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Social Media | The Big Opportunity Hospitality Signs are Missing

The hospitality industry is making great strides in using digital signage to communicate by displaying information such as weather forecasts, live flight information, and wayfinding instructions, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, like check-in and check-out times.

With this innovation, they’ve freed up staff to do other value added jobs. For instance, welcoming and initiating conversations with guests, while also giving them the tools they need to feel confident and independent in an unfamiliar setting. People may talk about how technology is alienating, but hotel digital signage is actually making interactions in the hospitality industry more worthwhile and personal.

The hospitality industry has largely integrated digital signage with great success. However, there is one big opportunity that most players in the field are still missing out on: social media integration. You can add your preexisting social media presence into the mix of digital signage. It has the potential to open new and interactive doors that can enhance customer experiences.

Here’s what you miss out on when you leave social media out of the digital signage equation.

Sharing your Story

If travel is all about the destination, then why aren’t you telling your customers more about where they are? Travelers crave information about what makes their current location special. Take the time to share these things via social media for hotels, even just as fast facts. You can integrate these as little “Did You Know…” posts on Twitter or add the facts alongside a great Instagram photo of a historic site.

Keeping up with the Calendar

Another advantage of digital signage is its ability to display different content throughout the year. Customization and real-time optimization are in its nature, so stay in season with holiday-related displays.

Simple wishes of “Happy Holidays” go a long way.

Social media for hotels is an easy way to document how you celebrate holidays by posting videos and images of past or upcoming events. Displaying such content on digital signage in hotels not only gives guests an idea of how you celebrate, but it also creates a personal touch and invites them to join the celebration.

The Rave Review

Watch who’s talking to you on social media and show off the best comments on your digital displays. You may think that such reviews have no value for guests who are already on the property, but it’s important to look at the big picture.

What makes a review really stand out? It’s all in the details.

A really great review does more than just say that your hotel is a great place or that the food at your restaurant was delicious. The very best ones name something specific such as the talented massage therapists in your world-class spa. That kind of content is actionable. Sharing such reviews via social media for hotels will have current guests visiting your spa or ordering that phenomenal duck dish in your restaurant.

Putting your great reviews on display is also a proven strategy. Industry Weapon notes that 76% of consumers have based their decision to check out a site entirely on their digital signage, and as many as 75% decide to spread the word about a site based on top-notch digital signs. Tech savvy consumers find this mode of communicating compelling, so it makes sense to invest strategically in it.

The Sales Advantage

Did you know that nearly a third of hospitality site operators attribute up to a quarter of their sales to social media? This statistic indicates just how strong of an influence social media for hotels can be and how much effort hoteliers are already putting into their social media presence.

It makes sense that someone trying to book a trip would check your social media, but what’s the advantage of displaying the same information for guests already at the hotel?

Although guests have already made their base purchase, they’re not done spending. They may not know how much they need a relaxing massage until they see a tweet about your spa on your digital display. A duck dish may be the last thing on their minds but as soon as they see an appetizing Facebook photo on your display, they’ll immediately crave it and head on to the restaurant.

It’s the power of temptation.

Some of your guests may have booked your site based on price or proximity to an event. Social media for hotels can show them the promotional work you’ve already done. There’s no loss potential, but there is certainly room to grow. When you advertise those extra options, people already inclined to see a trip as a stressor may find room to indulge a bit more.

social media for hotels

Get a Little Closer

Social media is more intimate than say, for example, information about pool hours. It makes guests feel like they know you better and can connect with you. Such emotional engagement makes a big part of the customer experience, which impacts customer loyalty and retention.

Posting your social media activity also makes it clear that you are an active and responsive user. Additionally, this increases the changes of your customers responding. They want to get personal with you.

Now is the time to get a little closer with your customers. Bring your social media strategy to your digital signage campaigns and share your story.

Inquiring – and traveling – minds want to know.

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