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Organizations can show a QR code on digital signage to engage customers, employees, and other visitors. This scannable code feature is perfect for signing customers and employees up for events, sharing discount codes or direct them to specific websites.

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Features of QR Code App

Foster Screen Engagement

Since the introduction of the smartphone, QR codes have become a popular way to direct people to a specific website by a specially designed image.

However, with digital signage software you can utilize QR codes on your display without needing to take over an entire screen. For example, you can add this code to a zone on your screen and still have space left for other content such as images, videos and branding.

This app is perfect for virtually any industry. For instance, restaurant can use it to display menus. And other industries can use it to pull up their websites. Xhibit Signage will do all the work for you as you only need the URL to get started.

  • Share landing pages

    Direct your customers to your landing pages for events and trade shows by having them scan the QR code on your display.

  • Direct customers

    Use QR codes on your digital signage display to transport your customers to websites that may feature your guest blogs.

  • Link to social media

    Direct your customers to your social media accounts through including a scan-able QR code on your display.

Client’s Testimonials

Trusted by startups and the world’s largest companies

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Eastern Kentucky University

“Mvix provided an innovative way to bring solidarity to our college. Adaptable features relaying essential information in a steady stream to our EKU community.”

Jagger Coffey

Technology Resource Mangager

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

“Mvix Digital Signage solutions has become an integral part of our program operations.”

Edward Harmon

Mission Director

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Encompass Health

“The cloud-based data sharing helps keep staff updated on changes to our processes and we can push targeted perfomance improvement projects directly to our employees.”

David Cashwell


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Tamarack Centre

“Mvix is once of the best companies I have dealt with in my 20 years of being on a Shopping Centre Management Team.”

Linda Birch

Manager of Resource Planning and Management

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