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Digital Signage Media Player

The Mvix digital signage media player is a great addition to your digital signage strategy and comes pre-loaded with our content-rich Mvix software for free!

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Remote Updates
Supports Multiple Media Types
Offline Playback
Landscape & Portrait Support

Player Options

Digital Signage Players Starting At $299

Our low-cost media players come with free Mvix signage software

We offer a variety of digital display player options to best fit your solution. This can range from a player for your digital menu boards to an interactive kiosk for wayfinding with options such as:

  • Full HD networkable players with HDMI
  • Comes with Free Mvix CMS software
  • Zoned screen layouts (from 2 to 20 zones)
  • Remote management over the internet
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Internal solid-state storage in all players
  • Display images, videos, scrolling text, date & time
  • Standard to Premium Support

Compare Digital Signage Player
Hardware Features

Includes Base Software Package

Mvix Base

Our Most Affordable Player

  • Free Software Included
  • BASE software package
  • 64GB SSD
  • Content update | Low priority
  • Screen layout | 2 zones
  • Full HD display resolution
  • One screen per player
  • Orientation | Landscape and portrait
  • Wall-mounted bracket
  • Standard support
Includes Standard Software Package

Mvix Lite

Our Most Popular Media Player

  • Free software included
  • STANDARD software package
  • 64GB SSD
  • Content update | Medium priority
  • Screen layout | 4 zones
  • Full HD display resolution
  • One screen per player
  • Orientation | Landscape and portrait
  • Wall-mounted bracket
  • Standard support
Includes Pro Software Package

Mvix Pro

The In-Depth Player for Businesses

  • Free software included
  • PRO software package
  • 128GB SSD
  • Content update | High priority
  • Screen layout | 6 zones
  • Full HD display resolution
  • 2 screens per player | Same content
  • Orientation | Landscape and portrait
  • Mounting bracket | VESA
  • Standard support

How it works

Connect the Digital Signage Player

Connect the digital display player to both the screen via an HDMI cable and to the internet to ensure your device will be able to transmit your content.

How it Works (Video)
Instruction of Use 1

How it works

Upload Your Content using the Mvix Software

With our digital signage Software, you’ll be able to either upload your content that you want to through the digital signage player for Android or use one of our 150+ apps on your screens. Once you have your templates and content ready, schedule it to your devices based on hours, days, specific time periods, and more.

How it Works (Video)
Instruction of Use 2

How it works

Display and View Your Digital Media

Our digital signage software will automatically update your display with your chosen content. Relax and enjoy the view of your screens featuring content-rich signage!

How it Works (Video)
Instruction of Use 3

Digital display media player solutions

Mvix digital signage player options and free Mvix signage software are versatile and customizable for use in almost any commercial or corporate environment.

Where Wayfinding Is Used 1


Wayfinding solutions provide easy-to-read and accurate instructions to guests.

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Digital Menu Boards

Create a stylish and easy to update menu and advertise your daily specials.

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videowall example

Video Walls

Display 4k video eye-catching visuals to increase sales and help put your message at the forefront.

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Airline Display (FIDS)

Display real-time flight updates and help reduce perceived wait times.

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retail digital signage

DOOH Advertising

Instantly create, upload, and manage your ad network.

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slide slider 1

Meeting Room Signs

Improve your office's efficiency and keep better track of the day's meetings.

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Court Docket Displays

Display real time case information including docket numbers, involved litigants, venue, & more.

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Example of Internal Employee Communications on a Digital Display

Metric/Production Displays

Showcase your company's progress and goals in an eye-catching display.

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slid slider 2

Digital Building Directory

Update your building directory with a modern look and instantly update as needed.

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Digital Display Player

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Digital Signage Player?

    If the digital signage software is the brains of the digital signage system, then the player is the heart. It’s through the player that the software displays your content on your display (check our in-depth what is digital signage post for more info!).

    The hardware inside your player is key. Depending on the solution needed, you might only need a basic player all the way to a video wall player that can send content to multiple screens at once. Other hardware solutions include Raspberry Pi players or Android digital signage players.

  • How do digital signage media players work?

    Digital signage media players work by having specific hardware that can utilize your software. These player come in various sizes with different hardware that allows for specific solutions.

    The best digital signage media players can use both ethernet wired and wireless options as the CMS sends content to the player remotely. This content is then transferred to the display; usually via an HDMI cable.

  • Why Mvix?

    Mvix offers a unique approach to digital signage solutions. As a full-service provider, we offer both software and hardware to fit your communication needs.

    As our hardware also comes with our software bundled for free, you don’t need a monthly subscription to keep your content going. Our software also works with a variety of options such 3rd party players, mini-pcs, Android, and more!

    Mvix also provides content creation, signature care, installation, and managed services to encompass all your digital signage needs.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    Of course! Mvix offers free software trial accounts to clients curious about the Mvix digital signage software. Contact a solutions consultant today to learn more about our free trial option.

  • What is the purpose of Digital Signage?

    Digital signage is primarily a communication tool. It lets businesses, schools, restaurants, and more convey information in an attractive and easy way.

    What sets digital signage apart from digital displays is the software. This software lets you quickly view, edit, and change your displays remotely so you can manage multiple locations at once.

  • How much does digital signage cost?

    Depending on the solution you choose, you can expect to spend anywhere from a small monthly fee to hundreds of dollars a month. Some providers also offer a hardware/software bundle that can help keep costs down.

    There are also other costs to consider such as content management, the screens (either standard or with 4k resolution) you need, and quality support.

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