Digital Signage Content Apps and Widgets

Digital Signage Content Apps and Widgets

Digital signage implementations are increasing in complexity, and they demand innovative ways of creating, customizing and deploying content. The 10 digital signage apps and content widgets below are simplifying the process of sharing dynamic content with audiences, and are integral to professional and robust content management systems.

Social Media

Not too long ago, we communicated via snail mail, landline telephones and in person. Then we started text messages, email, IMs and video calls. Now we have social media which has altered the basic rules of communication, especially between businesses and their audiences. This is a great digital signage app and content can be easily modified to use on your displays.

People want to have a say. Have meaningful dialogue. It’s how to engage and involve them in the process. They want to be listened to. To help shape what they find useful. As a connection with others. To be in partnership.

Incorporating live social media into the digital signage content rotation satisfies all these wants, and drives more engagement.


Event Listings

An event planner is like a juggler, constantly evaluating the pieces that make up an event. With the event listings widget, the event planner has one less task to worry about.

The widget/app enables planners to upload, display and update their event listing in a few clicks. Integration with event planning apps, Google Calendar etc. ensures planners are staying one step ahead by ensuring that event content is unique, engaging, and can be updated with unprecedented ease and up-to-the minute capability.

event listings-digital-signage-apps-and-content-widgets


The analytics widget comes in handy for data-driven environments e.g manufacturing, sales etc. It generates graphs and charts for easy data visualization and comparison.

Graphical statistics simplify information for your workers which in turn boost productivity. They help to direct your employees’ eyes towards the most quantitative measures of your company’s success.

Access to these numbers will motivate your employees who will contribute to the bottom line and have greater work satisfaction.



Clever display of traffic on your digital signage screens can actually help your organization.

For a digital building directory, display traffic information as tenants are leaving for home.

In a bar or nightclub, display traffic information as you’re about to close.

For a house of worship, share traffic information as your congregation is leaving.

At schools, display traffic information at the end of the school day.

In movie theaters, display traffic information as moviegoers exit the theater.

Your viewers learn to see the value in your displays. It also conditions them to look at your screen at specific times, and you can leverage this by displaying additional information such as promotions.


Stock Quotes

Stock quotes have value in other areas besides the bank.

In the workplace, the HR team can display stock quotes, to encourage employees to explore how to invest in their 401(k).

Companies that trade on NASDAQ can also display stock quotes to get the employees interested in the performance of the company. Creating such emotional connections with employees is what drives engagement, and eventually increases productivity.


Count Up/Down

How do you build excitement for a particular event? By counting up or down for it.

Use the widget to countdown to a product launch date or an important event. For sales/manufacturing teams, you can count up to the set goal.

This feature reinforces important events that you want your audience to be aware of. Use it together with the Event Listings widget for double the impact.


POI (Point of Interest)

When you see POI in digital signage you think wayfinding, right? This digital signage widget is great for showing the location of different facilities on your campus. For a school, the widget pin points the exact location of the library, dorms, dining hall, admin office, football stadium etc. For a church campus, the widget shows the locations of the sanctuary, admin office, playground, child care center, prayer room etc.

This adds value to your guests experience by pointing them to the right direction.

Did you know the widget can also prove useful in the retail environment? You can show the different locations of your store, and your customer is able to access the one closest to their house, workplace or vacation spot.

In the foodservice industry, the widget comes in handy for displaying different location franchises.

For a corporate office, the widget can be used to show regional offices.

In an amusement park, the widget can be used to show where different rides are, where the concession stand is, where the restrooms are etc.

Your viewer is more likely to visit your locations when they’re aware of where you are.


Queue Management

Most queue management systems are synonymous with simple, numeric electronic LED displays. However, an increasing number of businesses and organizations are incorporating their queuing systems with their digital display systems.

The queue management widget’s superiority is in the efficiency it brings. Customers’ eyes are trained on the screens, so there’s a ready audience to feed information to. Digital signage allows you to display multiple content at the same time, so operators can show queue information together with promotions etc. This digital real estate is not available with electronic LED displays.

Operators are also able to easily track the performance of service employees, the rise and fall of customer wait times, and the amount of time it takes to assist a customer. As an added benefit, digital signage for queue management can be used to speed up a customer’s experience.



For today’s diners, enjoyment extends far beyond good food. They expect the restaurant/bar to provide a unique and entertaining experience.

The sports widget is one tool that will help keep your patrons engaged. It automatically provides real-time info on current games and other games playing concurrently.

Sports on digital signage

QR Code

Embedding QR codes on your digital signage content is a great and easy way to prompt action from viewers. You can have them complete a survey, participate in a poll, download a coupon, send them to a website etc.

What’s even more fun about them is how the simplify the tracking of the ROI of your messages.You can easily record how may coupons have been downloaded, how many people completed your survey etc.

Restaurants are finding innovative ways to use the QR code. Clients can scan the code on a digital menu board to download the menu on their phone. They can then view the menu on their phone and make their selections even before they reach the register. This speeds up service.

The downloaded menu becomes a digital to-go menu, which increases the chances of the customer coming back, or even ordering for delivery.
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