Specificity of Digital Signage in Targeted Amusement Park Marketing

Specificity of Digital Signage in Targeted Amusement Park Marketing

Most amusement parks employ a “shotgun blast” marketing approach i.e. they send a general message, usually on a static sign, to a large group of people and hope that the message sticks with as many people as possible. This, however, is a hit-or-miss approach.

The most effective way to communicate and advertise is to send customized messages tailored to the specific needs of individual guests—the more personalized a message is, the more likely that customer will respond to it.

Traditional amusement park signage does not provide this kind of specificity and individual users and groups couldn’t be properly targeted. But as technology has progressed and digital signage has become the industry standard for customer engagement, many amusement park owners are beginning to see the value that digital strategies provide.

Digital Signage as an Alternative to Traditional Media

Digital signage is igniting the advertising world. The push towards digital media can already be seen in highway billboards across the country, inside urban centers of development, retail organizations, and healthcare settings.

It’s no surprise that as a society, we crave innovation. We hunger for technology. Digital signage represents a shift from humdrum posters and outdated advertising methodologies to the fast-moving digital innovation that now excites customers.

The Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage is modern, visually stimulating, and engaging. But its benefits aren’t limited to its novelty—digital signage is more flexible in form and function than traditional media.

Unlike traditional signage, digital communication screens in amusement parks can include as many different content layouts as a business owner needs. And of course, these content layouts can contain more than just promotions. Digital signage can multi-task, promoting special deals at the same time as providing updates about local traffic, weather, Amber Alerts, and more. Not only do these features increase the engagement potential of digital signage, but also allow signage to become more than mere digital billboards. They allow digital signage to become comprehensive beacons of consumer information.

At its core, this is the true value of digital signage. Adaptable displays offer business owners unparalleled customization and interactivity without the need to line the walls with obtrusive ads.

And as digital signage strategies continue to evolve, users are learning new ways to leverage its benefits—including individualizing content displays to cater to specific users.

As we’ll discuss, digital signage for amusement parks can be creatively applied to increase revenue. It can also provide immediate emotional value, and capture the imagination of viewers at critical moments for amusement park growth.

Increase Revenue with Targeted Digital Signage Advertising

The psychological impacts of digital signage on the consumer mindset can be powerful. This is particularly true when the products being displayed are dynamic and can’t be captured through traditional signage media. This brings us back to the value that digital signage for amusement parks can provide.

Digital Signage for Amusement Parks

Perspective and Excitement

Imagine trying to get customers excited about a new roller coaster by using billboards and posters. In this case, the exciting and dynamic experience of riding a roller coaster must be telegraphed through static images and text. This is not ideal for getting customers excited.

Now, imagine that same advertisement placed on a digital signage display. Amusements can provide video of actual guests on the actual ride—either in real-time or through recorded video. This can give viewers an incredible perspective on what to expect.

Because, let’s face it, the attraction of amusement park rides is in the experience. No amount of signage proclaiming how fun a ride is will match the visceral impact of seeing what it’s like to give it a spin. Remember when we said that digital signage can capture the imagination of an audience? Rather than relying on old-fashioned marketing to try to engage guests, digital signage for amusement parks puts guests in the action. This generates real excitement that will generate real value over time.

Gift Shop Atmosphere

Digital signage for amusement parks has more roles to play than just advertising. It can improve the gift shop atmosphere with the overall goal of creating a better customer experience.

Gift shop digital signage needs to be welcoming, appealing, and make customers want to stick around. The longer they stay in-store, the better the chance they’ll purchase. Amusement park owners should consider using digital content layouts that pull double-duty by advertising and creating social engagement.

Sure, post display ads for gift shop items, but juxtapose those ads with photos of actual people wearing the merchandise. These may include family vacation photos, groups of friends wearing gift shop clothing, photos of kids playing with gift shop toys, and more. This type of engagement helps create a positive shopping environment that spurs purchase from in-store customers.

Selling to Groups

As we’ve established, digital signage excels at getting (and keeping) customers excited about their time at the park, even during the dreaded downtime between rides. What better time is there to push other services that a park has to offer?

Group ticket sales can be a powerful way to boost a park’s ROI. And fortunately, amusement parks are a common destination for groups in search of a good time.

Use dynamic digital signage displays to advertise package deals, group rates, and ticket bundles to customers already in the park. But don’t just describe them as package deals. Try to be descriptive in each of your content layouts and give viewers examples of occasions to consider:

  • School trips
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Church group outings
  • Holiday trips

Digital signage content layouts are flexible, so park owners should craft specific messaging for each event they want to target.

Seasonal Ticket Buyers

Amusement parks visitors tend to fall into one of two categories:

  1. Those who only visit on special occasions
  2. Those who crave the excitement and visit parks on a regular basis

This second group provides a lucrative opportunity for park owners who use digital signage to advertise season ticket packages. Many park visitors fall into the category of “heavy users” but may not be aware of season passes. Or if they are, they may not fully understand the economic value that season passes can provide for visitors when compared to individual tickets.

This is the concept that park owners should push in their digital signage. Include promotions for season tickets that explain what they are and the value they provide. When given a dollar-to-dollar comparison of buying a new ticket each visit against the one-time expense of a season pass, visitors will be encouraged to make the commitment. Promoting these benefits while users are enjoying the park will yield a higher conversion rate than typical marketing when they’re away from the park.

Digital Signage for Amusement Parks

Digital signage must always walk the line between subtle and intrusive. It has to capture viewer attention without overwhelming them in the process. Fortunately, amusement parks offer the perfect environment for digital signage advertising. With excited, captive audiences, and the ability of digital signage to speak to individual consumers, using digital signage for amusement parks is one of the easiest ways for park owners to increase the impact of their marketing.

Download our case study on Kings Dominion, Virginia’s premier amusement park, to see how you can leverage digital signage to increase group sales and improve the guest experience

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