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  • Use wayfinding solutions to guide visitors
  • Reduce overhead costs compared to posters
  • Enhance your emergency action plans
  • Provide real-time updates remotely
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Top Use Cases

Government institutions such as courthouses use court dockets most often on their digital signage displays. It reduces the time and effort required to show engaging visual communications. 


  • Courtroom Signage
  • Digital Building Directory
  • Breakroom Signage
  • Lobby Signage
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Videowalls
  • Court Dockets

    Keep visitors to a courthouse informed with digital signage displays. Use the displays for court information such as case numbers, court times, and more.

  • Informational Displays

    Educate the public and staff on current initiatives or upcoming events. Use infotainment to engage, inform and entertain visitors while they wait, this can reduce perceived wait time.

  • Wayfinding

    Wayfinding helps visitors and guests navigate the government facility or building more easily. It also saves staff time as individuals can look to screen instead of asking staff for directions.

  • Emergency Alerts

    Keeping staff and visitors at a government facility safe is priority. Emergency alert apps override normal content to protect the public and staff from potential danger.

  • Communication

    Share announcements, rules, and regulations. These communications can be external (visitors) or internal (staff) facing. Staff communications can be shared on breakroom signage.

  • Directories

    Directories give an outline of where to find offices and other locations. If a facility has multiple floors, it may make sense to use a digital display as a building directory, streamlining the process for visitors.

government digital signage in context 06
government digital signage context employee communications 01
government digital signage in context 01
government digital signage in context image 05
Government digital signage in context 04

Content for Government Screens

To help visitors, government offices need to display content that will provide them with relevant information and reduce perceived wait times. Displaying this content on digital signage screens will give visitors the experiences they expect in commercial environments.

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Government example template 4
  • Government landscape example 42
  • Voting digital signage template
  • Voting digital signage template 2
  • Voting digital signage template 3
  • Government digital signage landscape example 04
  • government digital signage landscape example 05
  • government digital signage landscape example 06
  • government digital signage landscape example events 02
  • government digital signage landscape meetings example 03
  • government digital signage portrait example 07
  • Government digital signage screen design 05
  • vertical digital menu board
  • Government digital signage portrait example design 03
  • government digital signage portrait example Miranda Rights
  • government digital signage portrait example jury duty 02
  • government digital signage portrait example jury duty
  • government digital signage portrait example 06
  • government digital signage portrait example 05
  • government digital signage portrait example 04
  • government digital signage portrait example 03
  • government digital signage example army
  • government digital signage portrait example complaint
  • Government digital signage portrait example penalties
  • Government court portrait template example 35
  • government portrait template example
  • Government portrait example announcement template 2
  • government digital signage example 3
  • Government digital signage portrait example 2
  • Veterans day digital signage template
  • govt digital signage
  • government digital signage portrait example pay fines
  • government digital signage infographic example
  • government digital signage portrait example el paso 2
  • courtroom digital signage docket example 02
  • courtroom digital dockets portrait 01
  • courtroom digital signage wayfinding example 04
  • courtroom digital signage wayfinding example 05
  • government digital signage portrait announcement 01
  • government digital signage portrait example announcements 2
  • courtroom digital signage portrait 06
  • courtroom digital signage 05
  • court digital signage
  • courtroom digital signage solution 07
Mvix Digital Signage at NASA
Edward Harmon
NASA Mission Manager

Being able to share mission timelines, weather and other critical information to all of NASA SOFIA’s worldwide locations, Mvix Digital Signage Solutions has become an integral part of our program operations.

Bryon Glock
Assistant Director of Information Technology at WMU

The digital signs provide consistent messaging at all locations. The cloud-based software model gave us flexibility to serve many locations and it’s really lightened the workload for everyone involved.

Seal For Nassau County
Teri Robinson
Digital Signage Champion for Nassau County Clerk of Court

This project has helped elevate our office in the eyes of the public, and has provided us with another way to demonstrate our mission statement: “We are Public Servants! Our every effort shall be dedicated to protecting and preserving the public trust!”

New Logo For YMCA
Mary Ann Degginger
Program Director at YMCA Of The Rockies

Communicating with our guests across many building can be difficult, but the Mvix solution has done this, and everything we’ve wanted from it, very easily. It’s been great for managing our brands at both centers.

Logo for Kings Dominion
Ron Sprouse
Tech Services Lead at Kings Dominion

The Mvix platform is exactly what we needed. In fact, this was an important milestone for the marketing team – with less effort, they are able to offer picnic guests elevated experiences that resulted in repeat business, positive reviews, and an enhanced brand image.

Fetco logo
David Miller
Director of Information Technology at FETCO

Simplicity of the Mvix implementation along with cost savings within our production environment made this an easy decision to make and this decision came with its own rewards.

Logo for Flagler Bank
William Cintron
VP, Information Technology Officer at Flagler Bank

The support that we receive is exceptional. I feel that the technicians aren’t concerned about “closing a ticket” but honestly wanted to resolve my issue to my complete satisfaction….and they do. I appreciate the excellent service that we receive.

Encompass Logo without text
Bryana Reilly
Director of Quality at Encompass Health

The digital signage system is a great tool to communicate efficiently and effectively with our staff. The technology is impressive, and I think every healthcare facility needs quick, reliable channels of

Kyle Baxter
Systems Administrator at Capital School District

It is no surprise that the students have come to rely on the signs as the one place they can go to know everything that’s going on in the school. They are more likely to read information off a digital sign than a non-stimulating paper poster. The students are interested in what’s vibrant and dynamic.

Magna International Logo
Lauren Cool
Wellness Coordinator at Magna International

Mvix was the most user friendly out of all the solutions we reviewed. They have all of the features we were looking for in a digital signage solution: cloud-based, zone-based screen layout, centralized control, remote management. This was important because we needed to be able to easily manage screens in different locations.

Logo for the Village at Schaumberg
Jack Netter
Assistant Director for Cultural Services at Village of Schaumburg

Digital signage offers a unique opportunity for us to convey timely, valuable information via highly visible rich content. Given our robust WAN and Wifi build-out and our existing content creation capabilities, the signage project fit very neatly into our current infrastructure.

Logo for UETHDA
Tim Jaynes
Executive Director at UETHDA

The digital signs allow us to expose residents to additional programs and services not only provided by our agency, but community partners. Also, the ease of operation and being able to instantly update the messages being presented is invaluable.

Grounds for Sculpture Logo
Keith Pyatt
Manager of Digital Media & Technology At Grounds For Sculpture

I think that if everyone had Mvix Digital Signage, they’d have an elegant and finessed system.

Marsing School District Logo
Teresa Bettleyon
Director of Child Nutrition At Marsing School District

The Mvix digital menu boards are simple and low-cost and most important of all, they help improve the kids’ participation in healthier choices while decreasing waste.

Content for all Governments

The Mvix software includes over 150 content apps and integrations, enabling you to make the most of your government digital signage. 

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