming or consultation for best results. Determine what sort of theme is best for your business. Think about what particular elements might make your content more engaging. Two primary considerations include:

  • Using your logo wherever you have digital signage
  • Matching content to your location

Internal and External Strategies

Internal signage marketing strategies aimed at employees should focus on relevant internal objectives. External signage should focus on benefits of your products and services, but calibrated for the location where you’re advertising. To emphasize, there will always be new tips on content creation for digital signage.

Essentially, research demographics and traffic. A digital sign for tires may have one “flavor” on a service road to an excavation site with heavy equipment, and another “flavor” on the road to a school. Heavy laborers need bigger, more rugged tires; parents driving children to school want dependable city tires. Accordingly, design signage marketing strategies to match traffic most likely to see your signs.

Finding The Right Signage And Branding Options

There are quite a few different benefits of branding through digital signage options. Effective signage marketing strategies that produce those benefits can be subtle. Mvix Digital Signage represents a go-to resource for these and other positive outcomes from effective signage strategy. Contact us to learn more!

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