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Top Use Cases

Our digital signage statistics show that 96% of students notice digital signage displays. This is an important first step, as remembering the messages being displayed is the goal.

  • Wayfinding

    Wayfinding is navigating one's way through a campus or building. The idea of this education signage to help staff, students, and guests navigate the building easily and safely. Works well with digital building directories.

  • Event Management

    An event management digital display board for schools allows one to better or improve the room booking process. Additionally, assists with space management on campus or in a building. It allows students to see when rooms are booked or available.

  • Student Communication

    Digital display screens for schools can help relay information. It can also assist in bridging the communication gap between administrators and students. Screen placement is important for optimal viewing.

  • Digital Menu Boards

    If your campus facility include a cafeteria, utilize digital menu boards. They are easy to update and will enhance your student's and staff's meal experience. Display meal options and their nutritional value.

  • Social Media

    Showcase your social media accounts to engage students. Most students are on social media, make your college or school more relatable by adding social media posts on education digital signage.

  • Emergency Alerts

    Safety of staff and students are top priority for any educational institution. Override normal content on digital school signs to inform and help protect students and staff from danger.

Wayfinding in the lobby of a building
Events Displayed on a Education Digital Signage Screen
College Digital Signage Example
Digital Menu Board on a screen in a Cafeteria
Digital Signage Solution 12
Emergency Alert on a Screen

Digital Display Board for Schools: Create Educational Content for Colleges and K-12 Schools

Use school digital signage to create dynamic content and engage students, tell a story, and connect individuals at your school. Generally speaking, displaying timely and relevant content that will compel students and visitors to look at your screen.

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Scripps Landscape Education Signage
  • Landscape Scripps Education Digital Signage
  • Goodson Science Center Educational Signage
  • Dance Academy Digital Signage
  • Athletics Digital Signage
  • Dining Center Digital Signage
  • School Library Digital Signage
  • Education Directory Signage
  • College Campus Digital Signage
  • Signage for Graduation
  • School Digital Signage Example
  • School Welcome Signage
  • High School Digital Signage
  • Football Digital signage
  • University Digital Signage
  • Summer Camp Digital Signage
  • School Events Listings Digital Signage
  • Education Directory Portrait
  • Library Directory Digital Signage
  • Education Directory Portrait Signage
  • University Campus Directory Digital Signage Example
  • School Directory Example
  • Social Media School Digital Signage
  • Portrait Directory Education Digital Signage
  • Performing Arts Building Directory Signage Example
  • Digital Menu Boards for Schools
  • Library Portrait Digital Signage Education
  • Education Tips Signage
  • Education Tips Digital Signage 2
  • Education Tips Digital Signage 1
  • Upcoming Events Listings
  • Event Listings Educause
  • Football Schedule Event Listing Signage

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The Mvix software includes over 150 content apps and integrations, enabling you to make the most of digital signage for education.

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Digital Signage for Education Articles

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Digital Signage is the perfect product for businesses looking to enhance their communication. For newcomer’s to digital signage, knowing just what to expect can help you decide what solution is best for your business, In our Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide, we discuss:

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