Healthcare Digital Signage Solutions

Improve Patient Interaction with Healthcare Digital Signage Solutions

Use healthcare digital signage solutions to solve communication challenges with patients and visitors and reduce wait times by up to 35%.

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Content & Digital Solutions for Healthcare

Content for healthcare digital signage needs to be presented in an easy-to-understand and straightforward way to reduce anxiety. Mix your important messages with infotainment to calm your patients and visitors.

  • Landscape
  • Portrait

Top Use Cases of our Medical Digital Signage

Empower patients and employees with relevant, timely information. Digital signage is a touch-free solution which is critical in a healthcare environment.

  • Digital Building Directory

    Use a digital building to help visitors and patients find their way. In other words, make it easier for patients to get to where they are trying to go. Works well with wayfinding signage.

  • Waiting Room Signs

    Show relevant information to reduce perceived wait times and frustration. A way to enhance the experience of all the individuals entering your facility. Whether they are employees or patients.

  • Patient Communication

    Show information to improve the patient experience and reduce anxiety. External communication display are aimed at current patients. Display healthcare statistics, quotes and other useful information.

  • Digital Menu Boards

    Use digital menu boards in your cafeteria to enhance your facility. Leverage dynamic menu boards in the hospital cafeteria to increase revenue. Similar to a printed menu but can be easily updated or edited.

  • Staff Communication

    Show important hospital metrics and updates to streamline daily operations. Share company updates and KPIs. Also, boost employee engagement through motivational quotes and images.

  • Emergency Alerts

    Keep staff and patients safe by displaying real-time emergency alerts. Inform individuals about what to do. Safety of staff and patients should always be top priority for any healthcare institution.

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Worship Venue Menu Boards

Content for all Digital Signage for Healthcare Needs

The Mvix digital signage software includes over 150 content apps and integrations, enabling you to make the most of your corporate digital signage. 

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Success Story: Digital Signage for Hospitals

Encompass Health

“The cloud-based data sharing helps keep staff updated on changes to our processes and we can push targeted performance improvement projects directly to
our employees.”

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David Cashwell


Read the Success Story
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The Mvix Advantage & Hospital Digital Signage

Mvix medical digital signage solutions include hardware, software, content and professional services that enable you to optimize workplace communications.

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Professional Services

We are equipped to install, implement and manage digital signage networks of all sizes. Our goal is to simplify the entire process for you.

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15+ Years of Experience

Leveraging a large library of content types and approaches to choose from we can get your signage network up and running quickly.

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Digital Signage Experts

Our sales and support teams are digital signage certified experts. This guarantees you’re working with an experienced team for your digital signage implementation.

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Award-Winning Team

The Mvix professional services team will work with both your IT and communications team to make sure the deployment meets both standards.

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Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide

Digital Signage is the perfect product for businesses looking to enhance their communication. For newcomer’s to digital signage, knowing just what to expect can help you decide what solution is best for your business, In our Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide, we discuss:

  • Uses & Benefits
  • Components of Digital Signage
  • Choosing a Digital Signage Player/Hardware
  • Selecting Digital Signage Software
  • And more!
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Healthcare Digital Signage FAQs

  • What is Healthcare Digital Signage?

    Healthcare digital signage is the use of technologies such as LED, LCD, or projection screens to display certain content such as videos, images, streaming media, social media, and general information.

    However, the software (also known as the CMS) is what helps differentiate it between digital displays. This software lets you control or schedule the content to best fit your needs.

  • Who can use healthcare digital signage?

    Healthcare digital signage can be utilized in virtually any healthcare facility.

    From dental or optometrist offices to large and complex hospital facilities, there is a solution that can help improve communication channels.

    This doesn’t have to include doctor to patient communication as management can also use digital signage to relay important information to employees as well.

  • Why use Healthcare Digital Signage?

    Healthcare facilities rely heavily on communication, both internal and external, to provide help enhance the service provided. With digital signage solutions, these facilities can see an increase in their omnichannel communications.

    Mvix offers a unique approach to digital signage solutions. As a full-service provider, we offer both software and hardware to fit your communication needs.

    Mvix also provides content creation, signature care, installation, and managed services to encompass all your digital signage needs.

  • What content do I need?

    The content you need really depends on the solution you have. For restaurants, a simple image display for the menu with a social media feed is a solid choice. For offices and manufacturing, you might want to focus on current/upcoming company events with data visualization charts.

    Schools however can utilize almost every content app as digital signage can be used in the classroom, hallway, wayfinding kiosks, and digital menu boards.

  • What is the purpose of Digital Signage?

    Digital signage is primarily a communication tool. It lets businesses, schools, restaurants, and more convey information in an attractive and easy way.

    What sets digital signage apart from digital displays is the software. This software lets you quickly view, edit, and change your displays remotely so you can manage multiple locations at once.

  • How much does digital signage cost?

    Depending on the solution you choose, you can expect to spend anywhere from a small monthly fee to hundreds of dollars a month. Some providers also offer a hardware/software bundle that can help keep costs down.

    There are also other costs to consider such as content management, the screens you need, and quality support.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    Of course! Mvix offers free software trial accounts to clients curious about the Mvix digital signage software. Contact a solutions consultant today to learn more about our free trial option.

  • What type of screen do I use?

    The two types of screen types you have are LED & LCD and the displays are split between commercial and consumer. While commercial displays usually have a higher upfront cost, the long term benefits outweigh the price. The commercial displays have a higher brightness, portrait/landscape options, longer warranties, and can operate for longer hours.

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