Free Digital Signage Templates for Independence Day

Free Digital Signage Templates for Independence Day

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans will spend more than $6 billion on Fourth of July food and festivities.

This means businesses need to start looking for creative ways to ensure that they get a bigger piece of the pie.

One way to get the attention of and engage with your customers is through digital signage.

In addition to catching people’s attention, digital signage enhances the excitement and can drive the urgency to buy your product/service.

Digital Signage Templates for Independence Day

Enhance Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Independence Day, which happens to be the biggest beer-selling holiday of the year, marks the start of the busiest half of the year for retailers and foodservice businesses.

In previous years, more than 41 million Americans have spent the holiday outside their homes, which means restaurants receive more traffic than usual. Restaurant operators can leverage digital signage to influence purchase behaviors of these customers.

Digital menu boards templates in a 4th of July theme will put customers in a celebratory spirit.

They’ll also enhance the holiday décor and make customers enjoy their dining experience more. Such emotional experiences are more effective in driving sales than price cuts.

Digital Signage Templates for 4th of July

Restaurants can also promote their 4th of July specials on digital signage screens. A recent study found that people were more likely to order a dish when it was offered as a special and highlighted on the menu.

Sports bars can attract patrons by broadcasting Independence Day events such as parades and fireworks displays.

Templates for Amusement Parks

Amusement and theme parks are the best positioned to profit from this holiday. During this busy weekend, parks experience an increase in traffic which is good for sales, but crowd control can be a nightmare.

One way parks can add value to the visitor experience is by engaging with visitors through digital signage.

Digital Signage Templates for Independence DayUsing digital signage templates for independence day will instantly draw eyeballs to the screens and enhance excitement. When packaged and presented this way, the content will effectively promote park offers, services, and concession stands.

Digital Signage Templates for Independence Day

Digital signage can also be used to control traffic. Digital wayfinding maps and building directories in patriotic colors will continue to build buzz around the holiday. Independence day themed content can entertain visitors as they wait for rides.

By aligning with your brand and the look and feel of your décor, the digital signage templates will engage with your consumers, enhance excitement and drive sales.

A way for Hotels to Differentiate and Attract Guests

Although not in 2020, Independence Day weekend is typically the busiest summer travel holiday, with more than 40 million Americans journeying at least 50 miles from home, according to AAA.

AAA also reports that both hotel and car rental rates increase by 4%.

This means hotels can’t rely on price cuts and discounts alone to differentiate themselves and attract more guests.

They need to get more creative in order to provide memorable, emotional experiences for their guests. This is what will get them long-term market share.

Digital signage can help shape the experiences of guests, especially during this long holiday weekend. With the right content, the large panel displays can be the cornerstone of a visual campaign that starts the moment guests enter the lobby:

  • 4th of July themed digital signage content will reinforce the holiday and get guests in a celebratory spirit
  • digital wayfinding displays and building directories can be in red, white and blue
  • restaurant menu boards can display Independence Day specials
  • a social media display can show guests celebrating the holiday within the property
  • an event listings display can list 4th of July events

Digital Signage Templates for 4th of July

This recurring theme throughout the hotel — in the lobby, hallways, elevators, guest rooms — will enhance the celebratory mood and put guests in a feel-good mood.

Such memorable and emotional experiences create more valuable customers than a discount would.

Connect with Employees in Offices

Celebrations are always a welcome breath of fresh air from the monotony in the office. They help keep morale high and build a fun company culture.

Digital signage is a great employee communication tool that can be used to enhance these celebrations.

To build anticipation and get employees in a holiday mood, internal communicators can post announcements, memos, etc in 4th of July themes.

Digital Signage Templates for Independence Day

This will get employees excited for the holiday and also draw instant attention to the digital signage displays.

Digital signage can play a vital role in bringing Independence Day to life in a striking and impressive way.

[intense_alert color=”#bd0a31″ font_color=”#ffffff”]We’ve compiled 10 digital signage templates for independence day templates into a downloadable folder below. Also, check out SignageCreator, our content creation suite, for more holiday-themed digital signage templates.[/intense_alert]


This blog was originally published in June 2016. It was updated in June 2019 to add more content and examples. 

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