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Top 6 Easiest Digital Signage Software to Use

The rise of digital technology brought about significant changes in business operations. Currently, more than 50% of professionals use digital signage to communicate. Digital signage software offers an unmatched level of flexibility and offers an effective way to communicate with customers, employees, and partners.

When shopping for digital signage software, the first consideration should be ease of use. Whether you’re at the management level or in a technical position and looking to purchase digital sigange, make sure you are investing in software that is not only easy for you to operate, but also for the team that will be managing this tool. Instead of wasting your time on trial and error (because time is money), we’ve compiled a list of digital signage software that is easy to use and will ensure you’re getting the return out on your investment.

1. Mvix

mvix cms
Mvix CMS dashboard

Mvix is among the pioneer digital signage systems in the industry and boasts more than 150 data integration and content management apps. Using Mvix’s cloud-based digital signage software, you can easily deploy, manage and constantly update your content remotely. 

Recently, Mvix introduced a new V3 (Version 3) of their smart digital signage software, Mvix CMS. You can expect ease of use as this version was designed by an award-winning user experience strategist focusing on extensive device monitoring and enterprise-grade security promising a new experience to users. With a fresh new user-first UI and faster loading times, this digital signage solution allows for a streamlined workflow and significantly fewer steps to create and schedule content.

Furthermore, this new version has more than 1,000 professional design templates, making it easy to use irrespective of your industry. There are also more than 150 content app themes and state-of-the-art device management. The new version boasts a new device health dashboard for real-time reports on diagnostics. Therefore, you get timely reports for your digital signage players. You can now detect upcoming problems on time and manage them. Thus, enjoy all these advantages of a simple, affordable pricing system.

The software also has a digital signage player, which you can use third-party players like BrightSign, Android, Mini PCs, Raspberry Pi players, and so on. Mvix offers a digital signage solution where you can display all your services in one window. Besides, the remote access to the screens works flawlessly, making it a great platform.

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2. Wallboard

Try Wallboard if you are looking for a digital signage solution provider for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to well-established companies. It’s a cloud-based digital signage system well designed for businesses of all sizes. Wallboard offers an unbeatable content management system where you can schedule your content and easily manage it.

Moreover, there are custom templates to choose from depending on your message and industry. Wallboard has a user-friendly interface which is easy even for a beginner. The software also integrates with third-party data sources, which you can use to upload data.

What’s more, it has a built-in content editor that allows drag-and-drop. You can use the software to access any web browser to create content, schedule, and manage your digital signage content. Thanks to the data integration tools available, you can upload different data formats using the software.

This digital signage software has an extensive template library. You can upload digital menu boards or other content and make it appear professional without hiring a designer. Thus, saving on your marketing expenses.

What’s more, it supports different media players and operating systems. It’s compatible with Windows, Android, Samsung, Brightsign, and other media players. Wallboard has powerful widgets like clock and weather widgets, which you can use to display real-time data. You can also use these widgets to supercharge any digital signage content. 

3. OnSign TV

Among the easy-to-use digital signage software solutions is OnSign TV. This cloud-based digital signage software makes it easy to manage and publish content on digital screens. You can use it remotely and from any device, including mobile devices and iPad.

OnSign TV works well with complex playlist structures, enabling you to make the most of your digital content sequence. Therefore, you can achieve high performance with less effort,

There is a library of inbuilt templates where you can customize your digital display. Hence, you can easily create professional digital signage content in minutes. Access control allows multiple users to control functionalities and contents.

Enjoy the digital signage content management from a variety of custom fonts. Additionally, you can upload a font to align with your business’s digital assets or brand style. This digital signage software is compatible with 13 file types. So, you can add files with different formats like HTML5, PNG, JPG, Javascript, and much more. Therefore, you can work with different files for ease of use and flexibility.

4. Yodeck

Yodeck is an easy-to-use cloud-based digital signage platform. It can power your touchscreen with dynamic content that instantly engages your target audience. Indeed, this digital signage solution allows you to create, design, and schedule content effortlessly. You can easily access web browsers on the touchscreen remotely. 

This digital signage software is ideal for use on kiosks. It supports attention-grabbing media like office docs, videos, images, data dashboards, PDF files, and social media. In fact, 54% of customers say they prefer video over other forms of content. Therefore, you can focus on the best media option to reach your target audience. 

There is a drag-and-drop editing feature, which makes it easy to upload content. Therefore, you can get creative with content management and organization. Yodeck offers an out-of-the-ordinary digital signage solution to businesses in different markets. This digital signage solution can benefit a local diner and a well-established hospital or airport. 

The software is an all-around digital signage solution provider that allows everyone to create content. The ease of creation and the different formats like playlists, images, data dashboards, and videos make it versatile.

5. Screenly 

There is more than what meets the eye with this Raspberry Pi digital signage solution. It supports various display image content, full HD videos, and web page content like that from Chrome OS. So, it’s up to your needs and TV screens to decide what you would like to play. There is also a high-quality playback future to entertain your audience. 

The Screenly CMS allows users to build and manage their digital signage network, even with minimal skills and experience. Indeed, their API allows direct integration with other solutions, making it easy to use. 

If you are more skilled and familiar with Linux, you can set up and use Raspberry Pi devices. Screenly also has a Cast, an open-source product free for WordPress. It also allows plugins, making it a popular CMS tool, especially for WordPress.

The Screenly Player makes it easy to launch digital signs in minutes. Besides, the player allows different content. You can send a full HD resolution video to a video wall converter. However, you might need permission for video wall displays. Screenly is a free digital signage software tool that isn’t only efficient but also easily customizable.

Enjoy the versatility of being able to manage your digital signs from anywhere. There is a central dashboard where users can see their digital signs. Thus, it’s easy to monitor which TV screens are running smoothly. It’s also easy to identify screens that need attention. Hence, you can create a content playlist and schedule each to run on a screen or multiple screens simultaneously. 

6. Appspace

Leaderboard template on Appspace

It’s a simple but highly effective digital signage software. Appspace comes with rich drag-and-drop widgets which make it easy to use. There are pre-designed templates that you can edit and publish, saving you time. 

The software integrates with your social media accounts. Therefore, it allows you to display real-time content and dynamic social media streams from your accounts. Additionally, it has an RSS feed. The RSS feed makes it easy for your audience to access the information they need without browsing. 

This digital signage software has user-friendly tools which centralize creation and broadcast. Thus, it’s ideal even for large businesses with multiple offices and physical outlets. You can easily develop and update digital signages when on the move. Furthermore, the ease of use appeals even to non-technical people. The hundreds of ready templates with intriguing designs and layouts are fully customizable and perfect to attract your audience in the workplace.

Easy Digital Signage Software Maximizes Results

The above list contains the six best digital signage software that is easy to use and is your best option when deciding what would be best for your team. Digital signage software gives businesses control over their content. So, if you need to foster a positive work environment or drive more sales, digital signage solutions will always help and these six software recommendations will make it easier.

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