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Digital Signage Maintenance and Repair Guide

If you are a manager or business owner, you probably know the importance of digital signage. This is a powerful and effective visual communication tool designed to engage and inform the audience. In return, this form of communication is likely to improve productivity, streamline communication between your employees and customers, and of course, increase your profit margins. So, how do you perform commercial sign maintenance and repair? In other words what does digital signage maintenance and repairs look like?

General Maintenance Tips for Digital Signage

A simple cleaning routine might help in maintaining the status of your digital signage.

This simple routine includes:

  • Washing 
  • Wiping 
  • Dusting
  • Removing stubborn stains and spots
  • Use of compressed air to remove loose dirt and dust.
Cleaning a screen with a cloth

This is a cheaper option provided that you take care of the attached electrical components or media players on each device.

Indoor Digital Signage Maintenance

Examples of indoor digital signage include:

Since most indoor digital signage displays consist of durable polymer covers, it is recommended to use a soft piece of cloth and soapy water to wipe them clean. Then rinse and dry each device with a clean soft cloth. In case you come across any form of stain or spot on the signage, remove it with the help of a milder cleaner such as baking soda vinegar or Windex.

Outdoor Digital Signage Maintenance

Whether you are dealing with outdoor interactive digital signage or any other type of outdoor digital signage, you should do digital signage maintenance. Use weather-proof materials and high-quality construction to keep your outdoor signage durable and strong. 

Also, check and replace supporting structures, including reinforcing corners to ensure durability and protection against fluctuating temperatures. Seal the display properly to prevent electrical components from degrading and lowering image quality.

Software Maintenance and Repair

Digital signage utilizes special software. Therefore, they require periodic software maintenance and repair to serve you a little longer. To be on the safe side, you need the newest version of software on the market. Bear in mind that software is constantly evolving as technology improves. So, acquiring the latest updates should be out of the question. 

Guy working on a laptop updating software in a server room

New software for your digital signage is likely to do the following:

  • Enhance performance
  • Come with the latest features and new functionalities
  • Improve the interface
  • Provide security enhancements
  • Include additional support for other types of software

Sometimes you may not be in a position to acquire the latest version of the software. If this is the case with you, it is wise to opt for a software update as part of signage repair. All you need is a software support and management subscription and everything else will fall in place for you. 

When you constantly update your software, the digital signage may not experience any compatibility problems for a long time. That said, make sure to schedule a periodic software system review to assess the security and functioning of your digital signage.

Hardware Maintenance and Repair

Many years of using digital signage can lead to wear out of its hardware. So, selecting the right digital signage hardware is important. These include the media players and servers which play a critical role in displaying important messages to the audience. Sadly, this hardware has a shelf life thus it needs a replacement after working for a while. 

Some devices come with hardware trade-in programs that allow for an easy upgrade when they become outdated. With such programs, you can rest assured that your content will be uploaded to your new content manager. Your IP addresses will also be easily transitioned, including everything else that makes your digital signage functional.

Content Management

One thing that is likely to attract people to your digital signage is the content you display for them to see or read. So, ask yourself if what you are displaying is relevant before letting your target audience view it. 

Make sure that your content is regularly updated to attract and create a positive impact on viewers. If not, do system maintenance to ensure that your content message is on point. This area needs consistent maintenance to capture the attention of everyone. 

To achieve this goal you must strive to create new content that is not only informing but also entertaining and engaging to your audience. Add an expiration date to every message name within the system to know when it’s no longer valid. This step will help you carry out timely maintenance and repair of the content on your digital signage.

Final Thought

Your digital signage is one of the most vital marketing tools for your business. As such, it should always be in good working condition. You must carry out periodic maintenance and repair at the right time. This task should involve cleaning your signage, updating or replacing the outdated software, and repairing the hardware on time. Also, you may update the content message to ensure that your audience is well-informed. All the above-mentioned tasks will help your digital signage to run efficiently and take your business to the next level. 

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