Montgomery community college

Montgomery Community College

After successfully deploying the digital signage network, Montgomery Community College has an engaging and effective communication system. This has resulted in elevating the campus experience and communication for everyone.

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Montgomery Community College (MCC) is a public two-year educational institution offering certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees in various traditional and specialty areas. The college was founded in 1964 and chartered in 1967. Students can take the first two years of college at MCC. After that, students can transfer to a private college or university or any of the public institutions in the University of North Carolina System.

Additionally, MCC has an active Career & College Promise (CCP) program through which qualified high school students can enroll for classes, tuition-free at the institution. MCC offers both traditional classroom options as well as online classes.


Montgomery Community College wanted to stay up-to-date with digital trends. Additionally, they wanted to improve the campus experience for students, staff, parents, and all visitors. Before implementing the digital signage solution, MCC used flyers, posters, and other forms of static signage for their communication. This included advertising its programs and sharing news and updates on upcoming events. Creating and posting these posters was quite a challenge for a campus of that size. This is because offices and classes were so spread out. Creating the posters and updating them every now and then was costly and quite time-consuming.

Deployment and Usage

Mvix worked closely with the MCC team to understand their needs and map out the right solutions. MCC expressed great satisfaction with the implemented digital signage system and has clarified that Mvix would be the first choice for similar future projects. In the same way that the college got referred to Mvix, they have said they’d be more than happy to refer Mvix to other colleges and any organization looking to reap the benefits of an effective digital signage solution.

Why it Worked

Montgomery Community College has been open about looking at various options before deciding to go with Mvix. Indeed, the stand-out features of Mvix digital signage solutions are one of the things that made Mvix stand out from the other vendors. The institution was looking for a user-friendly network that is packed with features and capabilities best suited for such a learning institution, and Mvix delivered just that.

The implementation phase was quite seamless. The Mvix technical team is highly skilled and experienced, and the entire process ran without any glitches or delays. After implementation, the Mvix team provided dedicated one-on-one training to the MCC staff responsible for managing the digital signage network. Following the training, the MCC team could confidently navigate the platform with ease, come up with a great content design and update this content as and when required for publishing across the various screens. What’s more, Mvix offers continued technical support to Montgomery Community College.

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