Digital Signage in Hotels | Improving Guests’ Digital Experiences

Digital Signage in Hotels | Improving Guests’ Digital Experiences

Today’s travelers are increasingly dependent on digital channels to make their travel experiences better. They often have superior levels of technology at home, and they expect the promised “home away from home” experience to be technologically the same, if not better than what they left behind.

Think about how they planned their travel. They ordered a cab from an app, scanned their boarding pass on a smartphone at the airport, went straight to their pre-booked rental car, and then received alerts to any itinerary changes through their smartphones.

By the time the tech-savvy traveler arrives at a hotel, they expect this digital experience to continue.

So what measures are hotels taking to ensure the guest’s digital experience continues seamlessly?

Digital Signage

The hotel industry has realized that people who care about customer service (a more powerful customer loyalty driver than price-value perception) care about digital. So they are increasing the visibility of hotel digital signage and making these hospitality signs the cornerstone of a visual campaign that starts the moment the guest enters the lobby.

Below are a few ways that digital signage in hotels can transform guest experiences:

Easy Navigation through Wayfinding

[intense_blockquote color=”#008fa6″]“Where is the…?” [/intense_blockquote]

[intense_blockquote color=”#cb00a6″]“How do I get to the…?” [/intense_blockquote]

[intense_row][intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″]
These are questions that guests often have when trying to find their way around a hotel. Digital wayfinding signage answers these questions even before they are mouthed. Strategically placed digital displays for hotels at entrances and elevators can point guests in the right direction.

A recent survey by Magnani Caruso Dutton showed that 78% of travelers want to engage with maps of the areas they visit. Digital signage in hotels can be used to help guests navigate the hotel AND the attractions surrounding the hotel.[/intense_column]
[intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″]digital-signage-in-hotels-engagement-with-maps[/intense_column]

Answer guests’ most frequently asked questions

In the Magnani Caruso Dutton survey, 80% of travellers said they would like to easily see offered amenities and hours. Digital signage in hotels can provide this information, and free up the staff to focus on more pressing needs. Such information will help guests make the most of their stay, and would include check-in and checkout times, restaurant hours and key amenities like fitness centers, gift shops, spas, laundry services, conference rooms etc.

Displaying such information is not only convenient for guests, but it also frees up staff to attend to more pressing needs.

Hotels can also personalize the information so that it’s relevant to their guests. For instance, messages such as “carry an umbrella” or “bring a jacket” can be triggered based on weather conditions, and displayed to help guests plan ahead.

Generate a profit stream

There are a few ways that digital signage in hotels can generate revenue.

One is by selling advertising space to local businesses. Hotels can also display specials and encourage guests to visit other areas of the property e.g. spa, to drive revenue.

Another way to generate revenue is by displaying flight information. Through digital flight information displays, guests have fast and easy access to information such as delays and cancellations. In the event of a cancellation or delay, the guest is most likely to extend his/her stay at the hotel, which brings in additional revenue.

Get Social with Guests

How is displaying social media for hotels on digital signage beneficial?

Social media is constantly changing, so it’s an easy source of fresh, automated content for your digital displays. It is also more engaging in that it can increase your guests interaction with you via social media. Guests will post on your wall more, for a chance to appear on your displays.

It is also more intimate/personal than, for example, information about pool hours, and this makes guests feel like they know you better and can connect with you. Such emotional engagement makes a big part of the customer experience, which impacts customer loyalty and retention.

It’s also a great platform for feedback and reviews. Displaying your social media activity on digital signage in hotels shows guests that you respect and care about their thoughts. This increases the chances of your guests responding, and they’ll return the respect by providing useful feedback. They’ll also appreciate the chance to be heard.

The possibilities for digital signage for hospitality are almost limitless. It creates an avenue to enhance the guest experience, drive additional profit, improve staff efficiency and reinforce the brand. With digital signage, the improvement is instant, delivering a strong ROI.

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