Live Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) Outside the Airport

Live Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) Outside the Airport

“Hurry up and wait.”

This could very easily be the tagline for the air travel industry.

In 2014 alone, 650 million U.S. travelers were screened by the TSA and 20% of domestic flights were delayed, with an average wait time of 50 minutes.

While such delays and cancellations can’t be eliminated entirely, there are measures that can be taken to avoid the resulting frustration and improve the air travel experience for passengers.

Live Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)

Within the airport, there are live flight information displays that communicate a variety of critical travel information, such as arrivals, departures, gate information, flight number, flight status etc. Travelers rely on these displays to help them plan their travel experience.

And thanks to the “always on” yet “silent” nature of these visually attractive displays, travelers are no longer at the mercy of sporadic and inaudible intercom announcements that are intrusive, easily misheard and often missed.

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Information commonly provided on live flight information display Systems (FIDS) includes:

  • Arrivals
  • Departures
  • Flight number
  • Airline information
  • Flight delays
  • Flight cancellations
  • Gate information
  • Baggage delays
  • TSA screening information


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With digital signage, such information can be communicated in real time so travelers are better prepared and informed on implications of delays/cancellations and options. This would be a source of relief for travelers and would also help generate revenue by presenting passengers with profitable activities to do to pass time e.g. visit other businesses within the property such as bar/restaurant, gift shop, massage parlor etc.

This same line of thinking can be just as beneficial to businesses outside of the airport. These tourist-laden hospitality destinations include hotels, convention centers, airlines, parking facilities, ground transportation services, car rentals, limo companies, government agencies, and corporate headquarters. By providing flight information directly to clients on-site, these businesses can improve the customer experience and drive additional revenue.


For a minimal upfront investment, hotels can enjoy a healthy profit from using digital flight information display systems (FIDS). Guests can verify flight times without calling their airline or pulling up an app on their phone or tablet.

Delayed flights means they will most likely linger on the property. They have the option of enjoying a meal at the hotel restaurant or a drink at the hotel bar. And when there is a flight cancellation, guests will need to stay an extra night.

The benefits of digital signage for hospitality are mutual. Guests will also appreciate the useful real-time updates. Timely information can save travel-weary guests time and money, both of which they’ll be much happier spending at the hotel.

Convention Centers

Convention centers have traditionally used digital signage for informational and wayfinding purposes. These digital signage displays have in fact become essential to the efficiency and success of events at convention centers. Adding live flight information displays (FIDS) to the mix only raises the convenience factor for event attendees.

Attendees can track travel plans via real-time updates, minimize unnecessary wait times and make the most of their experience. And the better their experience, the more likely they are to return and recommend the establishment.

Transportation Services

Shuttles and rental agencies are an essential part of the travel experience. But without accurate and reliable flight information, travelers may not always make the best decisions about travel plans. On-site live flight information displays (FIDS) are a much needed and appreciated service for transportation centers. They eliminate the risk of travelers being stranded without transportation due to unforeseen delays or cancellations.

They can also be money makers for these centers. When a guest has access to delayed/cancelled flight information while at the rental agency lobby, they’re very likely to extend their rental contract. Arming guests with timely and accurate flight information facilitates better decision making, and allows for increased utilization of shuttle and rental agency services.

Live flight information display systems (FIDS) help these businesses to gauge potential room overflow and wait times and adjust service accordingly to increase customer satisfaction.

The Advantages of Live Flight Information Displays (FIDS)

Versatility is one of the beauties of live flight information displays. Businesses can use this tool to accomplish various communication and marketing goals.

With the ability to display different content and media at the same time, digital signage provides more digital real estate for businesses to send different messages.

Extra travel resources can be easily added to the live flight information display system (FIDS).

For instance, businesses can display flight information  at the same time as the weather or traffic, so guests can plan for the drive to the airport.

Along with information on delays/cancellations, hotels can also promote their restaurants/bars or discounted rates for extended stays.

With an interactive kiosk, guests can readily access personal itineraries. So, guests can check-in through these kiosks and print their boarding passes.

With such resources handy, guests can circumvent much of the airport hassle, while still knowing what to expect.

This holistic approach to information sharing improves the guest experience, a huge driver of growth.

Staying Current in Changing Times

Live flight information displays (FIDS) are not just for airports anymore. In fact, the information on these screens has value for passengers long before they’re at the airport.

Away from their home computers and other devices, travelers are looking for fast and accurate access to the latest updates and any last-second changes to their itinerary.

Live flight information display systems (FIDS) are a great option for hospitality firms to meet the demanding needs of ever-connected travelers, and also distinguish their sites.

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