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  • Lifetime software licenses included with each player
  • Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Simple cloud-based implementation and management

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Starting at: $ 350

One-Time Cost
(Incl. Player & Lifetime Software License)

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Currently serving over 29k businesses across 30 countries

digital signage-Rye YMCA-logo
The Atlanta Braves use Mvix Digital Signage for their digital signage communication needs
Discover Channel uses digital signage
Sodexo utilizes digital signage
Mvix helps Castrol with their digital signage solutions
Marine Atlantic uses Mvix digital signage
Mvix assist Merck with their digital signage solutions
Yamaha utilizes Mvix Digital Signage for internal communication
Mvix improves internal communication at Timberland with their digital signage

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One-Time Cost Software/Player
Essential Features
CMS Interface | 50+ Languages

Get access to our easy-to-use CMS to remotely manage your digital signage from any computer.

Standard Support (Email / Phone)
Users per account
Cloud Storage per account
CMS Bandwidth per account
Files (Image, Audio, Video, PDFs etc.)

Add your content to Mvix CMS and remotely display them on your TVs.

Failover Content

Ensure your screens never go blank by scheduling a “placeholder” template.

Offline Playback

Offline content, such as uploaded pictures & videos, is stored on the player ensuring internet outages do not affect playback.

99% Uptime
Content Expiration

Set the start and end date for any content in your media library to ensure that your announcements (such as birthdays or deals) only show for those times.

Number of Template Zones

Zones are the separate “sections” of your template where you can assign content.

Content Apps & Features
Files (Image, Audio, Video, PDFs etc.)
Fonts | 1500+ Google Fonts
Media from URL / Local Server
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Canva Integration

Either import your Canva designs directly or create one through Mvix CMS.

  • 3rd Party Data Source
Calendar Aggregator | Google, Microsoft

Link external calendars to your CMS account.

  • 3rd Party Data Source
MS Office/MS Office 365

Converts your Microsoft Office/Office 365 files into PNG files to display on your screens.

  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Progress Meter
  • Auto-Updating Content
Quotes & Sayings
Radio | Streaming Music

Streams preloaded radio stations or from a custom radio source.

  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Reviews and Testimonials
Stock Photos | Backdrops

Display a photo slideshow from pre-populated albums.

  • 3rd Party Data Source
Tables & Spreadsheets
  • Auto-Updating Content
Timer | Countdown & Countup
Trivia | 20,000 Questions
  • New Release
Twitch Integration
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Weather Forecasts
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Youtube | Channels
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Analytics Charts & Dashboards
  • Auto-Updating Content
Audio Announcements
Directional Signage
Facebook Integration
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Flickr Integration
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Google | Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
HTML5 Scripts w/CSS, JS
Instagram Integration
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
  • Auto-Updating Content
Live Traffic
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Media RSS
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
MS Teams
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Pinterest Integration
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Point of Interest
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Slack Integration
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Smugmug Integration
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Social Media Wall
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Stock Quotes
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Twitter Integration
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Vimeo Streaming Video
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Workplace Posters
  • Auto-Updating Content
  • 3rd Party Data Source
Device / Screen Management
Device / Screen Management
Device Network Settings
Device Orientation Control
Live Preview
Remote Reboot

Remotely reboot your displays directly from Mvix CMS.

Playlist & Schedules
Comprehensive Scheduling Options
Bulk Scheduling | Groups, Tags, Locations
Day Parting
Create Playlists
Reporting & Security
Secure Single Sign-On (SSO)
User Roles/Permissions
User Activity Logs
Last 24-hrs
Last 30-days

* For 5 or more players. Pricing for the Mvix Core is $400/player if ordering 1-5 players

  • Auto-Updating Content
  • AI Powered
  • 3rd Party Data Source
  • Coming Soon
  • New Release

Add-on Package

Signature Care

Starting at $25/month per device

The Signature Care Program is designed for enterprise deployments and mission-critical networks. This exclusive platform minimizes downtime by providing premium support SLAs including a Lifetime Warranty, New Players every 3 years (Tech Refresh), Content Moderation, Smart Playlists, and access to dozens of Exclusive Features. Essentially, it ensures your network has the latest hardware, which complies with latest security standards at all times.

  • Free Devices every 3-years
  • Lifetime Warranty across all Players
  • Free Advanced Replacements (Cross ship)
  • Premium Level-II Phone Support
  • Priority SLA on Support Tickets
  • Unlimited Personalized Trainings
Includes the advanced security you need
Trusted by 29,000+ companies in 30+ countries

Save Costs With
One-Time Solutions

With our lifetime license options, clients often see large savings when looking at the overall cost of digital signage deployments across multiple years.

Benefits of the Mvix Solution include:
  • Average player lifespan of over 5 years
  • Easy to scale from pilots to large deployments
  • Remote management & viewing w/ offline playback
Header for Mvix showing a digital signage display in a hotel lobby

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Digital Signage Solutions for Any Industry

Our Digital Signage Software is your tool to drive engagement, improve your communication channels, and help boost sales. Take control of your displays and approach to your communications strategy.

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We offer trainings to our clients to help them get the best out of Mvix CMS. Learn how to use digital signage to grow your business through better communication and building trust with your customers.

Customized Services Tailored
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Here are just a few of our unique services to help your digital signage make the greatest impact.

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  • Digital Signage Content Design
    • Our expert designers will create templates & layouts to help bring your digital signage to the next level
    • Designs with your branding as their focus
    • Fast turnaround times
  • Digital Signage Installation
    • Standards compliant to ensure the location is ready for installation
    • Certified technicians includes labor, cabling, system activation, and testing
    • Planning and consulting for your entire project
    • Field support from certified technicians
  • Digital Signage Implementation
    • Deploy, test, and review initial configuration and onboarding
    • Initialize with media, playlists, configurations, and schedules
    • Enhanced support for faster SLAs and turnaround with a dedicated project coordinator
    • Connect & visualize API integrations from external data sources
  • Managed Services
    • We help you optimize and scale your digital signage strategy so you can focus on other aspects of your business
    • Content management including design, scheduling, and updates
    • Network monitoring to ensure your business is not disrupted
    • ROI & analysis for your strategy
    • Enhanced support including faster turnaround times on service & support requests
  • Personalized Training
    • Tailored trainings to focus on your specific digital signage solution
    • Step-by-step instructions on software features
    • 1 Hour interactive sessions
    • Unlimited attendees from your team
    • Unlimited free trainings for Signature Care Clients
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