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Instantly transform any TV display into a managed digital signage screen with an Mvix digital signage media player. Each Mvix player comes pre-loaded with a lifetime license of our digital signage software.

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Currently serving over 30k businesses across 30 countries

digital signage-Rye YMCA-logo
The Atlanta Braves use Mvix Digital Signage for their digital signage communication needs
Discover Channel uses digital signage
Sodexo utilizes digital signage
Mvix helps Castrol with their digital signage solutions
Marine Atlantic uses Mvix digital signage
Mvix assist Merck with their digital signage solutions
Yamaha utilizes Mvix Digital Signage for internal communication
Mvix improves internal communication at Timberland with their digital signage

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Player Options

Core ($350) The BASE software package is included in Mvix Core players.
  • Files (Image, Audio, Video, PDFs etc.)
  • Image Editor
  • Media from URL / Local Server
  • Offline Playback: Supported
  • Text on Screen
  • RSS Feed
  • Text Scrolling Ticker
  • Media Animations
  • Fonts | 1500+ Google Fonts
  • Video Tutorials
  • Web-URL
  • Clock | Analog or Digital
  • Role-based User Permissions
  • Drag & Drop Layout Creator
  • Remote Live View
  • Remote Device Reboot
  • Design Gallery | 1500+ Templates
  • Device Health Portal
  • 40+ Languages
  • 2 Zones
Standard ($550) The STANDARD software package is included in Mvix Standard players.

All features of the

  • Weather Forecasts
  • MS Office (DOC/PPT/XLS)
  • Calendar & Date
  • QR Code
  • Timer | Countdown & Countup
  • Events Listings
  • Stock Photos | Backdrops
  • Quotes & Sayings
  • Youtube | Channels
  • Profiles | Teams
  • Radio | Streaming Music
  • Canva
  • News
  • Progress Meter
  • Twitch
  • Review & Testimonials
  • Trivia
  • Tables & Spreadsheets
  • Digital Building Directory
  • Calendar Aggregator
  • 6 Zones
Pro ($750) The PREMIUM software package is included in Mvix Pro players.

All features of the

  • HTML 5 Editor (w/ JS & CSS)
  • Directional Signage
  • Rich Text Editor | WYSIWYG
  • Vimeo | Flickr | Smugmug
  • Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
  • Social Media Wall
  • Workplace Posters
  • Live Traffic Maps
  • Charts & Dashboards
  • Financial Stock Charts
  • Points of Interest | Map
  • Media-RSS (MRSS)
  • Google | Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Audio Announcements
  • Leaderboards
  • Slack | MS Chat
  • Device Health Portal
  • Greetings
  • Zoom
  • Analytics
  • MS Teams
  • 10 Zones
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Mvix Digital Signage Player Benefits


We offer a variety of digital display player options to best fit your needs. This can range from a player for your digital menu boards to an interactive kiosk for wayfinding. Our players include features such as:

  • Full HD networkable players with HDMI
  • Includes free Mvix CMS software
  • Zoned screen layouts (from 2 to 10 zones)
  • Specialty players for video walls or interactive kiosks
  • Fast turnaround times for shipping
  • Internal solid-state storage in all players
  • Standard Support Package for all orders
  • Remote management over the internet


Set up your digital signage player in 3 easy steps

Example of an HDMI cable connecting to a device
Connect the Digital Signage Player

Connect your digital display player to a display via an HDMI or DisplayPort cable. You can also connect to a wired internet connection if needed.

Example of uploaded media on Mvix CMS
Upload Your Content using the Mvix Software

Upload your pictures, videos, or files to the CMS and combine with apps such as Youtube or PowerBI to create an appealing template for your audience.

Information display at the top of a stairway
Display and View Your Digital Media

Schedule your media in advance or set an expiry so content is only shown when and where you want.

Mvix Digital Signage at NASA
Edward Harmon
NASA Mission Manager

Being able to share mission timelines, weather and other critical information to all of NASA SOFIA’s worldwide locations, Mvix Digital Signage Solutions has become an integral pat of our program operations.

Bryon Glock
Assistant Director of Information Technology

The digital signs provide consistent messaging at all locations. The cloud-based software model gave us flexibility to serve many locations and it’s really lightened the workload for everyone involved.

Seal For Nassau County
Teri Robinson
Digital Signage Champion for Nassau County Clerk of Court

This project has helped elevate our office in the eyes of the public, and has provided us with another way to demonstrate our mission statement: “We are Public Servants! Our every effort shall be dedicated to protecting and preserving the public trust!”

Kaia Sunne
Art Director

We wanted an easier way to maintain all the digital menu boards in our stores at the same time. With the Mvix digital menu boards, it’s very easy to make up-to-the-minute updates remotely.

New Logo For YMCA
YMCA of the Rockies
Mary Ann Degginger

Communicating with our guests across many building can be difficult, but the Mvix solution has done this, and everything we’ve wanted from it, very easily. It’s been great for managing our brands at both centers.

Kyle Baxter
Systems Administrator

It is no surprise that the students have come to rely on the signs as the one place they can go to know everything that’s going on in the school. They are more likely to read information off a digital sign than a non-stimulating paper poster. The students are interested in what’s vibrant and dynamic.

Logo for the Village at Schaumberg
Jack Netter
Assistant Director for Cultural Services

Digital signage offers a unique opportunity for us to convey timely, valuable information via highly visible rich content. Given our robust WAN and Wifi build-out and our existing content creation capabilities, the signage project fit very neatly into our current infrastructure.

Logo for UETHDA
Tim Jaynes
Executive Director

The digital signs allow us to expose residents to additional programs and services not only provided by our agency, but community partners. Also, the ease of operation and being able to instantly update the messages being presented is invaluable.

Grounds for Sculpture Logo
Keith Pyatt
Manager of Digital media & Technology

I think that if everyone had Mvix Digital Signage, they’d have an elegant and finessed system.

Digital Signage Solutions for Any Industry

Our Digital Signage Software is your tool to drive engagement, improve your communication channels, and help boost sales. Take control of your displays and approach to your communications strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Digital Signage Player?

    If the digital signage software is the brains of the digital signage system, then the player is the heart. It’s through the player that the software displays your content on your display (check our in-depth what is digital signage post for more info!).

    The hardware inside your player is key. Depending on the solution needed, you might only need a basic player all the way to a video wall player that can send content to multiple screens at once. Other hardware solutions include Raspberry Pi players or Android digital signage players.

  • How do digital signage players work?

    Digital signage media players work by having specific hardware that can utilize your software. These player come in various sizes with different hardware that allows for specific solutions.

    The best digital signage media players can use both ethernet wired and wireless options as the CMS sends content to the player remotely. This content is then transferred to the display; usually via an HDMI cable.

  • Why Mvix?

    Mvix offers a unique approach to digital signage solutions. As a full-service provider, we offer both software and hardware to fit your communication needs.

    As our hardware also comes with our software bundled for free, you don’t need a monthly subscription to keep your content going. Our software also works with a variety of options such 3rd party players, mini-pcs, Android, and more!

    Mvix also provides content creation, signature care, installation, and managed services to encompass all your digital signage needs.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    Of course! Mvix offers free software trial accounts to clients curious about the Mvix digital signage software. Contact a solutions consultant today to learn more about our free trial option.

  • What is the purpose of Digital Signage?

    Digital signage is primarily a communication tool. It lets businesses, schools, restaurants, and more convey information in an attractive and easy way.

    What sets digital signage apart from digital displays is the software. This software lets you quickly view, edit, and change your displays remotely so you can manage multiple locations at once.

  • How much does digital signage cost?

    Depending on the solution you choose, you can expect to spend anywhere from a small monthly fee to hundreds of dollars a month. Some providers also offer a hardware/software bundle that can help keep costs down.

    There are also other costs to consider such as content management, the displays (either standard/commercial or with 4k resolution) you need, and quality support packages.

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